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Rosa M. Parks Middle School Reviews

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I love Rosa it's fun and people are overall chill, low bullying and the tolerance level for bullying is a 0/10. The teachers are great but the 8th grade Math teachers are decent, look out for that.
All of the staff don't actually want to help any of the students. I have had this experience as a student and I still am experiencing this now. Whenever I have tried to talk or get help from some of the staff or the counselor they always say "oh they are out of the building" and me and my friends have filled out more than 3 forms just to see her. Once we finally got to see a teacher she said I will call you when she's back in the building, and once we got out of her office we saw MS.Becker walking around and she went into her office but we never got called down. Our issues weren't just small little issues either they were actual serious issues. This school doesn't care about the students they only care about their reputation and the grades the students have.
we had the best teachers
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the school has lots of clubs for everyone to attend
The best middle school in maryland
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