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Roxana Senior High is an amazing school. The teachers and staff are really nice. The school has a very nice campus and easy to navigate. We have a very student center where students can do homework and have socialize with friends during their lunch. Things that need to change is the amount of students that vape in class.
I went to Roxana schools all of my life. The school offers great opportunities with education. Although it is a smaller school you have bigger schools and a big city close by that opens a lot of opportunities. My teachers were all very personable and truly do care about the students. For sports there were also good opportunities that came from there as I had some very good coaches.
As a Roxana student, the everyday experience was rather easy going. Bullying was hardly an issue and, being as it's a rather small school, most all teachers knew your name and cared about your well-being. But academic wise, they fall a little flat. As teachers often quit mid-year creating great dramatics in finding a sub, English and Math cores changed almost yearly, and the course themselves fell flat. Roxana also has little to no effectiveness in proportion for colleges.
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During my career at Roxana High School, I really love the size of students we have. Having a good size of students is important so I know everyone and the administration know and understand all of their students. Roxana has been my home my whole life and it has really made it hard to leave, but I personally believe that it has prepared me to branch out and continue my strong education.
Roxana high school is filled with amazing teachers that help students grow both academically and as a person. I would like to see that school board take into account what the students want. We started a fight to save block scheduling, and our arguments and opinions were completely blown over. Students have no control over their education.
I like the some school feel. The teachers are there to help in everything from academics to sports, to being an ear to listen.
My experience at Roxana Senior High School has been a weird one. With many ups and down I have to say it's an average school. Sometimes we have good teachers other times it's bad. That's with most of everything. Everything at our school is at an average balance. For every good there's a bad. Would I recommend this school? Yes, I would if there was no others. But for all the good I have had, I enjoy it. Even the bad wasn't too bad.
The administration at Roxana is typically involved with the students and willing to answer most questions. You can tell that the faculty genuinely cares about how the students feel. Teachers, that I’ve had classes with, are usually very patient and involved. They push students to succeed, and truly see a student’s potential. The classes I’ve been involved in are engaging and efficient, however I don’t feel competitive compared to other schools. Roxana has its fair share of clubs and extracurriculars, but not an outstanding amount. However, this seems to work well with the small size of the school. Coaches typically work with everyone on the team, regardless of experience or overall skill. Teachers are also very understanding of financial standing. I’ve seen multiple teachers be generous enough to offer or lend students money or supplies they other wise would not be able to receive on their own.
I have some great teachers; they genuinely care about the students. Wish there was more diversity. I also wish there were a greater variety of opportunities academically.
Teachers seem under qualified and I don't think I was taught at a high enough level. No ac until a few years ago and now it's always freezing because the air is unregulated. Very unorganized school
Roxana's administration does not care about their students. The school does a poor job of preparing their excelling students for college, and therefore limit their students to reach for success.
Roxana High School is overall a very good school. I teachers are nice and do their best to be involved with all the kids.
As a junior of Roxana Senior High School, I love everything about the school. My experence in Roxana started in 7th grade, instantly loving the atmosphere I was surrounded by. The drive to be the best at the small school and small district is wonderful. The school is all about getting you prepared for the next level of education and athletics. From the teachers, administration, and students we all share at least one thing in common and thats school spirit. Our school means the world to us, nothing could replace the love for our school. As for myself I love everything about my school, I would not change a thing. I participate in varsity football and track. The biggest lesson I learned as a leader on the field is to never give up on myself and my team. My coach drives me to be the best I can be as he does the other athletes. We are well taken care of here at Roxana, I love my school.
I would like to see the teachers be more involved at RHS, and I would like to see more college opportunities.
Roxana has that small school atmosphere that makes it a little more close knit. Like most schools in the state of Illinois, funding has been cut, so it is down to the basics only. My son has gotten a good education, but has not had the opportunity for a broad range elective classes or extracurricular activities.
I like Roxana's clubs and after school activities. They offer a diverse and good collection of clubs.
This school has its downfalls, but they offer great classes and clubs.
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Roxanas' teachers have knowledge and can teach, but there are some teachers that are better outside of the classroom.
Once you find you place, you're going to enjoy school. There isn't too much diversity though.
We have a good systems for intruders. Need a little more police presence toward the beginning and end of school days though.
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