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Rushford-Peterson Middle School Reviews

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this is so stupid that i learn more during the summer than during the school year. i feel smarter before school than after school.
We have a few students of different races or ethnicities, but less than average because we are a very small community
This school is very good in this aspect as well as education and health and safety. We are always told to better ourselves and are constantly pushed to be healthier. It is a very healthy limit of pressure on students to be active.
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they have maybe three okay lunches the rest are kinda bad. Even the teachers refuse to eat it. But it feeds you if you are hungry.
Very inviting! No one is turned away from sports or intellectual competitions. All students are strongly encouraged to try and support others in these activities
It was the best three years of my entire life! I had so much fun being there! I met the best and sweetest people and I don't regret going there in the least. I made many great memories I wont forget for as long as I live.
We really don't need very high safety measures or anything like that because our town where the school is located has a very small population. I think for our circumstances the school's doing what is best for our area. I really liked going to this school. And it also has a very good learning environment for kids of any learning preference. And it has a very good parent-to-teacher communication.
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