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Russell County High School Reviews

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Russell County is an awesome community. From the backroads to the center of town, there’s something for every country person in town.
I liked having teachers who made me feel like they cared. Attending our vocational school is a main factor in what helped me decide my career choice. It has helped me get many opportunities that I might not have had at another school. Although I have enjoyed the majority of my time at Russell County High School , no school is perfect. I would like to see ol become more school spirited and have more pep rallys. I would also like to see the students get recog
This high school was very, very slow and terrible at accommodating my anxiety and depression issues. The education was very poor and the diversity was non-existent. I had the worst time of my life here.
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There's quite a lot that I like about my high school. We're in a very rural community, so even the high school is filled with the bliss of a small town. The teachers are invested in the well-being of the students, as well as their education. You have great freedom in scheduling; you can customize your classes to prepare you for your career/college major. There's also a great number of clubs, sports, and other activities to keep you involved. I have had an amazing time for the past four years.
Teachers and Staff have always gone out of their way to help us students succeed and reach our goals!
I have been to many schools in my academic career and this one has been one of the best that I have attended.
My experience with Russell County High School has been wonderful. I have loved every minute of being there and would not want to go anywhere else. The only downside to this school is it needs to offer more advanced classes and help students be more prepared for college by taking harder classes. Overall the school is great and has amazing teachers that help you with anything you ask. This school gave me the opportunity to meet new people and reach out to others in the community. The school is focused on academic success and wants to make sure every student succeeds. Everyone is very supportive and even the community is highly supportive of this school system.
Good school academics. Need to do something about the dress code problems. Need to prepare students better for college. Need better food in the cafeteria.
Like the atmosphere of the school; i would like to see an improve with communication between school and parents.
I enjoyed the teachers and administration at Russell County High School. They made me feel like I was in a place where I was wanted and that my success in life was important to them.
Don't let all these other positive comments fool you. Apart from excellent teachers & a hardworking marching band, this school is laughable. Advanced classes are so limited-barely any AP classes. College readiness is awful, our graduates are at a serious disadvantage. The football team is a joke. Favoritism is huge. Rules don't apply to those with certain last names. Same people always win homecoming queens, class officers, etc. Prom is one huge grind-fest. Biggest hypocrites are worshipped. Teen pregnancy is contagious. Fights break out. Food is garbage. Admin is corrupt. & to top it all off, multiple staff were caught red handed engaging in inappropriate behaviors with students (but ofc they kept their jobs). You may think I've exaggerated, but this is how 90% of us feel. The ones feigning enjoyment and "school spirit!" are the ones at the top of the hierarchy. In short, this has been the worst 4 years of my life. I'm ecstatic to be getting out of this piece of trash school.
The school is overall decent, but lacking in many academic opportunities. I think there is potential for the school, but improvements should be made. I would like to see more AP classes and upper level classes. How are advanced students supposed to succeed when upper level classes are not even offered? In addition, I think that students should receive more college preparation because just a "decent" ACT score and gpa is not going to cut it.
I have always like Russell County School System. I have made so many friends over the years and all the teachers are very friendly and helpful. Everyone is down to earth and can relate to you in any and every way possible.
It's a very welcoming, involved school. It is a big family, constantly improving. Staff and teachers are very caring, providing the best education as possible.
My school is making its way up the leader-boards in education. Through hard work and determination, our school is a rising star among others. My piers and I are encouraged to do out best when it comes to educations, and for most of our extra curricular activities. Some parts are still being improved apon and will be for years to come. There's always a place for our school in the minds and hearts of our community.
The only thing that has made this school bareable is my friends
The school does not provide students with a good learning inviroment and very few teachers even care about the well being and grades of students
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The safety of the school is relatively good, there isn't a lot of danger and the teachers make you feel safe and assured.
You have offers to get into multiple types of clubs but you are limited on how much you can actually do in them. They are driven and do the best they can and most of us just make the most of it and it all falls into place.
Their are pros and cons to each school and this one has its own. It has its strengths and weaknesses and its been an enjoyment to be apart of each success. I don't know if I would ever repeat high school, not just for the school but just in general, high school has not been the highlight of my life.
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