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Toxic leadership promotes culture of bullying especially non-whites and kids with learning differences. Dangerous place to be during vulnerable phase of life.
I had a very bad experience at RMS. Most kids there were very rough, violent kids. The academics here are absolutely terrible. All the teachers are terrible as well. Lots of students here do not learn as many topics as they should be, as the teachers here don’t teach well enough. The athletics here are also really bad. I had a very bad experience at RMS, so I started going to a private school last year and had a much better experience. My current school is like 100 notches above RMS. I definitely do not recommend going to RMS if you want a great middle school experience because your not going to have a very good middle school experience at RMS.
My overall experience at Rye Middle School was incredible. The school has a variety of subjects from which one can choose from and provides assistance to those that need it. There is a wide range of clubs and extracurricular activities such as volunteering.
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Rye Middle School was average. There were some horrible teachers that lectured us more on the importance of tying your shoe than the topic in the class we were in. I had some wonderful teachers, but there were a few that ruined my experience. Also, the leadership at RMS is not great either. Additionally, I feel that RMS should have advanced classes, as i for topics easier than others and was waiting in class bored while the teacher had to explain topics to kids who didn't grasp the material as much. My experience was not great, and while Rye High School is said to be better, I didn't take any chances and went to private school for High School which is much better.
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