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The teachers are really helpful and the guidance counselors provided personalized help when applying to college. The only thing is I don't like the competitiveness amongst students and the lack of diversity within the school.
The school staff are amazing to the students and parents. Be caring and accommodating to students needs.
I loved the staff at Roslyn High School because they were always willing to help any student who needed it. I loved the guidance department because my guidance counselor made the college process so easy.
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Roslyn is severely lacking in any knowledge and support of BIPOC students. There is no sense of student camaraderie or allyship. What makes this school is the conditions of their facilities and the money backing it.
Roslyn High School offers many opportunities for students to succeed. The teachers are great and the guidance counselors are helpful. There are many clubs to engage the students’ interests.
My high school experience was very academically competitive and at times socially exclusionary. Diversity is something that should really be improved at Roslyn!
The school offers up-to-date iPads constantly to every student. Each individual teacher promised and provided a high quality of learning environment for students. There were plenty of engaging activities throughout the year. Overall, Roslyn High School deserves a high reputation over years.
Being a student at Roslyn High School has taught me a lot about the people around me as well as myself. Recently a film actually came out about our school, and I think parts of it really did do a great job about talking about and describing the type of school it is. Luckily for myself, I can say that I had a positive high school experience, but I know others that did not. I truly believe that I had this positive high school experience because I emerged myself in clubs and activities that I enjoyed. I also found friends who treated me well and friends who made me smile. Roslyn is known for its academics and I truly do believe that the teachers and staff do a great job teaching us and getting to know each student. I believe that Roslyn does prepare its students for college when it comes to the academic part. I know that when I go to college I will bring a lot of things that I leaned in high school and that I will miss high school a lot but I am definitely ready for this next journey.
Roslyn High School is in the Roslyn Heights neighborhood consisting many Jewish people. I joined roslyn high school 2016 scared to start high school. I liked all four years even though the students that go there are very spoiled. Overall good experience
I wish I got to appreciate how competitive this school was earlier. The academics here are truly elite and have helped me for college a lot. I wish it was more diverse, but it is pretty easy to fit in and make good friends if you be yourself and be nice
Such a strong learning environment. I have had a great 4 years and feel very prepared for my future endeavors.
At Roslyn High school, the teachers and academic programs are great. There are hundreds of clubs to choose from and the school culture is pretty good. However, the athletic programs are not great.
My experience at Roslyn High School was good. For the most part, teachers are engaged, involved, and want to help students be successful.
Roslyn is a very good school. There is a multitude of resources available for students, very good academics
I like RHS as it has endless opportunities for every student. Teachers are highly qualified and are available to meet before & after school. Every Counselor is great. They have guided me throughout my high school career. School offers vast variety of clubs and sports activities.
Many challenging courses offered, but not Latin. Seniors get priority with Guidance Counselors. Many resources are available to the students to help them succeed, like after school help with the teachers. Smart boards in many if not all classrooms. Broad range of classes, including coding and American Sign Language. There is a requirement that students do volunteer work before they graduate.
The academics at Roslyn High School are very good, the teachers are very qualified and my courses were very rigorous, however, many teachers were very susceptible to parents coercion for better grades or better positions in clubs. Also, the diversity at the school is very small and students are not encouraged to befriend students of different backgrounds. Many students were very privileged and they were not taught any better about the real world.
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I really like Roslyn HS because it is not too large or small. My class has less than 300 kids and I have been going to school with all of them since kindergarten. The teachers are great and very supportive of the students. I am fortunate the school offers a very good honors program and I have been able to take several AP courses over the past few years. The school has a great reputation but not so intense where you feel it is overwhelming. I am surrounded by other students that strive to excel but everyone is very collegial and not competitive with another.
I don't think I would change anything about the school. It sounds naive but I feel it has helped shape the person I am today. It's not perfect but neither am I.
Roslyn High School is a school with strong academics and an encouraging staff. I liked the self-selection option with choosing our courses and the various clubs and activities offered. This gave the students the opportunity to dabble in classes they were passionate about. Furthermore, the many courses offered at Roslyn High School reflect the abundant resources that can be utilized by its students. The teachers and the administration in general communicated frequently and well with their students and were very approachable. While I enjoyed my overall experience here, one place this school is lacking in is in the diversity of its students. There is an overwhelming amount of Caucasians, and a much smaller percentage of other ethnicities. Overall, however, this school is certainly a good one.
As an incoming student, I was able to find my way and fit into the social dynamic here. What I really like about this school is that the teachers are always so willing to help, there are always additional resources that I could take advantage of, the community atmosphere is always present, people are really nice, and the school offers a variety of classes, and clubs. There are extra steps the staff takes to involve the students in the school community. For example, we have a pep rally, clash of the classes, Halloween costume parties, and so much more. Also, I am a senior right now and my guidance counselor is always willing to go the extra mile to help me in any way. One thing that I wish would change is the quality of the food. Lastly, another thing I would like to change is the diversity of this school. There isn’t a lot of diversity, as students tend to stay and hang out with individuals from their own background. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this school.
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