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Roycemore is an excellent school. Our children have grown intellectually, emotionally, and socially since being there.
Best school. Good academics and best activities after school in middle school with teachers and students.
Excellent academics combined with exceptionally caring teachers and administration. Their dealing with the COVID-19 crisis was superb and helped our 3rd grader tremendously. The facilities are excellent with plenty of sun-filled indoor spaces and lots of outdoor spaces. Our child is thriving in an environment that is both supportive but also develops independence and self-confidence.
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The small class sizes and committed faculty make this such a wonderful school for our daughter who had a rough time in the local public school. We owe everyone at Roycemore a great deal for giving our daughter a safe and supportive educational environment.
Roycemore is an excellent school that helps kids of all ages and abilities learn and reach their potential
Great school. Specially the Individual attention and guidance from dedicated faculty. Athletics, clubs, and social opportunities
We’ve had a great experience at Roycemore School! The teachers are completely invested and really care about all students. The academics are excellent, and they have a unique ability to meet students where they are at and differentiate as needed. The curriculum encourages both creativity and critical thinking, as well as self-advocacy skills. For a small school, they offer a wide variety of class options and extracurriculars. The head of school has shown excellent leadership during this pandemic, and she is approachable and flexible in her thinking. I can’t recommend Roycemore enough!
We love Roycemore for its project-based learning approach, small classes and individual attention that each student receives.
My daughter moved from a public high school on the North Shore of Chicago, very good high school, however the size and scale of services didn’t work for her needs. Roycemore has been excellent form the admissions process and throughout the experience. We are so appreciative for the leadership, teachers, engaged parents, students and every aspect. The way they’ve handled COVID has been beyond impeccable. We are not rich but we found a way to manage the cost because there’s nothing more important than the experience and learning and special attention our daughter has available to her at Roycemore.
I love how dedicated Roycemore is to its students and teachers. As a TA I feel comfortable stating that teachers are offered incredible resources and guidance through the school. Additionally, students welfare and happiness is especially important at Roycemore. Students are encouraged to reach out and use all resources available at the school and beyond. 10/10.
the schools environment is very nice and I would like to change the effort that are put in to sports practice
When the lockdown happened in the spring schools were given no notice to switch to virtual. My daughter was in 4th grade and the school took 1 day to determine how to adapt to teaching virtually. The school sent surveys to the parents and students and adapted their teaching approach over the next few weeks until a good learning cadence was developed. They added social interactions, methods for students to get supplies if they did not have access to printers, chromebooks if they did not have access to a computer. It was a challenging time for everyone, but learning and the Roycemore community that provides equity for all students was not sacrificed.
It is a fun environment where you can express yourself as who you are and what your strengths and weakness's are.
The school is great. Amazing teachers and very inclusive. Great for everyone. I would give 6 stars if I could.
My daughter was looking for a small school with a strong academic program that gave her an opportunity to explore courses without feeling needless competitive pressure. Roycemore has been excellent all around - the curriculum is expansive for a school of its size; the teachers are terrific; there are lots of non-academic activities to pursue. Overall it has been a terrific experience.
Roycemore is a place where students can truly be themselves and are supported as individuals. The student body is very diverse in every way including approximately 50% students of color and families from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Strong academics are balanced with a commitment to social and emotional growth- and graduates go on to diverse schools from Ivy League to art schools, to engineering, small liberal arts schools and large public research universities. There is a great spirit of collaboration between teachers and parents to support each individual achieving their potential, creating a strong sense of community that makes the school a place of joy, creativity, and accomplishment.
I love Roycemore! It is my fav orate school because all the teachers are so nice and everyone is friendly.
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Roycemore School is a place where all students thrive. The individual attention each student receives allows them to engage more, achieve more and to become more. It is a diverse school community, committed to an inclusive, equitable and socially just learning environment that is so central to a students' academic, social, and individual growth.
This is a wonderful supportive and encouraging community. The teachers are outstanding. They understand the individual social , emotional and academic needs of students.
One star not because of the program. It's good, like it's good anywhere else in the district of Evanston. One star because it's a white school and because it's way overpriced for what it delivers. Yes. Less than 20% is non-white (corresponding to the 20% of full scholarship given).
At the time when america is facing racial issue, it should be questionned where these issues are initiated, and yes, it is during childhood that these differences are built. You want to grow great children? Send them at the normal school of life, not at disneyland. Ridiculous.
Also, the food served is so bad that now they offer parents to opt-out from the food service, funny!
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