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Roosevelt is a great school. I came in as a new student last year and I was immediately welcomed by staff and students. It was easy to assimilate myself into the high school culture. The community is tight-knit but inclusive. The district administration is known for making poor choices concerning safety and fiscal assistance. This puts a strain on everyone involved. The heart of the district however, its staff and students are the most redeeming quality of the school. The positive environment and rigorous academics make Roosevelt an attractive place to be.
Some great admin and teachers working with students. The sense of community and partnership with the surrounding neighborhood and other schools in the district is amazing. Lack of diversity of teachers and staff, I would love to see the adults reflect the diversity of the student population.
I like that there are places and people who are accepting of everyone, the downside to that is that, sometimes, they are hard to find. Another downside is that in recent events, many boys have been exposed for s*xually a*sulting various girls at my school. Overall, if you find the right group to be with (like at any other school) your own personal experience will be pretty good!
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It's a pretty standard public high school. Overall my experience was positive. My time here prepared me for college.
Good school spirit when I was a freshman but as I got older and new kids came there wasn’t a lot aside from that good school
I have enjoyed my overall experience with Roosevelt high school. I would like to see some changes with the safety within the school, as well as teachers/staff being more strict with the students. I believe if these changes are made, it will result in a much better learning environment and high school experience for the all of the students.
Roosevelt is not a bad school, but it is far from a good one, too. Classes get disrupted by students in the hall. Faculty that removes the doors from our bathrooms, and wonderful teachers get overwhelmed by tasks they have to complete for 300 students. This school simply does not have the funds for the size it is and needs more support before I decide to raise this score
My overall experience at Roosevelt has been good! I'd say that the best part of my experience was being apart of Best Buddies, Sharks Synchronized Swimming Club, and going to the football games. I wish that the school prepared me for college more. At Roosevelt attendance didn't really matter, there were always second opportunities, and homework couldn't be graded. I had to prepare myself for college by having detailed conversations with my counselor. Sadly, the academics weren't a great part of my experience but all the teachers did try their best and genuinely cared about their students.
I think that Roosevelt prepared me very well for my future. I made amazing friends, the staff was always extremely supportive and kind. I felt like the teachers at Roosevelt wanted me to succeed and fostered an environment where I would be able to succeed.
Roosevelt is a school where if you put in the work you could do well. If you do not put in the work, the people around you will not go necessarily above and beyond to help you.
This school is diverse and the staff seems to care about the students' safety and mental health. Teachers are fun and engaging with students, technology is provided for academic work, and teamwork is encouraged.
Roosevelt high School is a diverse school and has amazing teachers and has amazing school safety. The thing I would change about Roosevelt is get more students involved in school activities.
I love the community, and I have developed a lot of great relationships with many teachers. Overall, the building could be more taken care of, and I wish female sports had better representation.
I loved the location and diversity of Roosevelt. My high school had a ton of people from all different backgrounds who spoke many different languages. I loved how my school was in a pretty center all part of Des Moines with scenic grounds and plenty of fun places to hang out within walking distance. I also loved a lot of my teachers and they had lasting impacts on my life. My environmental science teacher influenced my major in college and what I want to do with my career. I still see my psychology teacher around town and it’s always nice to catch up. I hung out with my English teacher at a music festival a couple years ago. Roosevelt is a big school but at the same time cultivates a tight knit community.
i really enjoyed my time at my school, they were really helpful given that i was a transfer student and was new to the environment
Roosevelt High School leaves kids’ futures up to them. There is a general freedom among students and those who choose to work hard and do well thrive, while those who don’t aren’t forced to and in turn carve their own future by their choices.
Compared to the Catholic school system, where I was previously enrolled and drew all prior conceptions and experiences from, the sense of community and welcoming attitude was tremendously appreciated. Because of the diverse population, everyone is extremely kind and understanding and the community is one of richness and has a strong foundation in people of all different backgrounds supporting one another. The support I feel from Roosevelt High School's community is unbelievable. However, that being said, I think substantial measures can still be taken to ensure the happiness and safety of the students there. More funding needs to be put into the classrooms to provide the best equipment and environment to learn. Also, with such a diverse student body, there were times when safety was questionable, so regulating the visitors better would be greatly beneficial.
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I love the diversity at Roosevelt. People of all walks of life, races, religions, and countries; all coming together to learn and enrich themselves under one roof. However, I hate the immature behavior of the incoming ninth graders. Every year it just seems to get worse.
I love Roosevelt high school because it taught me a lot about myself. Since attending this school I have become more confident in who I am. I also have met a wide rage of individuals that I now share a friendship with. This school is amazing because of its ability to create a safe environment for people like me to learn and mature.
I like Roosevelt because it’s the best school for academics in the district. The teachers always make sure you aren’t struggling and they are always helping. The school has students from almost all over the world, so our culture is good.
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