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Roosevelt Elementary School Reviews

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I went to lakeshore for 6 fantastic years. They were the best years of my life. The best teacher is heather boyle. Shes is so nice and so smart. She is like the mother i have beacsuse she is .
It was very good Heather Boyle is the teacher of the year, she is very cool. Heather also has 3 beautiful baby boys Logan is the biggest and the cutest
It's not the best, but acceptable. There aren't really any bullying issues.
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There aren't very many clubs and the ones that are there don't have members that are very committed.
My daughter hated this school. All the lunches were gross, she says, and most of the teachers never actually tried to help the students out in any way. Most of the staff are very unlikable.
It's quite obvious the teachers couldn't care less about the students. My daughter genuinely likes very few of the teachers that work in the building. They teach things the students don't care about and they don't even try to spark interest.
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