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It sucks the teachers are rude the administration and students are to sensitive they treat the students that need help like kings and
It is a small school, K through 12 so kids know most staff, faculty and students. Rigorous IB curriculum, which helps kids be ready for college. It is inquiry based so kids are engaged. Outdoor expeditions are offered as well. It does not rely on standard tests. Kids are encouraged to discover who they are and their place in the world.
The education received was helpful in prepare for college, and thanks to the small class sizes I was able to create a relationship with my teachers who in tur helped me understand complex ideas. However there are a few flaws in the administration that could be worked on in order to make tings flow better. It would also be great if students were better informed of events happening around campus. Sage News is great for keeping students updated on what has already happened, but at least a weeks notice for certain events would come in handy, especially for high school students who constantly use their school email but still don't receive newsletters like parents.
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My kid enjoys his time at school. He is allowed to explore and find things. We get regular feedback from teachers. Students have all the resources they need, unless they are looking for a career in sports.
My experience at Sage International has been a great one. Sage offers the IB program, which helps college readiness. However, Sage does not offer much in the way of electives or extracurriculars, so those are the student's responsibility to seek out.
Sage International School is a wonderful school with challenging coursework. The teachers know and care about their students.
Not a lot of opportunity to grow, and really limited experiences for high school students. Was a good experience for middle school but not high school.
I have gone to Sage since the 7th grade and am now a graduating senior. The best part of the school is by far their teachers. Never in my life have I seen teachers more committed to their students and their work. There are come issues on the communication front between the staff and the students that I think ought to be addressed more than they are. I would also love to see more of the upper grades continuing to be active in the community. The lower grades do this, but not so much in High School.
When I was there not too many students seemed like they wanted to be there, most of the kids that I talked to said that their parents forced them to go. The school did not really have a happy environment at all in my opinion, it was just cold and kinda dark which just made the days seem even longer and much more tiring. The school also does not provide much opportunity really at all, I go to my nearby high school and I haven't gotten as great of an education but I have met more people and have had more opportunity to do what I want to do in the future. I would recommend just going to your local high school or Renaissance, it is an IB school and offers a lot of opportunity.
As a student who has attended Sage for 5 years now, I can easily say that it was an enjoyable experience in grades 5- 7.5, but from then on both the quality of my education as well has my peers have decreased due to an influx of unmotivated students. Sage was once tightly knit and provided challenging, quality educations. Unfortunately, this all changed once I entered high school, as Sage began to grow rapidly and couldn't provide me with all that I needed. I felt that the "IB way" was being shoved down my throat, and I found myself no longer proud to call this school my own
Parents, I would highly recommend Sage for elementary school. However, If you'd like your child to be able to pursue their interests and receive an individualized experience with people with common interests and work ethics, I would suggest switching . While Sage has taught me well and developed my critical thinking skills, these last years have been repetitive and un-enjoyable..But hey, that may just be me..
Overall, my experience at Sage has regressed significantly throughout my educational experience, and was the ultimate deciding factor in me moving schools. I started Sage in 4th grade, I am now going into 10th, when I was looking for a more rigorous environment compared to other Boise public schools. The accountability of classes and teachers held true to Sage's "high standards" until my 7th grade year. This year faculty and administration drama as well as the replacement of several core subject teachers- especially math teachers began to affect my education. This being said, I feel it is important to mention that Sage's english program never took a toll and has always remained at very high standards. Additionally, decisions the Sage administration has made- such as implementing a mandatory service learning class (which had a teacher who was not dedicated to the class which resulted in their students doing the same) is one example of their poor decision making abilities.
While teachers here for the most part care about students' well-being, monetary circumstances as well as overall teacher and administrative experience with the International Baccalaureate, Sage International is still largely "figuring things out" in terms of how to prepare their students for the IB Diploma and life after high school.
Academics are largely centered around building caring, compassionate, understanding students, but their focus on academic curriculum should be in no way overlooked.
We chose Sage because we were really impressed by the teachers at an open house event. The staff has continued to be our favorite thing about Sage. I feel like the teachers, administrators and staff know and care about my kid. The IB Dipoma Program curriculum taught at Sage is very challenging, comprehensive and modern in the approach to learning. I think my son will be well prepared for any school he attends. That said, it is also not a traditional sports-oriented high school experience, although there are skiing, biking and ultimate frisbee teams. This year, Sage initiated a CP program, an alternate to the DP, for students wanting a different path. The work load can feel intimidating. One downside to the experience is that it has only graduated one senior class so far and the college counseling feels a little rudimentary so far. I think the school has done a good job emphasizing acceptance, academics and the student's relationship to the community.
I have attended Sage for four years and plan to graduate from Sage as well. My older brother was apart of the graduation class at Sage, and his experience there has been invaluable for his success in college. Sage simply prepares students for college (i.e. more difficult courses, more out-of-class learning, real like applications, and a positive school environment) than any other school in the valley. I wouldn't trade my time at Sage for anything, as the educational AND life lessons that I have learned there have made me a better student and person.
We don't have much experience with the extracurriculars
There is an extremely high turnover rate for teachers.
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The principal of the High School, Kali Webb, is an outstanding advocate for student health and safety.
The administration needs to know more about college scholarship opportunities than the seniors and parents.
Teachers work hard to implement relevant and engaging curricula. All the teachers have been kind, loving and caring to my child.
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