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We withdrew from a top private school in Chicago following a very bad experience, only to find the true top category of schools in Roycemore. Within three weeks, our son who was very resistant to the idea of change, expressed how happy and relieved he was. The school environment is relaxing and supportive. Roycemore is a demonstration of how children can excel with guidance but not with pressure. This may sound simple but the truth is that it's a status schools can't achieve without teachers and leadership who share the same vision. One day, the school had a pajama party. I dropped off the kids, parked, and went in to see if they were experiencing what I had expected. I didn't see the fun that comes with the awkwardness of being in pajama in school. I saw that my son was simply comfortable. While he found a second home in Roycemore, I had a brief serendipitous moment of knowing we couldn't have asked for more.
Moving to Roycemore was one of the best decisions I've made for my child. She is finally feeling very comfortable in school. Teachers and classmates made her feel very welcome and she doesn't need to worry about "fitting in" anymore. Her focus shifted to academics and sports. Teachers keep her very challenged and engaged. I can not be happier as a parent to see my child thrive.
Roycemore is the perfect school for my daughter. Each student is taught at their individual level while also being challenged. Each lesson allows her to be creative and express herself without feeling rushed or stressed. I have seen her anxiety over school disappear overnight because she feels understood and supported. She has made friends and connections that will last a lifetime. I love that Roycemore is diverse and offers scholarships so people, like me, can afford to send their child to this school. There are clubs and activities everyday after school, most are free and some have a nominal cost. These include STEAM, yoga, Mudlarks, chess club, cross country, fitness fun, and math club. There is literally something for everyone to join. My goal is for my daughter to continue her academic journey at Roycemore through 12th grade graduation. Ms. Finley Odell, Head of School, and Amanda Avery, Admissions Director, make everyone feel welcome and valued. A+ librarian/tech, too ♥️
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Roycemore has been such a beautiful experience. From challenging academics to inclusion on every level, students are nurtured and guided with compassion. Leadership is emphasized beginning in lower school where students begin preparing for college and professional careers. Their commitment to diversity is real. Core values are demonstrated from the Head of School to administrators, teachers, parents and students. Roycemore fosters a strong sense of community. Students are encouraged to develop independently and as part of a team. Social and emotional development is emphasized along with academics. At Roycemore, my child is more than a student. She’s learning to be a leader, an active, contributing member of our society and our world.
We transferred to Roycemore after oldest child struggled with severe anxiety at another top 10 school. Moving to Roycemore has turned into one of the best decisions we have made. It has given our child back to us; it has restored his self-esteem and self-confidence. And both of our kids are challenged academically, and growing in a place where they can authentically be themselves.

We prioritized the social/emotional environment, the curriculum and the administration. Schools live and die by their heads, and Ms. Finley Odell is a strong leader who has fostered a collaborative working environment. Roycemore has been around for more than a century, and while it continues to carry forth its traditions and values, it is the Roycemore of NOW, and it is headed in an exciting direction. Finally, Roycemore embraces diversity. Fifty percent of students receive financial aid, and wealth and privilege are not on display. A grassroots mentality of "let's work together to do this" prevails.
We live in the city and have three kids.
We are big supporters of public education and sent all of our kids to CPS.
But our younger daughter struggled with the large class size and lack of individual attention at CPS
We looked into many alternatives to CPS
After a looking at the options we
transferred her to Roycemore this year.
The difference has been remarkable
She is flourishing in the nurturing environment offered by Roycemore
She’s thrilled to be there and as such so our we.
The faculty and leadership has been both proactive and responsive
Roycemore really isn’t for everyone. If you need a more personalized learning experience where you really can’t fall through the cracks, it can be really amazing. But if you’re looking for a big, stereotypical “high school” place with lots of social opportunities and events, and you don’t feel like you need a lot of individualized attention, it might not be for you. Shadow before you go to see if it’s the environment you want!! My advice to the school- stop trying to make learning seem photogenic for the purpose of admissions and recruitments!! It’s not an issue until you get into higher level classes, but once you’re in highschool, it can be very difficult to incorporate the super progressive curriculum that Roycemore is aiming for.
