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It was a really great high school experience. There wasn't a lot of bulling and if there was something wrong then the faculty worked to make it right. With time the halls were recognizable and it was easy to find classes. There was a vast variety of clubs and sports for students to participate in. The only thing i would change would be how they told students about the fall sports that started weeks before school did.
My experience a Rolla Senior High School was an interesting one. Before Rolla, I had been to three different school and they were not so great but Rolla had more courses for me to take and to experience than any other school that I went to did. I made more friends and the teachers were so kind that I felt like I was at home. When I started have problems with my epilepsy though they put me in a new environment so that way I wouldn't be as stressed. Also, in this class I could work at my own pace. The teacher in that class was amazing. She made sure we took our time and made sure we understood what we were learning (even though we were doing our classes over computers). My classmates were just as welcoming. Even though, I didn't talk much and focused more on what was on my computer most of the time, they made me come out of my shell and have more friends then what I started with. I'm glad I came to Rolla High because if I didn't I wouldn't have met any of the people I know today.
Great school, teachers are nice and very good. Easy to get along with everyone. Classes are good. Athletics and clubs are both excellent. Plenty of options for types of classes and they are all challenging but easy to understand.
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I love everything about Rolla. The lunch is always amazing, with many food options, the teachers are amazing and nice, and the counselors are always there when you're in need.
The counselling center's ability to help students is hindered by their unfortunate student to counsellor ratio (270 to 1), making it extremely difficult to make contact.

The academics are somewhat limited, and not all AP classes are supported.
Very good staff, teachers, and administration. Offers a decent amount of clubs for special interests. Offers all the common sports for those with athletic interests. Regular high school food. Plenty of organizations geared to acquaint students with potential jobs.
Not very diverse and very STEM oriented. I didn't have the chance to take any philosophy classes or anything like that.
I really like the overall atmosphere of the school, as well as the teachers’ positive attitudes toward guiding their students to be successful.
I liked how Rolla Senior High school had lots of classes to choose from, and many of them are offered as dual credit. The teachers are always willing to work with you and there’s lots of after school activities to choose from.
I liked most of the teachers and the academic quality of the school, it offers a multitude of great programs and classes, the admin team is also very good. The sports offered are very high quality and very competitive, but one thing that needs changing is the funding to specific sports, as football gets all the money even though they are not the most successful.
Very good school for the area. The academics and achievements of the school are growing and making good progress.
typical small town high school not a lot to do in rolla but good athletics and good teachers ap courses offered
It has a variety of options for student with a wide range of interest. There are many clubs and organization that allow you to purse your interest.
Over all they have good academic choices and activities for everyone. Teachers are compassionate , well educated and professional. They prepare students for college. The IEP Resourse teacher is excellent with the students. Encourages them to work hard and helps them discover their potential. Activities include clubs ranging from Animie to Future leaders , Future teachers, alied health, book club and many more. Athletics football, basketball, Volleyball, tennis and soccer. Music opportunity includes band and choirs. Ivrr well rounded school
One of the amazing things about Rolla High School is that there is an activity for everyone. From Unity Club to Varsity Athletics, there is a place for you to feel welcome and accepted. The thing that I personally have benefited from the most would be the amount of dual credit opportunities that are available. I feel prepared to face the academics in college and have at least 30 college credit hours currently. While these things have benefitted my high school experience, there are some things that could change. Cooperation amongst different athletic and activity groups could help each student feel encouraged in all aspects of their day. To be supported by the band director in your ability to play volleyball or to be supported by the Student Council advisor to be involved in Key Club, or even be supported in one's decision to not be involved in anything extracurricular. While there are some changes that could benefit RHS, it has served me well and prepared me for my academic future.
Currently, I am a Junior at Rolla High School, and my experience here is quite average. Many of the teachers at Rolla are quite helpful, and truly do wish to see their students succeed. There is not a lot of diversity, but there are quite a few international students whose parents attend MO S&T. There are many clubs to choose from, with new ones being made seemingly every year. The campus itself is a little small, and the old parts of the building are not in the best condition. Rolla High recently built a new section for the math classes, and it is a nice addition for the school environment. The school also recently added an art gallery on the first floor, which showcases students' artwork and adds to the school's culture. There are many AP classes and chances for dual credit, so if a student would like to get a head start on their college career, they definitely have the chances to do so. The principles aren’t very easy to work with, but the counselors are dedicated to the students.
Rolla high school is one of those places where you fit in automatically. The people are kind and very genuine. Bullying is not tolerated and the faculty wants to help their students succeed in every way.
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Great, successful Band program. They win Band Festivals every year, and have inventive programs. The color guard is very good and integrated completely with the annual programs.
Rolla high school is a place where almost anyone can find a place to fit in with it's amount of clubs and activities. If you want somewhere where you feel like you belong, there are many options. The issues I have are the blantent homophobia from staff. The teachers are all at least fair, and try to help all their students succeed, while the administration continues to discriminate against closeted kids that have no voice.
I liked participating in track. It was always fun going to meets and hanging out with the team. I dislike how crowded the school became when the freshmen came over. I know it was necessary, but I wish they would widen the doorways of the stairs so it is easier for people to get through.
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