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St. Bede Academy is an excellent choice for any student who wants to be better prepared for college. My child attended St. Bede for all 4 years and was accepted into a great university where she is now excelling in her classes. I felt it was a much safer option than sending her to the public school system or to other boarding schools further away. The teachers and guidance staff seem to really care about the students and went out of their way to help with college applications. The Chinese and Mexican boarding students add a diverse element to the classes and my daughter has made many foreign friends during her time at St. Bede.
I attended Saint Bede academy since freshman year. I have loved it and hated it. I enjoyed the many fun traditions held at the academy, but many of those traditions were taken away in my final year. One was the concept of a senior hallway. We did not get to experience the same advantages of previous seniors because we were moved to the second floor. About Saint Bede's academics, I have been both impressed and unimpressed. I do believe this school was the best chance I had for a good education in my area. I do however believe that there could have been more classes and teachers added to provide a bigger course selection. In the end, I adored my experience at SBA. I made countless new friends and have been highly prepared for college.
I highly enjoyed my experience at Saint Bede. The teachers always help when needed and there is never a moment when I felt like I did not belong. Although you need to study and work really hard to keep your grades up, it all pays off in the end.
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Through my experiences for four years as a student at St.Bede Academy, I cannot express my gratitude to the wonderful teachers and staff and how prepared they have made me feel for the next step in my education. With a wonderful new science center and teachers that care, St.Bede is one of the best places to not only get a top of the line education but to also feel like part of a caring community.
They want you to succeed right from the start. The guidance counselor does all she can to help you succeed. The new STEM lab is excellent and a great promoter. The friendly atmosphere is amazing. By the time one graduates, he or she will have known 6 classes of Bruins. As with any school, there are certain teachers that could be let go but overall it's been a great experience.
Looking back on my 4 years at St. Bede Academy, they were the best 4 years I could possibly imagined. They prepared me for college extremely well. In fact, college was easier than SBA was. SBA offered great experiences in sports, in clubs and organizations for all students to find their niche. The classroom facilities today are far better than we had 50+ years ago. New classrooms and new science classrooms have just been completed. Also, new heating and air conditioning are now available for all students. SBA is an excellent choice for your son or daughter's high school education.
I attended St. Bede and after graduation attended and graduated from University of Illinois with a BS in Civil Engineering. We need to continue to improve our facilities and have done so with the opening of the new math and Science center this spring. The students at St. Bede are well rounded, very friendly and the diversity mix is excellent especially with the number of international students. I am amazed every time I visit the campus and talk with the students as to how focused they are on their studies.
Graduated in 1978 and have been a supporter for the past 40 years because of the excellent academic standards and sense of community St. Bede fosters. It's 100% graduation rate and the number of students who go on to college or professional trades is a testament to its effectiveness. The campus is beautiful, and the atmosphere---academic and social--is great.
While enrolled in the Academy I ended up entering into an abusive relationship. I in no way blame the schools for this however, it did go completely unnoticed by my teachers and administration. When trying to reach out for help I was turned down. He graduated a year before me. Eventually I got an order of protection against him and when it was brought to the school it was met as a burden. My safety was a burden. The safety of the other students was a burden.

Other than that the school and its acedemics are overwhelmingly average. They do not try to help students apply for colleges or get into college unless the student drives it fairly aggressively.

Unless your child is a typical cookie cutter student and you have quite a bit of money I would not recommend this school. If your child needs extra attention or is looking to feel accepted, unfortunately this is not the school for them.
Provided great education as well as a good work ethic. Graduated from Purdue. Continued involvement in school as a way to pay back all that the school did for me in my youth .
I cannot emphasize enough the impact this school has had on my development in my formative years that has shaped my values, character, and disciplined approach I have applied through out my 32 years in the US Army and the past 20 years in the Aerospace Industry.
Strong academic focus
Excellent values based education
Range of extra/co curricular activities
Guidance function solid to ensure match of program to student goals
Genuine interest in each student as a person
I was a boarding student with many rich and lasting friendships, and enjoyed the care and concern of the faculty and teachers. The education was an excellent preparation for college, and the opportunities to excel in both academics and sports were plentiful.
St. Bede Academy provides an all inclusive environment. With the new $6,000,000 science center; new teachers and an administration that puts students first, this school is the ideal place for new students. SBA prepares students for life, not just to get out of school. The closeness of the student body; the tremendous activities available; the new facilities all provide a learning and Christian environment second to none.
My 4 years at St. Bede were some of the best years of my life. I made a lot of friends from a pretty diverse group of guys. The guidance and help that I received from the monks and lay teachers really helped me as I continued with my life and career.
St. Bede is an excellent faith-based high school that has that all important caring attribute. The staff and administrators show that they care for their students as they want to do everything possible to develop a life long learning culture for the young people entrusted to them for four years. My parents wanted me to attend SBA and follow in my fathers footsteps who was almost 40 years ahead of me at the Academy. In retrospect, I learned discipline and how to study which was excellent preparation for college. Next to my parents example, love and guidance, my experience at SBA was the most important determinant in my maturation, successful family life and business career. I am forever grateful to the monks and lay teachers of St. Bede Academy.
St. Bede Academy has always stressed a high level of educational achievement. With the completion of the science labs and student commons, the intellectual atmosphere will do nothing but improve. The inclusion of foreign boarding students enhances diversity, as domestic students interact with students from China and Central America on a day to day basis, establishing life-long friendships across national borders.
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Outstanding Pre-College Curriculum, excellent teachers, opportunities for athletics , extra curricular activities and values education
Saint Bede Is by far one of the best schools in the area. This school is incredibly beautiful and has many amazing qualities that make it unique. To me having teachers and classmates that know your name is truly amazing. I love being able to walk down the hall and say hi to all the friendly faces I might run into. To me Saint Bede has has a family atmosphere that I truly will miss. I have never felt so connected and so wanted within a school. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help. I truly recommend Saint Bede to anyone considering attending this school, you will love it and call it your home just like I did.
The experience hare at Saint Bede has been absolutely life changing. The amount of activities that Saint Bede has to offer is unlike any other school, which makes it such a great school. And now with the new addition, the school will be able to expand on their already great science and math departments.