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Sacred Heart Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Most of the teachers were very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. However, the student body was full of cliques making it hard to feel accepted.
great school. Lots of teachers to help you they are very hands on and are willing to stay after school anytime you may need them too. It is a small school so everything knows everyone and they are very friendly...most of the time
It used to be good, but the current administration does nothing about the huge problems which are prevalent here.

The schedule is horrendous, with 8 classes a day, putting a great amount of stress on students and staff.
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From an acedemic stand point this school is great. In regards to adaptation of new technology it lacks. The overall quality of life/treatment also lacks. This is all made up for with acedemics.
Academic excellence, community involvement, athletics and Christian-based learning all make Sacred Heart High School a top notch school. But what makes Sacred Heart High School a really good school is the sense of family one feels the minute a person walks through the door. Whether you are a student, a parent, a grandparent, or a friend, it is hard not to feel a part of a larger extended family. You become a part of the Heart where students thrive and strive to do their best in a challenging, yet nurturing, atmosphere. Students are encouraged to excel at anything and everything the school has to offer
I appreciated the opportunity to send my daughters to catholic schools. Being able to practice religion and education together really molded my daughters into great young people.
The ratio of teachers to students is great so that students are known individually and they can receive individual attention if necessary.
Safety of students has never been a concern.
There are activities available for a variety of students based on their interests. Students can be as busy as they want to be.
The smaller class size and individual attention from the teachers is one of the best features about the school. Also, the participation of families and the ability to get to know the parents of the kids at school.
don't ave a school nurse, security is fine, bullying is not severe, and is usually just joking with friends.
School dress code is enforced but pretty lenient from most teachers. I am used to it and have no complaints.
Everyone has something they can do, and anyone can play. Very high reputation for most sports and very fun as well.
Overall health and safety is high, staff is very strict and observe situations as they develop. Students tend to care for one another.
Options are limited due to size and budget constraints
School sports are limited to the basics: basketball, football, volleyball, softball/baseball, and track. Tennis is offered for girls only and golf is offered for boys only. Most athletes play multiple sports. The options are limited but the participation is high. Teachers and parents are very invested in the athletics. We are pretty competitive. It is a big part of school. Most students go and watch and support. I don't know of very many students who aren't a part of something.
I have a couple of teachers that are excellent. I have a few teachers that are unintelligent and terrible. Most of the teachers fall somewhere in between. I think higher training would be good, though not necessarily higher education level. Every student has a very close relationship with each teacher. Classes are pretty small. Every staff member knows my name and I know theirs.
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We don't have a school nurse of any kind and I don't think we have any bullying policies. If you are caught with any type of substance, including alcohol and tobacco, anywhere on school grounds you are suspended. This has rarely happened since I have been there. Only one kid has been expelled and it was because he came to school using hard drugs and engaged in something inappropriate. We have drills fairy often so most kids know the routine for emergencies. We don't have any gangs and I have never even heard of anyone fighting. Bullying is limited to the normal verbal-joking, making fun of other people but I have never thought it was a serious problem. Other people step in.
Participation in extracurricular is pretty high at my school. Student athletes play every sport offered and the same group of kids runs every club. There are not try-outs or nominations. Everyone can just decided to join any club or sport and become a part of it. They mostly fund raise for themselves as needed and only consult staff when they need permission to do a project.
The cafeteria has become increasingly unpopular. The food mostly tastes the same and you can tell that a lot of it was simply prepackaged and then heated up. They do not offer any variations from the main meal and certainly no salads or other healthy/vegetarian options like that. Instead, the very popular ala carte provided candy bars and cookies to the students. A lot of students skip the meal and only buy ala carte. The meals work on a rotation. A particular main meal always comes with the same sides and condiment options. The lunch ladies are mostly grumpy.
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