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What I loved the most about Roosevelt High School is the diverse community that I belong in. Each day, I felt valued of who I am. I was able to express myself to the fullest in which I took pride and embrace who I was. Roosevelt is the most diverse high school in Oregon which is important because everyone is all supportive of each other. Considering this, I loved going to school events such as basketball games and football games. I always had a fun time watching the games as they would get lit! Winning the other team was the best feeling given that I was just part of the crowd. In addition, to me the teachers were the best. They supported and assisted me in everyday possible to assure that I succeeded in class. I can't thank them enough for teaching me new things and gain different perspectives. As a graduating senior, I will truly miss my time at Roosevelt as it has changed who I am today. #VeltUp
Investing into the diverse community that I live in has been the best experience yet. Not only have I been able to represent Roosevelt High School but the whole city of Portland as well.
It was already super helpful that Roosevelt has always been student-led and community based so getting into organizations such as the Associated Student Body and Leadership was going to go smoothly. Through organizations such as those, I was able to learn each and every step in order to host a successful event that caters to everyone. This is essential as I am now able to apply these techniques to my everyday life at school and when we plan for events. By committing to helping my school and community from the first year, I was able to gain networks in which have helped me and many others throughout our senior year. Most of our senior year was based on protesting and demanding that our voices be heard.
this school is good for embracing other cultures and empowering your own the school could use more teachers and counselors of color. it's easy to meet new people of all different kinds of backgrounds.
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Teachers and staff are very nice! They make an effort to help any student that is interested in help. Great opportunity with beginning band, upper bands were good. Sports were fun and inexpensive. Academics are spotty. I think public schools tend to push them through if they try at all. Private school this year revealed big holes. :(...even though honor roll at RHS.
Roosevelt High School is an excellent school. I met amazing teachers and supportive counselors. I'm so thankful that they always give their time to help students to provide the best support. I like Roosevelt a lot because teachers and counselors show gratitude towards students that they are always available for them.
A change I would like to see in Roosevelt High School is, hire diverse teachers. Roosevelt don’t have enough teachers with different backgrounds. We have been fighting for this issue for the longest time. I hope Roosevelt values and understand why students want the school system to hire more diverse teachers.
I personally believe Roosevelt is great. But, they make decisions for students with out students and often times make decisions for staff and never for students. At times Roosevelt finds it’s benefits only for staff and leaves out students. Though, in Roosevelt we have staff members who care about themselves rather the students, Roosevelt has a strong group of staff who dedicate their time and abilities to students. Those staff members make the students feel very welcome and that is what makes Roosevelt so good, but they need more staff like them, and that’s what we’re working on.
I like how inclusive and diverse the school is. I also really like that they require you to take ethnic studies. Which is an eye-opening class.
The school is very diverse and student passionate. Most events are ran by students or the community. Overall, the school is great but can always be greater.
My experience has been rocky ever since my freshman year but in all Roosevelt has a great accepting community. no one is left out on anything. Always good energy
The teahers are amazing and supportive but what they need to change is to not just tell one side of the stories but for both sides
Nothing really I love my school, there always striving us to do better. I always be on track and when I’m not there’s teachers that will help to do better. No one is slacking to not help.
Diverse. This makes the Roosevelt experience exceptional. Sharing other cultures, other ideas and in the learning, one can understand what others not like you have to offer, and how they feel about events that affect all of us especially when we look to the future. Roosevelt stands out in academics and offers a broader view of the world we are about to enter and how to address the underlying adversity.
Roosevelt H.S needs more diversity in it's facalty to relate to all of it's students.
Smaller classes, along with more counselor's.
What I like about Roosevelt is the diversity, because it makes me feel connected to other people, and makes it easier to talk to them. I also enjoy having the support of the teacher and the school.
I really enjoy the diversity at Roosevelt, it really adds to the school culture. We're proud to have the diversity we have and embrace it through multiple ways.
I like that the school has good community and has a very diverse and welcoming atmosphere that allows students to feel comfortable and confident with themselves.
Roosevelt is a school that has a diverse type of culture. I have been at Roosevelt for 3 years. My freshman year we went 8-1 in football and Senior year we went 7-2. Football is my favorite sport and we went to the first round playoffs. I have been doing good every since I came back from Florida. I had a lot of people who wanted me to come back to Oregon and they wanted to win and that's exactly what we did.
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The staff really had the students in thought, but as a collective. There wasn't much to say when it came to individualized attention in regards to academic standing.
Having assisted all four years at Roosevelt, has felt like a second home. It's a very diverse environment, everyone has their own group of friends. I never encountered personal issues from other students. The teachers are pretty nice & helpful. However, one thing I would change would be the level of inclusiveness. More diverse or different clubs and equal recognition between academics and extracurricular activities.
I have been treated better by students in the past three years. I’ve done my best to get better grades. If it wasn’t for my teachers who were encouraging me do always do my best, I wouldn’t been able to improve my grades.
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