Roycemore is an absolute gem. The small environment, close-knit community, rigorous curriculum, and the individualized approach for each student set it apart from its peers. It is a place where students truly connect with their teachers and peers, and these connections allow for a deeper level of learning. Students are accepted for who they are, and differences are celebrated and explored. The school attracts a student population that is diverse in many ways, which enriches students' overall educational experience. The teachers at Roycemore challenge students to push their own limits and seek out new experiences, and they fully support students on this journey. Roycemore is a warm, inclusive, and exciting place; I cannot imagine a better school for our family.
My child is thriving here at Roycemore and is happy to go to school everyday. She loves all her teachers! I am very glad I made the decision to start her here for middle school.
My daughter has been at Roycemore for almost three weeks. This is all it took for her to enjoy reading again. My wife and I don't even need to ask her to do her reading (or homework)! She just does it...and loves it now. The small class sizes and teachers who are able to tailor to each child is a game changer for my daughter. Cannot wait to get our other child enrolled.
I attended Roycemore between 1989-1993. My experience was amazing to say the least. After years of reflection I realized I was truly fortunate to be taught by such sincere, caring , and incredibly talented teachers.
We have two gifted children and we were ready to home school them before we found Roycemore. One of the best things at Roycemore is differentiation. They ensure that each child is doing work that they find interesting and challenging. Roycemore provides opportunities for each student to excel and offers the possibility to take college level classes at Northwestern University.
Roycemore offers outstanding academics -- small classes with highly trained and dedicated teachers, and an excellent range of in and out of classroom learning opportunities. What really makes Roycemore unique, however, is the closeness of the community and the commitment to meeting the needs of each child as an individual.
Roycemore is an intentionally small school. The small class sizes allow the teachers to give the students a lot of individual attention. It has a cozy, family-like feeling. The students are very supportive of each other. Even, though it is small is it very diverse, both culturally and socio-economically. And, the Fine arts offerings are outstanding!
I transferred to Roycemore my junior year of highschool after spending the previous two years in a public highschool. The difference was astounding. At Roycemore, there was never a time where I felt like there wasnt someone I could talk to or get help from. The teachers are beyond supportive and not only in the classroom. It is truly the most welcoming and accepting school I have ever been to. I will truly miss my time and the people at this school. I’m so thankful for how well it’s prepared me for my coming years at college.
I wish I would have had my daughter in Roycemore for high school since day one. Very helpful and supportive teachers.
Roycemore taught me to become a well-rounded individual with an emphasis on using my talents and passion to benefit the Roycemore community and the world around me. It challenged me to be the best mentally, physically and emotionally. Roycemore creates an environment that allows its students to grow and develop their skills in a manner that works best for each individual person. It fosters a community that educates its members inside of the classroom and outside its own four walls.
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Roycemore is a school that truly addresses the needs of its students. The longstanding faculty have helped to shape a culture of understanding that does not come at the expense of forward progress for each individual student. Be it on the athletic fields, or in actual college level classes at Northwestern University, Roycemore will provide unique opportunities for your student to excel.
Roycemore was an amazing and nurturing place, and I can't think of anywhere else where I would have wanted to spend my childhood. I attended Roycemore from JK through 12th grade. I loved that the small class sizes and progressive ideology of the school allowed me to have choice in my learning, participate in hands-on projects, and form close relationships with my teachers. I always enjoyed going to school, and was usually one of the first kids there, and the last to leave! My freshman year of high school, my parents wanted me to try out the local public high school, but after a semester, I was back at Roycemore. I've yet to see another school that provides the individualized and supportive care that Roycemore does.
At Roycemore the emphasis is on learning through discovery, critical thinking, and challenging oneself; values that have remained with me to this day.