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St.Francis Catholic Academy is a school that I have attended for four years, I have been there since the beginning, and everyday is always something new, from meeting new people to learning many different things. This school has taught me how to become a man and a leader, it has taught me that working hard everyday can lead me to success. Teachers are very nice and give you a second chance on work that you struggle with or do not understand, they also are always willing to help you whenever. St. Francis brings the positive side of high school instead of the negative.
Everyone is friendly and welcoming. If you are struggling in a class the teachers reach out and offer assistance.
St. Francis is a good school. It's large enough to feel like high school yet small enough to not get lost in the numbers. It's still a fairly new school so there are opportunities for expansion and growth.
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The school has very low diversity. As the teachers try hard they do not seem to challenge and make sure students absorb well. The resources and facilities are always there and usually kept up. The college readiness is ok as there is large support for getting in but weak in teachers. Overall an ok school considering the size and support.
I wish the lunches had more options. And the dress code was a little more relaxed as far as jackets and earrings things like that. I also wish that the school started at a later time in the morning. And there was more transportation for those who are more unfortunate.
The school went through a lot of change during my time there, but as of right now I think it's heading in a good direction. A lot of teachers have come and gone but those who have been apart of the staff for some time are quite good at what they do. There are also a good variety of electives offered to students. The sports and clubs are all excellent, though the funding could be a bit more evenly distributed. Many clubs suffer from lack of funds and assistance while sports thrive in excess funding. Not many parents help out around school but the ones that do are very committed and very nice people. The school has decent resources and they're improving, but at a snail's pace. Despite negativities, I had an excellent experience at Saint Francis, and I feel like I'm prepared enough to succeed in college and beyond.
I had a good experience here at St. Francis, and they have prepared me for my future. The faculty and staff are there to help you with whatever you need. The clubs and sports are welcoming and fun to be in.
I like the culture and the safety, but consistency within teachers, faculty and administration could greatly improve.
I really like the atmosphere of Saint Francis. Due to the fact that it is such a small school, everybody feels included. There are no cliques, and no one is singled out. However, Saint Francis desperately needs to step up their curriculum and their teachers. Their school curriculum has been labeled as a "joke" by professional ACT tutors. Not many people excel in mathematics (particularly geometry), because this school hires teachers who do not know how to teach. Nonetheless, there are some good courses and teachers there. I personally think, though, that Saint Francis could do with a bigger selection of more rigorous courses.
There are so many clubs and activities available to students here. The school is also very accommodating if people are interested in starting up a new club.
I think that I am very well prepared for college and the "real world." At this school I also was taught to strive to live a good, moral life.
All of our teachers here seem to really care about the students. They seem knowledgable and typically work hard to make sure that the students are actually learning.
I bring my own lunch. Lunch is expensive to buy at school. There is fried food every day. The same choices are available each week almost.
The guidance counselors are great! The office staff are very helpful as well.
More money needs to be distributed to the sports program, some things need to be updated and replaced.
St. Francis has quality teachers. I have been happy here.
There could be more of a variety for opportunities offered at the school.
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The teachers are great here! I have learned a lot and feel fully prepared going into college.
There are some people who are not as tolerate, but that is their own opinions. Everyone else is great.
The quality of the school is excellent. From the conditions of the buildings to the science labs even to the education being received. The school actively uses technology in such a way that I know I am prepared for my future. I am glad I went here.
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