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Rosa International Middle School Reviews

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very good school. college readiness is very good. very much academic oriented.
teachers motivate and help the students to achieve the best.
I loved this place so much. The teachers were extremely nice, the students there are awesome (mostly), the athletics are great, and the work is challenging yet very helpful for high school. The only bad thing is the poor condition of the school, however it's not horrible and it didn't affect my experience too much.
It's just a regular school, same as beck same as carusi. A little more on the diverse side because the looks matter to many and not the knowledge.
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I loved everything about Rosa. They had a lot of extracurricular activities to do. I especially love the theater program. The teachers were always helpful and the sense of community could be felt every day.
The workload is very heavy, especially in honors classes, but it allows for students to learn a lot and succeed.
There are intense bullying measures due to HIB, and there are many security guards in the school. Everything feels safe even though there are occasional fights among students. The nurse's office is always available but average in quality.
Extracurricular programs used to be very extensive and thriving, but they have been put on hold due to a contract dispute between the teachers and the school board. It's nearly impossible to meet after school with clubs since there are no longer any advisers.
The school is very academically focused, especially in the honors classes. There's a lot of competition among honors students and the workload can often be overwhelming. Overall, the school is a pressure cooker for stress. The students tend to be very cliquey and it's often difficult to make friends. Despite the negatives, the school is very rewarding once you find where you belong, whether it's in honors classes, marching band, sports, or the arts.
The teachers overall teach very well and are knowledgeable. Of course there are some teachers that are better or worse than average, but the average teacher teaches well.
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