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We have two children study at Rossman .
Our kids love the school and their friends
It’s a small school where all the kids know each other and other families
Best part is the access and ability to work with the teachers and the management .
I would highly recommend Rossman
For any one moving to St. Louis and looking for the best school .
Rossman School has been a nurturing environment for our children with an excellent academic environment and wonderful culture and community!
Our children have had a tremendous experience at Rossman School. Rossman has curated an environment where both the academics and character development take priority. We feel grateful for this community!
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Sending our two children to Rossman was one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. The Rossman teachers, staff, and administrators provide the ideal environment to foster a love for learning, honesty, and respect for others. Our daughter, who has graduated to middle school, looks back at her Rossman education as a gift that she will treasure for the rest of her life.
Rossman is our second home !
Teachers are amazing.
Concerns are addressed in timely manner .
My boys loved it
One just transitioned this year to John Burroughs and doing great
Rossman is a special place with a well rounded, nurturing environment that allows children’s intellectual curiosity and unique personalities to grow and blossom. We have absolutely loved our experience at Rossman.
Enrolling my son at Rossman is the best decision in our life. It’s a very caring community that focuses on 4 core values: honesty, kindness, respect, and responsibility.
Rossman is an exceptional elementary school with a supportive, close-knit community of teachers, staff and families. We love the school not only for it's rigorous curriculum, but also for the strong focus on character development. There is an emphasis on honesty, kindness, respect and responsibility. These four tenants are not simply words listed on a classroom wall - they are woven through the curriculum and modeled by the community as a whole on a day-to-day basis.
Rossman is an amazing institution. The dedication of the faculty and staff is unmatched. We could not be more pleased with the education our children have received as well as the leadership skills and values they have developed.
I have been an educator at Rossman School for over a decade. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach and guide the Senior Kindergarten students. From the team teaching approach to the small class sizes, Rossman provides students an excellent education in a nurturing environment. Several years after joining the Rossman faculty, it was time for my husband and I to decide where our eldest son would attend school. While we live in a great school district, we knew we wanted Rossman for our children. We know the rigorous curriculum and the amazing support will give both of our sons the strong foundation they need to succeed in life.
I could not be happier with the experience my two children had at Rossman School. Both started in Junior Kindergarten, attended for eight years, and graduated from Sixth Grade. Rossman's program balances a wonderfully caring, nurturing and supportive environment with top-flight academics. Teachers, faculty, and staff work together to create a truly amazing community that has been thriving for 100+ years!
Rossman strikes a great balance between providing kids with a challenging academic program while at the same time creating an environment where kids are excited to go to school and learn. The teachers want to see your children succeed but just as importantly they want to establish a desire for learning that stays with them into high school and college. This starts in the JK classroom where kids learn about Van Gogh & Matisse by creating their own versions of famous masterpieces while at the same time getting an opportunity to establish friendships that last long beyond Rossman. On top of the impressive academics, the focus on building character is evident throughout the school day and kids in all grades subscribe to Rossman's core character values. When considering schools for our family we wanted a school where our children felt supported, happy and challenged every day and where as parents we felt part of a community. We feel very lucky to have found all of that at Rossman School!
Our daughter is currently in the fourth grade; she is enthusiastic and loves her school. It is a nurturing environment that has provided her with a strong educational base. The teachers represent the best of the best, bringing enthusiasm and excitement into the classroom. High academics are important but we also wanted our daughter to enjoy her years as a child. Rossman provides that environment. Strong character development with an emphasis on honesty, kindness, respect and responsibility is taught. Great companies have leadership that knows what they value. They bring those values into a company and it creates behaviors, and in time a culture, that reflect those values. Great schools are no different. The Rossman community represents a diverse mix of leaders, educators, parents and children that share educational values. Education began at home and is enhanced and nurtured in the classroom. High test scores mean very little if there is no underlying character development.
Enrolling our two boys at Rossman School has been one of the best decisions we made. Both of our children started in JK and are now in 2nd and 3rd grade. They are happy to venture off to school each day and we are happy knowing that they will be loved and challenged when we drop them off. Rossman is truly a second home for our family where every child is cherished. Teachers know every student and the Rossman family program helps the children get to know students in every other grade. At a sporting event it is not uncommon to see a mix of 3-4 different aged children all playing and chatting together as they feel connected by the Rossman values. You get the best of both worlds here with rigorous academics and strong character education. An area of excellence in our opinion is science. Our kids LOVE this class and the hands on learning is extended in an after school science lab where our boys are in heaven. We can't imagine sending our children anywhere else.
We have 2 children who are enrolled in the Rossman School. We enrolled our son in 1st grade and our daughter in JK. When looking for the ideal school, we faced challenges in that our son has severe food allergies. When we toured Rossman, we were amazed and the family feel of the school. You can immediately tell that the teachers, students, and faculty truly care about each other.
The academics at Rossman are truly top notch. The students are challenged to reach their full potential. With two teachers in each core class, students are given the attention each needs to succeed. Upon graduation, the students are well prepared for any of the secondary schools that they chose to apply to.
The best part of Rossman is the lifelong friendships that students make during their time at Rossman. With one class per grade, students grow up and spend 8 years with the same students which allows them to be comfortable with who they are and form lasting friendships.
Rossman is a school full of enthusiastic, dedicated teachers and faculty who care deeply about each child's development and wellbeing. It is wonderful and welcoming community. The academics are top-notch, balanced with plenty of athletic and other activities. The school's four pillars of character development - kindness, respect, honesty and responsibility - are genuinely integrated into the curriculum and culture. Very strongly recommend.
Rossman School is wonderful and my family couldn't be more pleased with our decision to send our kids here. Rossman truly embodies its values of Kindness, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. It offers a very balanced approach to education that is both challenging academically as well as individualized and nurturing. The Leadership is amazing and the faculty/staff are the best.
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If we had a chance to do it all over again we would still choose Rossman for our daughters. We are happy with the education and how they have prepared our daughters for middle school.
The second of our two sons just graduated from Rossman so we have been part of the Rossman family for the past 9 years. I cannot say enough about the value of a Rossman education. Rossman has provided our children with not only a very strong academic education but, equally if not more important, a strong character education. Our boys embody the Rossman values of kindness, honest, respect, and responsibility and have developed into fine young men. They are both thriving in a very academically challenging middle/secondary school.

I would characterize the atmosphere that is fostered by the faculty, staff, and administrators at Rossman as one that is inclusive, welcoming, non-judgmental, and compassionate.

Rossman will always be a part of our lives and we are fortunate for the wonderful experience that we have had as a family.
Our daughter has been at Rossman School since Senior Kindergarten. She is currently in fifth grade. We couldn’t be more pleased with her success at Rossman. The teachers, staff and administrators are very forward thinking and were able to take a shy little girl and transform her in to a leader, both academically and socially. We feel Rossman is very strong in all academic areas, but we are particularly pleased with the writing and math programs. We have witnessed our daughter become an excellent writer in both her creativity and grammatical skills. She successfully draws the reader in with her opening sentence. With the rigorous math curriculum, she is far ahead of her peers that attend other schools. Rossman also instills confidence in their students. The children begin oral presentations at whole school gatherings during their first year at Rossman and continue throughout.