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I was a student at RRCA for seven years; I graduated from there. I made great relationships with some of my classmates and even met my high school sweetheart there. The facilities were not the greatest when I attended but they are currently building a new school on their own property. If you want your children to be in a healthy, Christian environment with opportunities to excel in academics and extracurricular activities, this is the perfect school for that.
Round Rock Christian Academy was the birthplace of some of the best memories I ever had. Over the 14 years I spent there, from pre-K to this year, my senior year, I made great connections with my teachers and peers. Though the athletic department is not perfect, the arts programs are underrated, and the academic courses are limited, the student body has a thriving energy, striving to make the best of any circumstance. With the new campus being constructed, I have no doubt that the academic, art-related, and athletic limitations will be addressed. Resources is something tangible that can be easily fixed, while student body unity and fellowship are not. Additionally, the teachers at RRCA are the reason I am who I am today. They pushed me to do my best and expected nothing less. Looking towards college, I feel extremely prepared and look forward to the years of education to come.
I am a Christian, born into a devout Christian household in China. When I was little, my parents took me to a variety of church activities, which in China is a very rare thing. I really wanted a Christian education, so my parents sent me to Round Rock Christian Academy to accept education for my high school. I am really enjoying the atmosphere of the learning environment with a church, everyone loves and cares about others, all the classmates are very close to me, they helped me a lot.
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Round Rock Christian is a small school with a well-established sense of community. The teachers truly are there to help students succeed and the education is top-notch, especially concerning the maths and sciences. There are very few dual-credit and AP classes offered here, due to it being a small school, but the administration is willing to help you enroll in the local community college, ACC. Round Rock Christian Academy spans from PreK to 12th grade, and as of 2019, it has just under 550 students enrolled. The average High School grade size is about 30 people, and the class sizes can vary from a mere 4 students to an entire grade.
A major concern, however, is that there is currently (as of October, 2019) no building to house the school. They are renting portables from a local church, and the portables are fairly run-down. There is a building currently under construction for the school, however, and it is planned for them to move into it by January, 2019.
My husband and I LOVE Round Rock Christian Academy. The Preschool Program is outstanding, and both our children were reading before Kindergarten. All of the teachers are very qualified to teach anywhere, but they choose this school. Our children also came home singing Christian songs that they learned at school, and we could discuss the Bible stories that were taught that day. We have been equally pleased with the academics and spiritual growth in the Elementary school program. Every teacher is loving and committed to bringing out the best in each child! We will continue to keep our children in this school through high school!
Round Rock Christian Academy is a small private school in central Texas with a multitude of benefits. The staff and administration genuinely care about the students and strives to motivate them towards success. The Academy is a College Preparatory school and therefore, highly focuses on academics and critical thinking alongside instilling study habits and mature behavior to all grade levels! In addition to academics, the clubs, activities, and sports maintain a very motivated structure as the school holds many state champion titles and has a great reputation of respectable kids! There are, however, a few downsides to the school. Because of the small population, there is a lack in a wide diversity. This is not by the school's choice, simply the outcome of a costly private school. Personally speaking, the price is worth the schooling as the institution prepares students for college, instills Christ-like values, and offers a unique sense of belonging to all who walk on the campus.
The teachers are very caring towards their students, and the school provides a great curriculum to prepare students for the intensity in college!
Fantastic! This is my third year and actually my last one before I graduate, it was just amazing learning in this Christian Academy. The teachers, students, office administrators, everybody was great and loving. I had the best high school I guess :)
I feel my children have received an above average level and college prepped education. The administration is very receptive to updating the curriculum and I look forward to my children finishing out in the new facilities.
The student environment is ok, being a minority I felt very isolated from the rest of the students.
In terms of the teachers overall way of educating, some were ok and some were downright terrible. I feel that I could have learned way more being in a public school. Also included with the teachers was prejudice. Some made me feel like an outsider and really didn't even try to include me in the class.
All in all my time at RRCA was average although I wouldnt recommed
The teachers here (for the most part) are great! Very involved with students, and most are great teachers. However the rules for things like dress code are not always followed fairly. Punishments are also weak, and a lot of things just slip by.
Coming to Round Rock Christian Academy six years ago, I never would have guessed how much of an impact the school has had on me. The student body, teachers, and others provide a safe haven for me to share what I believe. I have spent six crazy, wonderful, and memorable years at Round Rock Christian Academy. I highly recommend it for people who want to belong, have a family, and have people there for them.
Our daughter is a freshman in hs and really enjoys the school and her teachers are very good. She is very happy at the school and loves her classes. It is a very tight knit student body and everyone is very encouraging. We are very happy to have made a change from public schools.
I like how the teachers are engaged in class and really want their students to succeed. Whenever a student struggles it is evident that the teachers will take time from their day to encourage the student to help them succeed. The High School and Elementary school are on the same campus which makes traffic difficult and other things such as getting to class on time. The school does plan on growing and they are currently funding to build a new school which I believe will help them grow into a larger class size.
This student body is basically typical, but has much more guidance then what you would find in a public school.
Aside from the normal, there could be much more emphasis placed on the Forensics Team. It is a winning team with little to no school support. There are other missed opportunities that could broaden interest in the school, particularly the Cheer Program. It has no school support. The Athletic Program suffers greatly and loses more students then it gains.
For the exception of one year, we have been blessed with teachers and staff who made our experience here worth returning each and every year. It has been our second home.
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Our experience at this school will be a memorable one. From pre-k to her senior year, we can't imagine being anywhere else.
I have some great friends from this school. Some of the teachers went out of their way to make sure you did well and were mentors. I loved playing volleyball and the students and staff were always great fans and supportive. I would choose this school again because I was taught in an "above-average" way, therefore, I am already above average in college. I was able to take dual credit courses my junior and senior years and started college only 3 credits short of being a sophomore. I feel this school helped to put me in a position to be a step ahead of everyone else in my level of college.
Parent involvement and volunteering is expected in all sports activities and in classrooms from Kindergarten through 8th grade (such as class Mom). There are many sports and only one gym, which is also the auditorium and chapel. They need a dedicated gym for sports. This is a college prep school and now that I've started college, I must admit, college is easier than the last 3 years at Round Rock Christian Academy, which is helpful to me now.
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