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Rutland Senior High School Reviews

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I had the most amazing experience at Rutland High School. I was given the the best opportunities throughout my time at RHS. I was able to better my community through service projects and fundraisers supported by my high school. I was able to be a part of so many things; Mock Trial, Student Government, Environmental Club, National Honor Society, Speech and Debate, and Global Citizenship. Through all of these opportunities, I became better ready for my college experience ahead of me at Connecticut College. RHS gave me support throughout my four years and I would never trade it in for the world.
Rutland high school had a lot of ups and downs. There are good people and bad. Good teachers and bad. I was lucky enough to be friends with a good group and get along with the teachers we’ll. I work very hard but it’s noticeable there is no diversity. It’s Rutland VT so you wouldn’t expect any which is difficult. I enjoyed it for the most part. When You have a problem you should deal with it between yourself and parents because teachers and staff would rather not get their hands dirty and stay out of it until they really must have to. The sports are good even though I don’t play one. We have about 4-5 tests a week to make sure we understand the content however when we don’t understand it’s hard to sit down and learn it all over again
To be completely honest, I struggled mentally for my first two years and I believe that’s because, even though I was surrounded by a bunch of “friends” none of them were truly there for me and I felt alone. Junior and Senior year were the complete opposite, which is weird because that’s when I was actually happy and I was glad to have found my few real friends that stuck around. Overall, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Rutland High School offers so many different class and different services if you need help.
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Rutland High School offers a lot of different things to participate in which suit all kinds of interests. School spirit and pride among sports teams, clubs, music groups, and festivals is a key part of being a Rutland Raider. Because of the smaller size of the school, students can form close and personal relationships with teachers and staff, which can sometimes lead to lifelong bonds. Overall, a more than decent place to learn and play.
I enjoy the amount of freedom I get. Lunch is typically decent, but the cafeteria is too crowded for my liking. Because of this, I go somewhere else to eat.
I would like to see more support for the students that are taking college prep courses. More support is given to AP classes. They treat you like your not smart in college prep.
I had a good time while attending rutland high school but there is a popularity issue or an issue where if you don't seem like the typical teenager who has the same opinions as everyone else they become close minded towards you.
I was able to express myself through my art. I first started at Rutland High School , and then attended Stafford technical Center. Both schools are wonderful and The Stafford Technical Center is a great asset to the community, where students can learn trades and/or develop their skills early on in their futures path.
My overall experience at rutland High School was great. It was great because of the way every teacher no matter if they taught me or not they were always there for me when i needed someone to talk to. Even the Athletic coaches were there for me when needed to have someone to talk to. So yes the overall Rating of Rutland Senior High School was excellent not only because of the caring of the teachers to every student but the students themselves were always there for me and others who needed guidance and help with issues involving any school work and even having to deal with bullies.
My Experience at Rutland Senior High School has been well. I feel that the teachers and administration tried really hard to get to know me and others around me, in fact almost all the teachers here at the school are very nice and respectful to all thoses who come in and out of the school, whether they're a student, parent, or substitute teacher they treat everyone the same and like their family.
My experience at Rutland High School was truly amazing as I was able to make many new friends and the teachers really loved what they were doing. There were a lot of AP classes offered and the dual enrollment option at a nearby college was also a great resource. I wish however, that it had not moved to standards based grading.
I've spent the last four years at Rutland High and have been immensely pleased with everything the school has to offer. From the great faculty, to the wide variety of activities and programs, I have been able to get the best high school experience I could imagine while still succeeding academically. For any interest a student has, Rutland High has an activity to satisfy them. I am very grateful I got to attend RHS for the four years that I have.
I liked that the classes were challenging and the teachers were overall good at their jobs. I would like to see more clubs and diversity at the school however.
Overall experience has been wonderful! RHS prepares students towards higher education and college. Kids know what they are looking at in colleges. RHS has lot of courses to offer both academically & electives. Teachers have been very helpful throughout. There have been times where the school has been extremely cold during winter months. There are more positive points versus negatives.
I liked most of my teachers, even the ones that pushed me. My school was big enough to get a good education but small enough to have some good friends and social connections.
Average school, didn't seem to care about you if you didn't play sports though. Not a broad selection of classes, low funding for the arts. Mix of faculty. Though most gave the impression that they didn't care about what they taught.
I like that Rutland High School allows me to take Honors and AP classes. Not all high schools offer AP classes so those classes definitely makes my resume and college readiness better than some. Most teachers I have had have been very helpful and insightful, they are always open to helping. Standard based grading however, is the biggest setback in my highschool carrer. It has made it very hard for me to show my abilities as a student in my Junior year.
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Overall, my experience at Rutland has been great. I came in knowing who I was, and where I wanted to be by the time I graduated and Rutland helped me get where I wanted to be. I learned something every day and found myself wanting to learn more the next day. I was able to connect with and feel comfortable around all my teachers. I could really tell that all my teachers enjoyed what they were teaching and wanted to be at Rutland to make an impact on the lives of all the students. I enjoyed my time at Rutland and will miss the teachers and friendships I've made after I leave.
I went to Rutland High School as a school choice student. It offers many choices for classes and at different levels, such as college prep, honors and AP. The teachers have a lot of knowledge, can be strict, but are fair. I like the school size, and its location. The school environment is good and friendly, although the school lunches are not very good. I play three sports, and as a Division 1 school, it's very competitive. I have had the opportunity to play with other athletes and coaches that push me to work hard, be competitive and value sportsmanship. RHS has given me lots of experiences through academics, athletics, culture and resources I don't think I would have been given if I had gone to a smaller school.
Teachers are good at providing examples on certain problems. This is helpful because you get an idea on how this is used in the real world.
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