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Rolette is a very small area, so many families (teachers or students) know each other outside of school. There is a bias toward certain children. The school is also not very strict on people who steal, even when caught on camera. The school has thieves, bullying, and poor classroom stricter. For a high school that has only 50 students, that’s terrible.
There are very few extra curricular activities out side of sports, so those who are not athletic do not have many options to be in extra curricular activities.
One of the best things about the school is that it is small and receive one on one attention if you need it. I enjoyed having a small class that got along very well with each other.

A reason I would not go back to this school is because the administration is horrible. They are just in it for the power over the students. They seem to cause more stress and problems with the students then they do help them.
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The math teacher speaks broken English and does not even know a majority of the material she is trying to teach. There is much discrepancy between the students and some of the administration. I also feel like the teacher and administration do not always agree upon things and it is apparent to the students and others in the school.
We have a handful of things that students can participate in.
Honestly, I have had both good and bad experiences at my school. But that's normal for any high school student. The one thing I like about my school is that everybody knows everybody. It's a blessing and a curse sometimes, but I mostly enjoy it.
The teachers are very knowledgeable and are normally there when you are in need of assistance with an assignment. There are a few teachers who don't communicate very well on occasions but other than that the teachers are very understanding and cooperate with students well.
The principal is not helpful more harmful
There are no options or accommodations
Small school close classes

Some bad Administrators
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