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The teachers are very helpful and care about their student's success. The amount of work put into making sure everyone graduates is crazy impressive. The school is newly renovated and is clean and a fun place to learn.
Had a great 4 years at Rosemount. Received a quality education while getting to participate in activities to help make friends !
I enjoyed how devoted the teachers were to preparing you for college and pushing every student to perform their best in all aspects, in and outside of the classroom.
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I really enjoyed my experience at Rosemount High School, but being in college for a year I found that it did not prepare me very well for college.
As I have just completed my first year at Rosemount Senior High School, I would say it has been a very pleasant experience. The first day of high school, I was very nervous about the switch from middle school to high school. I was worried about getting to my classes, and very worried about exams, but after a few weeks I realized that it was not that bad. The teachers and staff are very polite and welcoming, the school system is well setup, and the academics were well-balanced. I learned that if you just do your work, and pay attention, you will do fine. Overall, my experience at Rosemount Senior High School has been fantastic, and I am sure that it will stay that way.
Love the school environment. Very involved in the marching band. Teachers are great. Students are awesome. Staff takes care of you like their o n children and everyone is there and looking out for what is best for you. They make the transition from each grade very easy. Very helpful and lots of good resources
Rosemount High School was a very enjoyable experience. Although I was, unfortunately, only at the school for 1 year, all of the students, teachers, and staff were very friendly and helpful to help with the transition to a new school. The teaching at the school is some of the best I have ever experienced, the teachers keep students engaged with the lesson plans for that day. Another positive towards the teachers is how much they care for the college readiness as a high school senior. Other schools tend to relax the lesson plans and make it super easy senior year since it's the students "last year of high school," but that would only bring bad habits to college with the students. One thing I would like to see changed about the school is the refurbishment of classrooms. The school was created over 100 years ago, so Rosemount High School is obviously needing a well needed redo of the classrooms, lunch room, etc.
if you wanna see kids getting dragged out in handcuffs, this is the place for you. if you want a school that has blatant favoritism for athletics over any other activity, this is for you. if you want to see girls selling nudes or feet pictures for weed money, go ahead. Rosemount really is hoesmount, usually the only people who enjoy it are the ones who are popular.
Rosemount High School has a fantastic performing arts program. It is incomparable to any other high school in Minnesota. Fantastic access to performing arts facilities.
I really like the use of iPads in the classroom. Teachers are starting to learn how to use them in incredible ways. Some of which are: group collaboration, creative multi-media presentations, and online resources. The school also has many new safety measures and protocols which make me feel safe at school.
What I really loved about the school is the students look out for one another and the teachers were always there and willing to help if a student had any questions and/or concerns and that helped me feel welcomed and cared for.
I deeply enjoyed all the opportunities Rosemount offered both in the classroom and in extracorricular activities. I was able to learn numerous things about academic material, life in general, and myself. I was able to be involved in multiple activities outside of the classroom that connected me to many people. For example, the sports teams helped me find some of my best friends I will carry with me years after high school. In addition, National Honors society helped me connect with people in the community of all ages and make a difference in people's lives. Lastly, National French Honors society and DECA helped me find people who had the same interests and passions as I do and guided me in pursuing these interests.
Overall I love Rosemount High School, I started at Rosemount Elementary and worked up all the way to here, yes there is some flaws like the food, no offense to the lunch ladies, are crap. Some of the teachers need to be fired, and some students are questionable. I have one more year left until I graduate and I feel pretty good at which college is the right fit for me and I am excited to see where life takes me behond high school.
My experience at Rosemount High School is interesting, it could have been better if I branched out further as there many opportunities for all sorts of things there. But with laziness and so little time, I couldn’t do everything I wanted. There’s a wide variety of classes to take, for required subjects and others. If you’re into art or mechanics, there’s something for almost everybody. The counselors always make sure you know that they’re there to help and advise if you need it. Though I didn’t take all the classes I wanted to take like drawing, I think I’ll look back on my time here fondly. The school feels like a place that wants you to succeed but also enjoy yourself. I don’t have any other schools to go off of but that seems like a good school to me.
Lots of required classes (like economics, inter personal communications/English, first aid) that I’ve taken that have made me feel better prepared for college and life. The teachers also care about your education and are willing to help whenever you ask for it.
Some great teachers and some not so great teachers. There is a strong community feel to it. Good amount of activities and clubs that are easy to participate in. Not a whole lot of college readiness unless you specifically ask for it, I think some form of a college readiness class should be required as opposed to the seven gym credits needed to graduate. Also strange that athletes and dance class students can’t opt out of some gym classes.
What I like most about Rosemount High School is the community. Most people are willing to go out of their way to help out one another and they are very respectful to one another. I would say that students can be pretty inclusive of others, but I think we could do a better job at including others.
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RHS is a good public school with lots of new teachers flooding in with new ideas and new ways of teaching. The district has a good reputation but seems to neglect the true needs of RHS (expansion, programs outside of band, a new paint job). The class sizes are abominable and the school recently raised it's class size to 38. All of this happening while they build a new band room and renovate the parking lot.
Rosemount High School offers a wide array of classes and activities for students to use to their advantage. As a graduate myself, I would not have traded my time at RHS for anything. Throughout my four years, I was continually challenged academically with the expansive options concerning Honors, AP, and CIS courses that I chose to partake in. Without my wonderful teachers who taught me well and cared about me as a person, I would not have entered college a year ahead. After school clubs, such as newspaper, DECA, speech, and mock trial were not uncommon for many students to be involved in. These clubs (as well as the many more RHS offered), prepared their members well for higher education.
RHS’s focus on the three A’s (Academics, Athletics, Arts) was always apparent during my time there. RHS put funding into all three categories. The three A’s were always celebrated fairly equally—it was not apparent that there was a favorite. RHS is a great institution in all aspects.
It is a good school for the most part, but often times it seems as if the students safety isn’t beint prioritized
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