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I enjoyed my time at rfa. This school prepared me well for college. The science teachers are amazing and very passionate about their subjects.
RFA has a great music program and many opportunities to earn college credits while still in high school. The social scene is very clique.
I've loved the teachers at RFA as well as the academic opportunities I have received in my 4 years there. If I could change something about RFA it would be the students freedom. A majority of the students at RFA are great kids however we are treated like children because of the few bad students at the school. As high school students I feel there should be more freedom and responsibility given to the students.
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While at Rome Free Academy, I was granted a vast array of opportunities. However, due to funding, I was unable to join clubs that I would have liked to seen. I created a Model United Nations Club, but I would have liked to see more Advanced Placement Classes.
Rome Free Academy is a beautiful school. The teachers and students are what ruined the reputation. You have to be like a straight A student to be on a teachers good side otherwise they are pretty much just straight up judgmental. If you get a good teacher, you better be best friends with them for letters of recommendations in the future when you need them.
I transferred from another school and Rome Free Academy has really helped me. I have always been a good student and they found classes that are more challenging for me. They have a variety of classes you could take and overall makes sure you are safe.
I enjoy the teachers at Rome Free Academy and believe I have received a very good education along with being given some amazing opportunities to better myself. My guidance counselor, Mrs. Nash, has done a wonderful job preparing me to further my education and as much out of Rome Free Academy as I can. A few thing I would like to see change would be putting more money towards things a majority of students would enjoy or giving more freedom to the students when it comes to things like spirit week.
Rome Free Academy is great, it has different varies of activities and clubs. I love the way they have the after school program, where you can get help with your classes.
I've been going to RFA for 4 years now. There are amazing teachers and classes offered. While on the academics side of things the school is very good, on the security part of it not so much. Being a city school with hundreds of people coming in and out of our doors everyday there is very minimal security. We only have 2 on-call police officers and 3 security guards. Not just that but there is no procedure for checking students as they come in. There have been several incidents of people pulling out knives during fights. The administration have yet to do anything about the lack of security. Being a student in an environment where the administration seems to not care about your physical safety does not produce the best students possible.
Rome Free Academy was a good school. I didn't feel prepared for college and had poor experiences with fellow students. I'd like to see students be brought together instead of divided by social status.
Rome Free Academy is a great school to attend. The teachers and staff are all so helpful and willing to go above and beyond to make learning and highschool life enjoyable. My last 4 years of school have been extremely memorable and I can say it was due to the school I attend. I will always have Orange and Black Pride. Go Black Knights!!!
I had the best teachers, whether care about your studies or not the teachers are always there to help you through. They push you do to better. For those that care about their studies, academically will do well.
Rome Free Academy helped prepare me for college. The BOCES programed aids me in getting accepted into the nursing program at Mohawk Valley Community Collge.

There were a few fights when I was in school. I hope the students will stop fighting and disturbing other students.

I enjoy learning there and the teachers are very caring and helpful for those that actually want to achieve their goals.
Graduated in 2008 but it treated me well at the time. The teachers were friendly and sports and a JROTC program always kept me busy.
It’s fun I love it there there are so many clubs and so many chances to meet people and make friends
I would like to see teachers trying harder to connect wth students. The school has very good clubs. The sports teams lose a lot because of bad coaches.
The school is beautiful and the teachers are very nice and approachable for when you need assistance. The cafeteria food wasn't excellent, but it wasn't the worst I've ever had. Overall, I had a good experience at RFA and made lots of friends and was able to develop relationships with my teachers whom have helped guide me in the right career path.
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I liked the school building itself. It made me feel proud of going there. I liked the life-long friends I made. There are some very good teachers at RFA. I think it could be a better place to go to school if administration put as much time into all students as they do the underachievers. We need to push every student to work to his/her potential no matter their background.
Rome Free Academy is an okay school. There's a nice amount of clubs and the teachers do their best, but the food is terrible, many of the students disrespect the administration, and there's a fight almost every other day.
Rome Free Academy is a large diverse school. We have a variety of athletics and classes offered. I was fortunate enough to have taken 14 college level classes during my 4 years at Rome Free Academy. Not only have I taken college courses but many other important and beneficial classes. The opportunities at Rome Free Academy are endless from the course selection, athletics program, and extracurricular activities. My favorite club to be apart of was the Travel Club with whom i traveled to Costa Rica with my sophomore year. Traveling has expanded my knowledge and passion in so many ways. I was very lucky to have gone to a school like Rome Free Academy and am proud to be a future graduate.
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