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Sage Hill is a wonderful school, with many opportunities lined up for its students. However, I do have a few issues with the culture surrounding academics. In my experience it can be very competitive and can be harmful to student's mental health and self confidence.
Sage Hill School is a community as a whole. The teachers always look\ask for the students feedback on the activities\lessons they plan. While there is some superficial people at school, most are pretty friendly and nice. Sage has definitely made me feel more comfortable talking to my peers and getting to know some people that I wouldn't get to know normally. Most of the students are hardworking which definitely pushed me to do better in academics and as a whole overall. The food is decent but $7-$10 for a school lunch meal is simply too expensive and not worth it. During these COVID times, compared to other highschools, Sage has defintely done a good job trying to keep everyone safe. Sage is a great fit for myself and I recommend you joining!!
I went to Sage for 2 years after growing up coming to school events. Sage took the passion I had for learning out of me. It was extremely grade focused, and a lot of the students there had the mentality "If I don't get an A, I will be a failure in life" or "If I don't go to an Ivy League, my life is nothing" it was detrimental to my mental health. I worked my butt off at Sage and never matched up to other kids and I felt horrible about myself. There is a very cliquey environment there as well. The teachers are amazing & want what is best for you. If you really want to go to an amazing college, Sage is the place for you. The community is kind but intense. I care so much about my life after High School, but constantly being told my grades were not good enough to be successful destroyed me. Leaving was the best decision of my life. I have a lot of friends there still who love it, and family who loves it as well. Definitely not for everyone. The theater program is amazing!
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I came here as as sophomore because I was unhappy with my public high school education, and I couldn't be happier with the classes and teachers. I love how involved the staff and faculty are with the students, and I truly feel important at this school. There are so many resources, like an internship program, college counseling, and volunteer work, to help us succeed, and I know I will be well prepared for life after I graduate. The small class sizes are beneficial, and it enables the teachers to give one on one aid. During Covid-19, Sage has handled distance learning quite well, putting in special cameras in the classrooms and ensuring that the teachers are open and flexible to students' needs. I haven't felt a disturbance in my classes and educational path, and they have transitioned smoothly as needed to keep the students safe. I have no doubt that when we go back, it will be to a safe and regulated environment with proper social distancing and health requirements.
Not impressed with the academic quality. The administration team only cares about the wealthy and powerful. Donate $$$$$$, and you can get shortcuts on everything.
It's pretty good. I really wish there were better clubs and better food, but I don't have much to complain about.
I graduated from Sage Hill in 2019 and had an amazing experience. I loved the small community. I formed amazing bonds with my teachers and classmates and made lifelong friends. I really felt like I could be myself there and try new things. The opportunities I had at Sage helped me grow as a person and a student. I truly think that there is a place for every type of kid at Sage because there is such a diverse range of activities for students, and if someone wants to start their own club or service learning group that isn't there, they have the freedom to do that, too. The best thing about going to a smaller school is the ability to try new things and really make your voice heard in the community, regardless of if you belong to a leadership group or if you're outgoing.
As a parent of two alumni, I cannot say enough great things about their (and my) Sage Hill experience. My children were surrounded by motivated classmates, made friends for life (my oldest graduated 6 years ago and remains incredibly close to Sage Hill friends, even after college and now in the working world) and had inspirational teachers and coaches. I think Sage Hill brought out the best in both my children, not only in academics but through clubs and athletics. Both were encouraged to try new things at every turn - from starting clubs and service projects to trying new sports they had never played. There was no fear of failure because if one thing didn't work out, there was always something else to explore. Parents were encouraged to get involved and both School employees and fellow parents were very friendly. I still go to games to cheer on the Lightning and am always welcomed and included.
I can't imagine a better place to work than Sage Hill School. Not only is the academic curriculum top-tier, but the facilities, campus and faculty/staff absolutely cannot be matched!

Our students and parents are very involved and it is a real joy to work with and get to know them in different ways. We have super talented faculty members who really take the time to work with their students and help them learn, not just give them a good grade for no reason. Staff and administrators also work so hard to keep the School running efficiently, even during a global pandemic!

I feel supported here in all that I do, and I feel good about our School and what it provides to our students and community. We stand by our mission and values in all that we do, and I am proud to be a part of such an inclusive and special place.
Sage alum here - I only have positive things to say about Sage Hill. Not only did I have a fantastic high school experience, but I also went on to attend my dream college and am really enjoying the next chapter of my life. Sage does a lot very well. As a freshman you are welcomed in with open arms, shown the ropes, and really feel comfortable as you come into your own and figure out what you want to do. There is a place for everyone, and all are welcome to anything. I played one sport for four years that I had never played before and had a rewarding experience and also got to try 3 other sports as well as the arts. Sage really prepared me for a rigorous college experience as well. The student-teacher attention is a driving factor of how I was able to get so much out of the experience academically. To a parents - highly recommend sage for your student to position themselves for college admissions success and also grow as a person in a comfortable, exciting setting.
Sage Hill is a fantastic environment to learn in. The teachers are helpful and available resources for students. The atmosphere among students is friendly and supportive
We love Sage! We were a new family to Sage this year and it has been fantastic. Organization and clear and constant communication are on point. Multiple opportunities for students to be involved and engaged. Inclusive. Administration, teachers and staff have all been kind and helpful.
Something that I really like about Sage is the friendly environment that you get when you walk in. All of the students are teachers there are really helpful and kind.
It is a great school with a comforting environment and lots of spirit/pride for their students. However, the 40k to attend is daunting. But the teachers and academics are well put together I enjoy my years at Sage and I have created life-long friends along the way.
With small class sizes and teachers that genuinely care about their students, Sage has provided me with a great education in both the humanities and the sciences.
Sage is a community within the school. The people there are quite kind and although there are groups, people mingle outside of their group. The education there is truly amazing and the one-on-one relationship you build with teachers really makes a difference. Although no school is perfect for everyone Sage is so diverse the community fits many people.
I have found many teachers who genuinely care about my education and I enjoy many of the classes I have taken so far. I catch myself and my friends not realizing how well everyone at Sage is doing compared to other places and there is much pressure to keep outstanding grades. The athletics aren't the best but that is because it is on a no cut basis, so if you don't care about the rank of your team, Sage is a great place to explore different sports you are interested in. Also, the food at Sage is overpriced and students often find themselves spending a bit more than $10 just for lunch. However, Sage prepares you well with making resumes and on interviewing skills. I find myself very prepared for college and the realworld because Sage is a place where you can foster relationships with teachers that will be helpful in the college process. In order to succeed at Sage, you have to take advantage of the opportunities there or else it will be a waste of money.
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Good: small class sizes and easy to interact with teachers. There are some good, genuine teachers who really do care.
Bad: Lots of spoiled self-centered kids who are overstressed and have no social skills. They deal with stress using drugs, sex and vaping. There is a snooty culture of forming cliques to exclude others. The school administration and much of the staff is extremely far left liberal politically and promotes their extreme views throughout the student body. They are completely intolerant of any other viewpoint.
Large turn over in science department. Few good teachers. Excellent facilities. Head out of touch w faculty
Sage is a very close community. It has great academics with rigorous classes. It can be challenging but they prepare you for your future.