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Roland is a very diverse school. Roland has many choices of clubs, activities, and sports. We go to state for most of our teams competitions. The school is very anti-bullying.
Teachers and staff are nice but not exactly education oriented as one would like. Halls and bathroom facilities are well kept and very clean. Seems to lack a focus on students but rather just doing enough to graduate. Overall experience is a solid 7 out of a possible score of ten. A decent place to send your children to get a decent education.
roland teachers have passion but are so underfunded its kind of hard to concentrate on studying when its raining in the building
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Teachers are personable and genuinely want to see you succeed. Most assignments can be completed during school hours. Minimal offerings for extra curricula activities. School facilities are outdated and buildings are in dire need of repairs.
The teachers are nice enough and the overall experience has been average. The school is divided oddly compared to my previous school. The faculty try to help and understand but they don't quite seem to try their best. They are wonderful people however i'm not sure whether the lack of funding is helping them fix any of the problems in the school. Due to the budget cuts our schools club and activities funds have been cut substantially and the facilities are in poor shape due to lack of repair money . Teachers hardly bring the parents into the loop to help with their child's education.
I liked getting to meet amazing new people and finishing my high school career with the people I've grown to know. I would love to see more improvements with the academics and more involvement with the school all together. They've made my senior year great and I'm grateful for the journey and ready for my future to begin
There could be more honor or advanced classes offered to challenge students. Also, there is not a variety of classes to choose from. Teachers could be better, but considering Oklahoma is one of the main states that has the lowest pay roll for teachers it's not that surprising.
I would like to start off by saying Roland High school is very good at making sure we are ready for college. I love all of the teachers at Roland dearly. Sure we clash sometimes, but for the most part we all get along at Roland. The one thing I would like to see change at Roland High school is more diversity in the extra curricular classes of language. I feel like the students should be able to choose from two or more languages instead of just choosing between taking a computer class or choosing to take Spanish. I am in my second year of Spanish and I actually am enjoying learning about the cultures in Spain and other Mexican parts of the world. Overall Roland High School is a great school academically.
It was the time of my life so far. I like that the teachers involved themselves with the students. But I would love to see the way stuff is ran there.
Some teachers teach and some do not.
I like my school very much I had a lot of fun with football and my friends...
It's a very good I do wish they had more activities to be involved in.
The teachers at Roland High School are amazing and will help you with anything that you need. They cooperate with the students very well
Our school is all about football. Academics doesn't get funded as easy. They have to do fund raisers
Most kids who apply themselves can get into any other group they would like
I've been at Roland all my life. All the teachers are there to help you succeed.
The schools needs help, bullying gets worse and worse everyday and no one's there too help.
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The teachers well most are amazing!
The bullying is a huge problem and needs to be fixed.
Alot of teachers really try, there are a few who really don't care, and those teachers are coaches so they're more worried about the team rather than the students. The teachers who really try above and beyond really try, and try to help the students as much as possible, and show they really care about us kids, and help us with our grades and keeping it up. Some of the teachers have great teaching styles by using activities, for science class last year we had to sing a song to learn about atoms and their bonds, and it really helped! The teachers know a lot and show us that they know a lot, by sharing it with us. Most of the teachers help the kids, and get close with the kids like me, I has been going through some things and my teacher helped me through it. The grading is pretty good, some classes are harder than others, and the grades they give are always good, and they always put in grades on time.
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