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The Roosevelt community is welcoming and kind. There are many school activities and clubs available to join. The school has a number of AP classes such as Physics, Calculus, Comp Sci, Spanish, French, Human Geography (req), US History and American government. It also offers running start, an opportunity to take community college classes in high school.

Sadly the current principle is not the best. (2018-2019)
Roosevelt High School is very academically rigorous, as most of the classes I have taken have prepared me fore the workload I am expected next fall in college. However, based on the neighborhood the school is in, it does lack racial and socioeconomic diversity, which creates a scenario where it's harder for the students to learn from those different from them. There are many different clubs to get involved in, whether it be sports or community service.
I think that the education provided is great, but there are many problems surrounding student inclusion within the school. The students and staff are pretty much all white. You really need to make use of who you meet to get the best experience out of this school.
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RHS is a very white school, and the people there often forget about the privilege that they have in contrast to a lot of the other kids in the district. This leads to rather stuck-up attitudes of a lot of the people that go there. However this isn’t forgetting about the diversity (however small it is) that is there, and the ways in which they are making themselves seen.

On the academic side if things, RHS has a terrible chemistry department and a fantastic jazz band. Judging the school as a whole, is hard though, because all of the teachers and staff members are different.
not diverse, smells AWFUL, feels gross. teachers are nice and quite friendly, not so much the students. some teachers are amazing at what they do and others just dont care which works in most students favor
Amazing engineering and biotechnology programs. Not many AP science classes. Could use more AP classes in general.
I enjoy how accessible it is to the bus routes, light rail, and there is a lot in a walk-able distance. I enjoy the amount of activities that are going on in this school and the amount of spirit it has. One thing that needs to be improved is the attention towards racial minorities and being aware of microaggressions.
Roosevelt gets a lot of flack for being very white and rich. Even so, it has great teachers and many AP classes that you can take, with exceptional teachers. The music program is outstanding, and the athletics are great too.
Roosevelt is full of wonderful opportunities, from a strong music program to a range of fun and interactive clubs. Roosevelt has strong academics which push their students to improve themselves and learn not only facts and numbers but about one another and the world.
Good school. There're definitely things that they could work on but overall, the school's an alright place.
I had a great time at the school but I often had teachers leave near the beginning of the year causing me to not learn valuable information while they looked for a new teacher. I often had long term subs that didn't know what they were doing. However, I mostly felt like I had a place at the school and that I was important.
Great theater and music program. Great special education program for disabled students. Very accepting student body.
Needs more diversity but has great school spirit and academics! During my time here, I have met some of the most inspirational adults and fellow students I could have imagined. Roosevelt really does its best to make students feel welcome and encourage students to continue on the path of education.
My experience so far at this school is okay, but it does not have a very good diverse culture as to other schools. It involves with a bunch of cliques, which was hard for me to make friends my freshman year. I chose to play freshman football to meet new friends, but most of the guys on the team were not as friendly when I had played. I hope to have an amazing senior year, and start to get to know my classmates well enough.
Good school, with nice classes and pretty good teachers. Some are awesome, others less so. The amount of students is really what offsets the overall score. Too many for too small a school building.
i liked the coaches and the sports. they treat everyone with respect. i wish that it could be more diverse.
Roosevelt High School is an excellent school for individuals seeking to fulfill a deeper goal of becoming better involved within the arts community. Although this school is fitted more towards those interested in the arts, Roosevelt High School offers an excellent engineering program designed for a wide range of students. The math department and organic science department could be improved, however.
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Great school. Every teacher is amazing and helpful. The counseling office is very helpful and guides you through your years in high school.
Overall, it was a great public school experience. The teachers are invested in helping you succeed and are determined to help you grow as a student. I was not impressed with their mathematics program. Both teachers I had for math left in the first quarter and we were left with rotating substitutes who had different expectations and made it hard to get a grasp on what they expected from students.
The teachers are amazing. The students are very competitive which is hard sometimes but very motivating in a positive way.
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