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Ive somewhat enjoyed my experience here. I have some great friends, the curriculum is challenging but any emphasis on the arts seems to be waning. There are other private schools in the area with better art programs (performing and visual) if that's something in which you are interested.
the school is great. The teachers faculty and staff are there for the students and the school is a college prep school so the academics are very challenging and very vigorous.
Caring teachers and a true focus on constant improvement make this school a wonderful learning environment for all academic levels.
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My son was accepted for Junior Kindergarten and the admissions office was very helpful throughout the process. I also signed him up for Saint Andrew's Summer Camp this summer so he can get to know the campus before he starts school in August.
Saint Andrew's school fosters an environment that nurtures the Mind, the Body and the Spirit. I am able to experience this amazing school culture both as a parent and faculty member. I highly recommend Saint Andrew's school!
I moved to Boca Raton, FL as I entered my Junior year of High School. Saint Andrews School is a fantastic academic school that taught me to learn. The teachers are for us and are available 24/7 to ensure we understand and are prepared. This school has thoroughly prepared me for the rigors of college and especially how to study and prepare for learning.
Saint Andrews is a great school student body is kind and academics are rigorous most the kids are on the same page juggling academics and sports ! Beautiful campus!
I was a boarding student at Saint Andrew's from 2014 until I graduated in 2016. Prior to Saint Andrew's I had a poor experience at a different local boarding school that was lackluster in comparison. Although no school is perfect, unlike my previous school the majority of the faculty at Saint Andrew's genuinely care about the students. I received not only a great education, but a very enriching life experience that prepared me for life in college and beyond. Also, the traditions at Saint Andrew's are another bonus that truly shows the school spirit!
Saint Andrew's was a weird experience. I describe it to people around me as essentially being multiple schools in one. I received a fantastic education, despite some of the administration's fumbles, though I was enrolled in upper level classes throughout the entirety of my time at SA. I can't help but feel there was a real disparity between what was taught in AP/ IB HL courses and standard level classes— expectations regarding quality of work, depth of understanding, etc seemed to have been stark. But still, I suppose that makes Saint Andrew's a place where high achieving students can really thrive, but it's not cut-throat, and not everyone has to be at the highest level possible. I feel eternally conflicted about SA, particularly it's administration, which I sometimes adored and sometimes hated. Overall, confusing. Sometimes great, sometimes a nightmare.
Great preforming and visual arts programs, not recognized as much as it should be by some of the students and faculty. Academics and teachers are wonderful. Amazing foreign language programs, math department is a little weak. The students are very caring towards each other, and when a student mistreats another student, the issue is taken care of in a respectful manner. The faculty genuinely cares about the students, from the teachers to the coaches to the Dean and Headmaster. The school, as a college prep, does a wonderful job preparing its students for college.
The campus is beautiful and the school has many resources. The teachers are also very helpful and in my experience, facilitate the learning process. However, the student lacks diversity and the staff is somewhat corrupt. The IB program is also underdeveloped.
At Saint Andrew's School, my children are getting an amazing education. I appreciate the growth that I see here in the areas of diversity and in academic programming.
Saint Andrews is a diverse leaning environment that encourages students to take advantage of all of its resources.
There is no way this school prepares for college. Kids live in a bubble and get away with everything - of course, the "rich kids" do. Colleges have diversity, you have to be on your own, submit work in time and work hard - none of this is taught here, not even respect for others.
We had a terrible experience. Inefficient administration, gossipy uneducated parents. No class, delayed and dumbed down curriculum, very very unfriendly crowd of people, stock up is an understatement
Amazing school! Student-teacher relationships are very strong, as each teacher is readily available and committed to helping the student body in any way. The facilities are incredible and student involvement is great.
The school is really really good because it offers a lot of opportunities to students such as teacher meetings, writing conferences, athletic and academic scholarships, and many clubs.
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Saint Andrew's was a turning point in my education. Being surrounded by so many talented and driven students really pushed me to be better. As part of the boarding program I was surrounded by students and staff from all over the world, a truly unique and wonderful experience. The boarding staff are great however changes since I left seem to have been for the worse. A beautiful campus with great food, many great teachers and lovely weather!
Saint Andrews School is excellent. From the beautiful campus to the incredible academics with a wide variety of course offerings, from the outgoing, dedicated, and friendly student body to the wonderful faculty, Saint Andrews School is a one-of-a-kind place.
In my three years as Saint Andrew's, I have received much more in mind, body, and spirit than I could have ever hoped to receive from any other school. From academics to athletics, from music to performing arts, from students to faculty, SA delivers the absolute best. We have a strong, positive culture with highly motivated and unique students who are genuinely nice. The teachers and faculty are phenomenal, making an effort to help their students inside as well as outside the classroom. Additionally, SA's club activities are top notch and improving at a rapid rate.