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I am going into my junior year of high school and I can confidently say that my previous years at Sachse have been great. I am really looking forward to being more involved with the organizations this upcoming year. The teachers that I have had have been nothing but helpful, the school spirit is like no other and I believe it is the best school in the district. There are so many clubs and opportunities provided for the students that allow them to be more involved with the school. Overall, I think Sachse High School is an excellent school.
Throughout my experience at Sachse high School I was able to meet new people by joining different clubs, taking a variety of classes offered and being enrolled in the music program. Many of the classes offered were college level that allowed students to receive college credit, which is a very great characteristic of a school to offer. One of the things I would consider changing is the food served, it should be of good nutritional value made with authentic ingredients.
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I made some of my best memories at this school. Many of the teachers that I have had the pleasure to meet have impacted my life positively and have added to my knowledge not only academically, but certain things that are involved with the real world.
This school is one of the best in the Garland district. The students have the opportunity to get involved in many clubs and organizations and they are able to obtain leadership roles within the organizations and contribute to the community. The teachers at this school are very dedicated to their jobs and they genuinely care about their students and make high efforts to ensure that the students get the best out of their education.
I really had a good 4 years here. Honestly i was scared starting off as a fishy, but it wasnt so bad. The staff and friends i made were all great. It's a school i won't forget.
Sachse is pretty strict for professional reasons. It is a pretty okay school, but nothing really makes it stand out from your basic everyday high school.
Sachse High school is a good school that has very good teachers. One thing that sacshe is know for is dominating our school district in any and every sport that you can think of.
Overall the classes went above and beyond to further my education an prepare me for college, but a lack of diversity and the apathy of teachers made it hard to say my time there was enjoyable as a black girl.
Sachse High School is a very competitive school that offers a lot of spirit! From having the gym full of students at 4AM to be on the news to staying up late at football games over three hours away. The teachers are very kind, and really challenge the student, and prepare them for the rigor of what college will offer. There are several of organizations on campus, and several programs that will prepare you for producing resumes, and preparing you for the SAT exams.
Most of the classes I have taken at Sachse High School have been AP classes, so speaking in perspective of being in an AP class, there are some teachers who teach well and others who don't. Some teachers want their students to learn and use different teaching methods to engage their students in activities. However, other teachers tend to give out assignments and expect their students to complete it without teaching the material and that balance between teachers makes Sachse High School an average school.
Sachse High School has gone under renovation, thus the school itself has become larger in size. The parking spaces are nice and organized. The teachers, staff, and faculty are all very nice, respectful, and helpful. They make absolute sure you are on track with classes. Education allows you to be college ready by the time you graduate.
As a sophomore in Sachse High School, I would say that the subjects and extracurriculars are well led. Yet, I do wish they offered more courses or extracurriculars dedicated towards more specific careers. (For example, in my case, I've read that some schools have a screenwriting class whereas my high school lacks it.)
Sachse is very good at preparing students for college with the college-credit courses they provide to students through their AP classes. They no longer have "hall sweep", which means students still get to participate in class even if they are late to school. They also help you to acquire all of the credits/grades you need to graduate.
I’d like to see the teachers interacting more with students, lending a helping hand with not only the students but the staff members as well. I want to see a healthy and livid environment.
So far this year, I’ve been given a good insight about what college schoolwork will look like in terms of its difficulty and amount. My teachers have also been very helpful by answering questions that I have until I clearly understand a topic. AP classes have taught me how to manage my time and balance between band, homework, tutorials, etc.
Overall the school was a great one. The structure was reasonable with majority of the teacher being a decent one in each room. There was plenty of windows supplying natural light which lessen the feeling of being caged inside a brick building for hours. The counselors and librarians were quite resourceful and would gladly sit and chat for your benefits such as scholarships, colleges, majors, etc. Multiple clubs were springing with enthusiasm that any student can partake.
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They suck. They don’t treat me right. This school was so disrespectful to me I didn’t know what to do. The only thing good about this school was the sports. I had fun and enjoyed my self and was a good leader. But besides that this school was not the one
Throughout the process of high school you will not get a sense of college readiness unless you are in a Honors/AP class. I feel as if you want everyone to be successful and not struggle as they do in college , you should give them some type of task to help them from the start. If you try to get them ready for your senior , they will fail to want to do it. Throughout high school students have been babies the their whole experience and when it’s time to step up , it is hard and something they cannot comprehend. Nobody wants to struggle during their senior year when it’s the time to relax the most and flow through the entire 1st semester or year.
This school is the only school that cares about money more than the kids. Compared to the other schools in the district , Sachse is known to be very strict not because of that’s what they Think is best for their students but for the money to roll in.
The staff are committed to their job and treat all students fairly. The principal meets with all the seniors to talk about upcoming important events that we need to be aware of in order to graduate.
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