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Russell Conwell Middle School Reviews

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The food was something not good not bad but something. The buliding itself is okay in size but the anex was not good at all. The teachers were acceptable they were effective in their fields.
The secretary is nasty and the principal isn't for the kids or parents. They worry about the wrong things and education isn't their prime concern. Lack of communication and everyone is to busy doing nothing to address any concerns parents have. Was told I can't just come there when I want if my child is having problems, need to make an appointment yet nobody has time to see you. Been trying to make an appointment for weeks.
I liked the school. Engaging students and staff and most are friendly! Plus, some 8th grade rooms are rather creative, which is one of the things I miss most about here.
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I loved my experience, the teachers were great and so were the staff. They really cared about us succeeding in life.
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