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I had an okay experience in Ruskin. I liked my counselor. She was very helpful when I had a problem. She was really there for me. I would like to change the school lunches.
The Teachers love teaching and really cares for their students and the rest of the school Staff are awesome too !!!
Don't let the other reviews deceive you. This school is terrible. One, the education isn't even valid. I'm now in Shawnee Mission East and am in intermediate algebra, because they were teaching us Algebra I concepts in "Algebra II Honors" at Ruskin, which goes over nothing that's actually in Algebra II. The benchmarks were even labeled "Algebra I". In Comm Arts, our teacher googled definitions of the words and copy and pasted them on a google doc, then went over it like she knew it. The benchmarks for Comm Arts had nothing to due with the note.
Second, the teachers. I think the teachers are fully aware of the education.
Lastly, the students. 90% of the school is ghetto, constant crime going on around the school, metal detectors that don't even work because kids still end up with cigarettes and drugs in the hall.
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Ruskin is not what people see at all. From previous years and media stories people view Ruskin as a rundown school full of delinquent teenagers. However I see Ruskin as a game changer. I came into high school not knowing the first thing about what I wanted to do in life, or even what i wanted to do in life at all but this school changed that. My teachers worked with me as well as the principal to connect me with my profession and other people of my profession. Even though they are a little strict, they make sure that the best is done for their students.
Ruskin High School is a great school. The school is extremely diverse and provides plenty of opportunities to get students involved around the school.
I am a Senior at Ruskin Highschool, The school is amazing when it comes to envolvemt and resources, I also love the enviroment, I feel welcomed and cared about.
I like the students in the school that try to make it a better and fun place. The sports and different activities are fun and you can meet more amazing people. It’s good working with people who like doing what you do.
There are numerous opportunities not only for scholarships, dual credit for college, the A+ program, and other help from teachers for building the skills required for the college level. The teachers I personally had during my high school career prepared me to tackle my degree at UMKC with the skills I require ready and at hand.
I have been in the Hickman Mills School district since the kindergarten and I have to say the district has went through obstacles but it has gotten better and I feel Ruskin will evolve to be even better in the near future.
I'm not gonna lie, Ruskin has definitely gotten better in these past few years. There isn't a fight everyday, quality of teaching has gone up, and the school is receiving actual funding! They're even putting money towards upgrading the track and field!
Ruskin was ok, some teachers didn’t even want to be there or didn’t know how to teach the subject. The lunch was horrible but we had to eat it because we be hungry. The environment was ok I just don’t understand why they was still building on the school while we was there so we won’t be able to hear what the teachers was talking about but Ruskin was an ok school
I had a great experience at Ruskin High School. There is a wonderful student body at Ruskin High School.
Ruskin isn't what most people make it out to be, it's a great school for young people to learn and grow. I've had a lot of opportunities at Ruskin. The teachers are caring, helpful, and encouraging. I've also met many great people. It was a good experience.
Ruskin has as many good qualities as the bad. You’d have to be here to really know all the good that goes on.
As a junior at Ruskin High School, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I have learned so much from all of the classes I have taken and from the classes I’m taking now. I’ve always been one of the top notch students by taking literally ONLY college classes and I feel that those teachers teaching those subjects are doing a great job. Ruskin has a bad reputation when it comes to the media and really affects us, the students, because we know it’s not all bad as everyone tries to make it. Those negative comments are mostly from people who have never been in the area or inside the school. The only real issue is, the media likes to only pay attention to some of the bad things about Ruskin. There has been MANY accomplishments and great work that has been done here that nobody around us would know.
I liked the time that some of the teachers put into students who need help, I would like to see the curriculum taught changed because my science classes didn't prepare me for college.
My experience with Ruskin is phenomenal. The classrooms are sometimes small or they have 20 kids in a class. But the teachers take their time to help these students to pass the class. I love how they divided the classes into what kind of field they will like to study.
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I think Ruskin is a good school they just have some problems dealing with a minority of students. It is slowly getting better day by day.
My experience can greatly be affected in the future, especially considering that I'm a sophomore, so my overall rating may not be definite. The reason as to why I believe my experience is average, as with many sophomores mostly likely, is because of some of the overwhelming classes. The fast pace, at times throw me off & I often get confused. Thus, I'm forced to grasp a better understanding of certain concepts that I struggle with, at home. Often times it isn't a problem but my intention is to gain a firm grasp. And without the necessary attention and resources, maintaining your grades can be difficult. Nonetheless, I give my best effort to maximize my class time.
When I first started at Ruskin it wasn't that great of a school. We had a horrible reputation because of the fights and our sports teams, but as time continued the school got a little bit better. Some of our teams have stepped up their game and there are a couple teachers who truly push you and prepare you for college.
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