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At ROWVA Senior High School, it is a small-town school that tries to give it's students the best with what it has. Sure, it doesn't have the best facilities, but we don't have that much money though.
I like the academics and how close all the people are at this school. One thing I dislike is that we don't have the nicest facilities.
I think that ROWVA is a really good AG school but lacks in other areas. They are very good at trying to get everyone involved with the school and sports but go about it the wrong way. ROWVA is a good high school if you want a small rural school where everyone pretty much knows everyone. ROWVA also has a four-block schedule which can be good in some areas and bad in others. It's good because teachers can use the extra time to do more things in class and be more interactive. But it can also be a bad thing because teachers can get off-topic easily and not cover as much in class as you would with a standard schedule. Overall ROWVA is a good school if you want to make connections or go into AG but if you want to be a doctor or a Math teacher I wouldn't say that ROWVA is a bad place to go but it shouldn't be your first choice.
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While ROWVA High School may be in need of many improvements, it is still an adequate school. Even though it is lacking in the STEM-related academics, the extent of education in the English and history departments make up for it.
They have very caring teachers and have helped me make my high school experience memorable. This school makes sure we are safe when we are attending school or after-school activities. Here at ROWVA we are challenged and pushed to be the best we can be. This school has prepared me for college and life after college.
Nothing special, they don't prepare their students to go to college despite their claims. Yes it is on the students to succeed, but there are a disproportionately high amount of recent alumni coming back home because they weren't prepared for the college experience.
Great small school. Everyone gets to meet everyone. There are all kinds of ways to get involved here. Clubs, sports, music, there are programs for almost everyone. If you are willing to put in the effort to succeed here, you will go far.
They've done a lot of work to school. They replaced the flooring and are working on the bathrooms. There are not a lot of options for classes that a student can take. It's a small school.
While ROWVA is very small, it has some of the nicest staff and students that you will come across. ROWVA staff always puts the student first and cares enough to connect with every student. Students are offered a variety of extra curriculars and clubs, as well as numerous classes to take.
ROWVA High School is a place that you can be who you want to be without being judged and looked down upon. ROWVA faculty will always have their students back and will fight for them so their voices are heard.
Rowva is a great school district which I would want my kids going to someday. The whole community is so tightly knit that everybody knows each other and the teachers can personally teach the students in areas that they are struggling with. The only thing I would like to see changed is the consumer economics class moved to senior year so then those skills you have learned in that class are fresh in your memory when you are on your own the next year.
My high school consisted of a gym, one hallway with classrooms and a library but it was more than enough. My high school was the best learning environment that I could have asked for. I learned about life and love all while learning math, reading and history. I enjoyed my four years of high school because of where I was and what I was learning.
Kind of boring but other than that it's not terrible.
The teachers choose favorites but some are nice to everyone.
The bus rides is unreasonably long. Getting on the bus in the morning when the sun is not out should be against the law.
There are a few of the minority. By few, I mean less than 10 people.
There is not a lot of options for classes. Some people hate at least 1/2 of their classes. Sometimes it's the curriculum; sometimes it's the teachers.
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There has been a shooting threat recently, but other than that it's safe.
There isn't really a lot of options. There isn't anything unique to do.
Many students (and some parents) don't like the way that certain teachers teach. The tiles don't match. A/C is desparately needed. There isn't a great variety of classes for students to choose from.
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