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Roman is an amazing school. It was built on the idea of education to any boy no matter what. that ideology is still strong today. The friends I have at Roman are more than Friends they are brothers Roman helps Boys turn to Men here and create a brotherhood that will last forever. the teachers here are as friendly as ever and will help you no matter what you don't even have to be in one of their classes. there are many opportunities here at roman because of the tight-knit brotherhood, people all across America know roman one way or another. Last year when I went to Washington D.C. and met an FBI agent who went to roman not that long ago. We talked for a while and said "if you ever want an internship I'll put in a good word!" I have no real desire to work with the FBI but its always good to know that the brotherhood I am in can always help me through my life
It is a great school, as soon as I got here I felt welcome, the brotherhood among the students is warm.
I love the schools location in the City, I think that the academics are challenging and I love the idea of brotherhood but overall the school is stuck in the past and it's obvious but the school is run by the alum and they see nothing wrong with the status quo. The curriculum is old and dated, their points system is old and dated and they haven't changed with the student body. The world is changing and we must change within limits of course, with it. I hope that they make some changes and soon.
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Roman Catholic is a school with a rich history and a promising future. At Roman, you not only receive a quality education, but you become part of a brotherhood. The culture at Roman is unlike any other school in Philly.
I’m glad that I transferred to Roman, it been the best experience. This is my first year attending catholic school and I’m happy that my mom allowed to make the change
It’s location is amazing in the city. There are some issues but the faculty genuinely do care. There isn’t much school spirit but it is a nice place to be if you stick to the right crowd.
Academic is average: standard requirements are met. If you want a challenging high school, this is not it. 9k each year is not worth it, unless you got a 3-4k scholarship, but even that is a stretch. There are better high schools out there. An alternative way might be to send your son to public school and spend money on extracurricular activities. However, there are some positives to this school. For one, the brotherhood is real. I rarely see bullying and everyone is pretty nice. Second, there is a high chance to become a diocesan scholar (one who take classes at a college without extra payment, other than for textbooks). Overall, average.
Allowing me to attend Roman Catholic High School was one of the best choices my parents ever made. My high school experience allowed me to grow academically, spiritually, and socially. The teachers at Roman truly cared about their students and went the extra mile to ensure that you succeeded. Besides having a wonderful academic program, Roman Catholic also had a number of clubs and organizations that fostered leadership and communication skills. Roman Catholic certainly prepared me for not only my collegiate studies, but also on how to successfully navigating the real world.
As a graduate of Roman Catholic I really appreciated the since of family and unity that spread throughout the school and the city. As a student, we completed community service projects, raised awareness on various topics as well. The academic portion is very good and the school as a whole has a 90% graduation rate with a high retention rate as well. I recommend this school for any young man who is looking have successful future. This school is rigorous and is not for the weak because it has its struggles but is worth it in the end.
In my time at Roman I liked the family feeling you get when your there and around the area. A lit of the teachers are very helpful and help you get what you need out of the school. There is a very strong alumni at Roman Catholic where you can meet a local job owner and they went to Roman and sing your school song. The rules have changed to be a little harder on students which is a huge adjustment for us but it is overall a great school.
I love all aspects about Roman Catholic High School, this school is a extremely diverse school it is also very welcoming. This school has expanded over the years and will continue to expand drastically over the next few years. These new expansions will bring new areas for students too explore and will withhold new classrooms and even a gym! The only problem i have with Roman Catholic High School is the lunch that is served during lunch. The lunch is expensive and it does not taste good. When choosing a food to eat there's no variety to choose from its just basic American cuisine that is served there. In conclusion Roman Catholic High School is a very good school and deserves the title to be the first ever Catholic High School in America.
I am now a senior at Roman Catholic High School and Roman has always done a great job of making me feel engaged in the school. We have so much school spirit so there is never a dull day at Roman. On the other hand some students mistake school spirit for misbehavior which usually results in that student getting demerits.
Roman Catholic High School for Boys is a diverse, well rounded school. It has excellent academics and a variety of extra-curricular opportunities.
The brother hood of Roman is what makes it so special. Its Center City location makes it very assessable for students to learn through experience.
roman is a great place to go and learn. it is very diverse and great people. lunch might be hectic but that is the only problem. teachers actually want to know you to help you learn better. the school has some much great history behind it as well. the sport here are great and open the door to different sports so it is great.
There is a lot of history tradition at this school. Almost everywhere you go there seems to be an alumnus of the school. I have made great friends and I’ve had a great experience at the school.
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Roman Catholic provided me with an excellent education. I feel completely prepared with beginning college in the fall. I value all Roman has taught me.
Roman Catholic was an overall good school. A diverse atmosphere with good extracurricular and athletic programs.
Going to an all-boys school in Center City Philadelphia was not the best experience. My classmates were always rude to each other/trying to display dominance over one another. At the time I went to the school, I would say there were a handful of quality educators who brightened my experience. In some classes I learned a great deal (Latin, English, Psychology). In others, the educators were not up to par.
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