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Round Lake Senior High School Reviews

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This school is pretty average compared to other High Schools in the state; however, the staff and educators here are more than willing to get out of their way to help students.
:) created the best memories and met the most wonderful people there. The teachers were always so helpful, making sure i stay on task and helping me when i would fall back.
In my honest opinion I think that this school has been good, it's definitely better than most subpar schools I've seen and I think the faculty have been good, I've made friends with some as well. I'm filled with glee as some have been so amiable and have shared the passion with me about subjects like chemistry or biology. However, that being said I think that some of the subject diversity is just alright, some more hands on subjects like metalshop or woodworking are left out and, I believe, are sorely needed. I've heard from the teacher grapevine that they did used to have these subjects but they had to be taken away for one reason or another.
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Round Lake Senior High school brought out many educational opportunities and benefits towards many students. The school made sure everyone has equal opportunity to garner as much educational knowledge. The brand new building and tools and computers widened the the scope and possibility for better learning. Newer technology enabled better communication and better understanding among teachers, mentors, and students. Graduating from Round Lake Senior High school opened me up to new opportunity and new experiences otherwise not taught by any other school. This High school has improved greatly in terms of provision, and educational standard. The teachers and mentors places their students up to a high standard and teaches them the value of accountability in terms of studies. The Services provided by the school are intermediate and staff is very accommodating and helpful to students and parents alike. Given my experiences in Round Lake Senior High School, I would not trade it for the world.
The teachers are very helpful and nice to all students willing to work and reach out to communicate. The school is being fixed up and the security staff are super nice. Classes are organized and the counselors are flexible with your wants and recommendations.
Round Lake Senior High School has many good things. They are very diverse when it comes to students and they have plenty of fun classes to take. It is a very calming setting. However, the school does struggle with nasty cafeteria food and the vending machines sometimes don't work. It also struggles with many school fights. Also there are barely any sports and clubs so there is nothing to do after school.
I transfer to this high school my sophomore year, I believe that there could be a lot of changes made regarding the grading system and the ESL program. My junior year I was taking mostly honor classes and yet the ESL director wanted to transfer me to the ESL program which clearly was not needed.
The school is very diverse and the teachers work hard to help their students succeed. The recent renovations are really nice and help to make the school more interesting and welcoming.
With all the new changed they have made and renovations I thought it made my high school experience a lot better. The learning environment was really nice and there wasn’t much trouble going on within the school.
Some students would say that it was a horrible school but for my it was just a school lol I did like the teachers I got they were very nice and helpful.
Round Lake high school is a great school. If you're looking to thrive in AP classes you have that option. The regular classes are severely unchallenging. Participating in these classes is an easy A due to the slow pace of learning. Participating in AP classes is completely different and makes you feel like you're in a different place.
I am currently a sophomore a Round Lake High School. I am having such a great experience. I started the year off by being a brand new student. The thing I mainly struggle with the most is catching up in my honors classes with all of the other students. The main reason for this is because I learned the same concept although in different ways. My counsoler and teachers helped me through so much. Ever since I joined the basketball team and soccer at the school I have made more friends and now I feel as if I fit in.
I love how diverse Round Lake High School. Being the only Muslim there, I felt welcomed and proud to be a student there. Everyone’s very friendly. Something that I would like to see change is the amount of tardies and absences that occur. Many students decide to skip class and I think the school needs a different approach on that.
Round Lake H.S has been a great experience. The support system is very helpful. The teachers and stuff help and want students to succeed. The culture and school spirit is great.
I loved that RLHS teachers and staff truly wanted to see their students succeed. Teachers and Staff strived to provide the best education and support they can give to their students and strived to help their students reach their academic goals. RLHS wants to see their students shape into role models and become successful adults upon graduating from high school.
I have greatly enjoyed my time at Round Lake Senior High School and have had an amazing 4 years. Many of the teachers are outgoing and willing to do whatever it takes to help you both with your academics and personal lives.
Overall the teachers are very helpful; they care about their students. Whenever I need help, they are always there. They even offer extra support in the library for classes. Not only that, but there are many ways to get help with college applications.
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I love Round Lake it feels like a second home. The teachers there taught me more than what was in the books. They taught me life lessons no one could even think of. The class I would personally recommend the most is AP Psych. That taught me how to make pure happiness out of the struggles of life.
I love the pride most students have with our school. We all come together during our sports events and fine arts performances. Most teachers care about how well the students are doing. I wish more students cared about actually focusing instead of goofing off in the halls with their friends.
I was very involved my last two years of high school and I have also seen a lot of changes that the school has gone through. I overall had a good education, but the grading system and requirements were always switching up which made it difficult for students to transfer off to college. I would love to see the educational system just stick to one way of running things instead of always bringing in different ideas.
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