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Sacred Heart Catholic School Reviews

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Sacred Heart would be a better school if they would actually discipline students. The teachers also don’t realize what is personally going on with students. They should be more involved with students and try to connect with them.
Sacred Heart deserves to be at the bottom of this list. Their mediocre teachers teach all of their mediocre classes and you have the same teacher multiple times. Their rules, grading system, and curriculum are all outdated. The students there are very clique. The administration does not make their students aware of the opportunities the community has to offer them through clubs and other social organizations. After switching to a different high school, when my math teachers found out I went there said " You have holes in your algebraic fundamentals," and "Wow, most students that come from Sacred Heart do not get placed or do not do well on the advanced math route." Their name for sports is based on soccer alone which is underfunded compared to their failing yet overpraised football team. Wow, I am out of space to type already. Overall, if you are thinking about sending you kid here-DON'T!
I love the atmosphere of Sacred Heart. I love how being a senior I can tell you just about everyone names from 8th grade and up. The teachers are good and in my option will prepare you for college. We are pretty good in most sports and we have an excellent soccer program. Although more money could be spent towards these programs. To much money is spent toward football team while they lose more games then any other sports team. The cafeteria food is mediocire but that is expected anywhere. Sacred heart is a small school with a big heart. In years to come I would definitely send my child there.
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My experience with Sacred Heart was good. I wish that there was freedom for student functions and events, yet the staff and teachers had control over everything. I would like to see more freedom given to the students and not as much control coming from the staff and teachers.
We are a family at Sacred Heart. We root for each other, we are proud of each other’s kids cause they are our kids too. We cry together we take care of each other and we have fun! Our teachers are the best around! My children have competed nationally in competitions where others can see the difference our SHS family makes. It’s the best choice for education in Mississippi.
Compared to other schools in the community, Sacred Heart provides an excellent education. However, the high school building needs serious repairs, the lunches are severely sub-par, and the student body is not held to the high standards that the school projects. There are some incredible teachers that are very willing to work with students to get them the help they need to succeed, yet there are others that are uninterested in aiding students. Lastly, the time spent with seniors about college decisions and resources is minimal, so much of that has to be done at home. Overall, Sacred Heart ha prepared me for college better than other schools in the area, but there are still many aspects of the school that need work.
A family environment where students were able to “grow up” together. Impressive involvement by parents in all aspects of the Sacred Heart experience; fund raising, athletic events, volunteering and student activities.
Sacred Heart Catholic School in Hattiesburg is a very special place. The diversity, culture and uniqueness of the children here is what reminded me of home. Moving here from New Orleans I wanted a very diverse school that focused on the arts and music while giving my children the best challenging education in an engaging atmosphere. Sacred Heart is that and so much more!
We adore Sacred Heart. My son is in his second year there. His kindergarten teacher has ignited his love for learning!
He is excited to go to school every day. The teacher makes learning fun. He even loves homework! One assignment was to copy as many words as possible from a page of the newspaper.
He loved it - he was so focused on finishing this task! His letters all went in the right direction, and nothing was out of order. What a creative task to get the kids excited about writing.
Our son is in Pre-K, and daughter will be in Pre-K next year. We have loved getting to watch his mind grow and blossom under such kind, caring teachers, and love being a part of what truly feels like a family.

As local business owners, we’ve had students from all area high schools work for us, and some of our best, most respectful and reliable employees have been Sacred Heart Students. They are well-mannered, compassionate, and responsible young people that we’ve enjoyed having as a part of our business. And, even before having children of our own, we were always impressed with the academic successes of their senior class each year. It’s a huge testament to their education and college prep at Sacred Heart that has led so many of them to Ivy League Schools, full academic scholarships, and more.
Sacred Heart is a great choice for a quality education in Hattiesburg. My two children attended school from PreK through 12th grade, and obtained an outstanding education. They were fully prepared for college. The faith based environment provides a strong foundation for students to cultivate a lifetime interest in service, while maturing in their faith.
The academics are great some of the teachers aren't the best but the ones who are really good make up for it. The building is in average condition and the facilities are limited. Not a large selection of electives or AP courses.
My first years at shs were great . Until I started getting into older grades (4-current) the lack of technology was obvious and has caught up to me because now I hardly know what a flash drive is. the kids for the most part are decent but the bullying and princable / teacher organization is terrible. In fact there are several students leaving because of the previous issues. I recommend going somewhere with good technology because that is Vital for our success. It is sad to see shs crumble so badly.
Overall sacred heart catholic school is an excellent school. I love that the classes are small and teachers are always willing to help
I liked how close we were through varying grades. The younger students bonded with older, more experienced students. I would love to see a change in how the faculty treats the students though. Having a little bit of freedom is a positive aspect of growing up, so everyone deserves a little nudge out of their comfort zone.
Sacred Hearts elementary is well beyond qualified but its high school on the other hand is horrible. Most of the teachers hired are not qualified and have no idea what they're doing. The only ones that know how to teach is Walls, Roberts, Muli, Blissett, Salda, and two more teachers. Sacred Hearts High School is a traumatizing place to be, a lot of the kids struggle with depression and experience self-doubt. A lot of bullying goes on within this school and don't even bother taking it to the proncipal because he's not going to do anything about it. Also, I was told that they didn't weight the gpa's of those who took AP and apparently they did the same to the class below me.
Sacred Heart was a terrible experience for me.I don't know who is writing these reviews but they are in the minority.everyone that I talked to feels the same way that I do(I went to Sacred Heart Pre-K to 12th grade).I never felt the love that they went on about to all the parents.The teachers would gossip about the students to the students and to other teachers as if they knew what the student was going through.The teachers and administration tore students down-I saw it every day.They literally harass the teacher who told me that I "think everything is about me" and i cried in the bathroom.and she knew me and my family and still said that.this school does not acknowledge bullying AT ALL and it is rampant-the principal knows about it and does teacher made fun of eric garner.they tell girls that their cellulite is gross and make them feel bad about their bodies.It’s a terrible place to be and I’m scared for the kids who have to grow up there
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Most are very involved in all school activities and are extremely dedicated to their students.
School access is limited . School monitors service weather conditions and acts appropriately when necessary
Speech and Debate, Mock Trial and numerous sports programs with several state championships
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