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This is the best experience of my life. I'm so sad that the Corona Virus has taken away the last few months of my senior year. I love my school,my teachers,and my administration. Sacred Heart Academy is definitely the best school in Kentucky and I miss putting my uniform on everyday.
Sacred Heart has gone above and beyond to prepare me for college. My teachers have pushed me to be challenged yet not overly stressed. SHA offers various opportunities for any student to get involved. They make it a priority to make sure very student is comfortable in the school and also in their personal life. I love Sacred Heart!
I am really grateful for the relationships that I have made because of this school. One of my favorite parts about Sacred Heart is the teachers. Most teachers truly try to connect with each and every student and this school gives us the resources needed to thrive in our academics. The culture of our school is very open and inclusive. Because it is an all girls school, I always feel very comfortable and feel that I am free to be myself and I believe that this allows me to do better in my coursework.
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I am currently a senior at Sacred Heart Academy, and I have loved my time here. This school has offered me countless opportunities to excel, and I feel so prepared for college.
I love Sacred Heart! I have made amazing friends and have had amazing experiences during my time at Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart Academy has given me amazing studying tools and has given me the confidence I need to succeed.
At Sacred Heart, the teachers and administration do their best to prepare students for after high school. I feel as a student you are given the opportunity to grow as a person, student, and leader. The four core values (community, reverence, service, and leadership) are what curriculum and lessons are based around. Throughout the four years here you grow in each core value and they prepare you to take on the real world and practice these outside of Sacred Heart.
They offer countless opportunities in sports, classes, and extracurriculars. They have both IB and AP classes, basketball, archery, swimming, softball, volleyball, track, cross country, bowling, field hockey, lacrosse, and more. They have over 50 clubs and have programs such as ambassadors and jean frazier leadership institute.
I liked the school overall. I like the academics.I like the sports. I like how diversity was all over. I like how it prepared me for college. I like how I felt safe and apart of the school and administration.
I have had an amazing time at Sacred Heart. The teachers and staff are caring and I know that I have prepared myself for college at this school. The AP and IB classes offered have made me a better student, become more independent, and become a better time manager.
Sacred Heart Academy is a wonderful community filled with hardworking and diligent students and staff. The IB and MYP programs set SHA apart from other schools in the area, advancing the academics to more productive and life-full filling virtues. The Ursuline Sister and the history of St. Angela give the school the strong history of a well rounded community of faith and worship.
My experience at sacred heart has been very good. I am well prepared for college and have many resources around me for help. Sacred heart will challenge you to do your best always.
Sacred Heart Academy is an amazing school that over prepared me for college, making my transition into freshman year extremely easy. They encouraged me to be a strong woman who stands up for what she believes in. I learned how to professionally communicate with my teachers in high school, which prepared me to have meetings with my professors in college and appropriately email them. The resources at SHA were amazing and the iPads were great. The food offered for breakfast and lunch was amazing and the staff is so friendly. The sports teams always worked so hard and the games were so fun to go and cheer on your friends.
Everyone is nice and inclusive. It feels like a community. Everyone feels like they feel belong. The teachers make you feel like they care about you. They always put your best interest at heart.
I love my experience at Sacred Heart. It has been and fun 4- years at there. I've learned a lot and met a lot of new people and made friends. I also believe that I and others that attend Sacred Heart are ready for college and to take on any challenges.
My experience with Sacred Heart was amazing! I received education that has prepared me for college and for the rest of my life. Sacred Heart offers so many extracurriculars and classes that if you wanted to go into a certain career there are so many classes you can benefit from. Overall my experience with Sacred Heart was great. I would change a the carpool pickup line because that can be time consuming, but that is the only thing I would change.
Sacred Heart is a great school full of opportunity. The teachers are always available to help when needed, and students feel welcomed in the environment. The curriculum is challenging yet enjoyable. The school is full of spirit. The girls here are all very welcoming and supportive. If you ever need help with anything, personal or school related, there is always a staff member willing to help you. Due to the flick program the food is amazing. They offer a sandwich station, a salad station, and a hot line. As well as, fruit cups and other goods. It is a college prep school so you will definitely be ready for college once you graduate from this amazing school.
Sacred Heart Academy is a terrific, all-girls catholic school.
SHA offers several academic levels to best suit students, therefore the class level of difficulty will always feel appropriate.
Sacred Heart teachers are outstanding. Coming from a different middle school to Sacred Heart, I truly appriciate the dedication, knowledge, and effort each of my teachers put into their classes. Teachers offer to stay after class, and even meet outside of school on weekends to ensure student success. I have a personal relationship with all my teachers, that continues even after the school year ends.
Sacred Heart wants students to succeed even after they leave highschool. SHA gives students access to college counselors, college visits to SHA, and YouScience (a program that assess what career paths would be best for the student).
Sacred Heart is ranked #3 in the best catholic high schools in Kentucky, but I think it should be ranked #1.
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Sacred Heart Academy is an all girls Catholic high school in Louisville, Ky. My experience with the high school will have a positive impact on the rest of my life. Although the school can be strict about things, I left there being extremely prepared for college. The school allowed me to have several leadership opportunities and develop my confidence.
While I did not exactly enjoy my time at Scared Heart, it definitely prepared me for college. I am far ahead of my peers at a difficult engineering school, and I did not have a problem moving on my own. I am extremely grateful for my education experience at Sacred Heart and would recommend it to anyone.
Sacred Heart is absolutely amazing! Everyone is so welcoming and there is something for everyone. The academics are tailored to your specific needs and each level is challenging. They also are an International Baccalaureate school which promotes an amazingly unique way of thinking!
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