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I really liked how diverse Rogers High School was. I had the oppurtunity to switch schools and chose to stay at rogers for that specific reason. Teacher and faculty made you feel right at home. Being a women of color myself it made me feel safe. I would not change a thing about this school because since the current principal took over many changes were made.
I just finished my freshman year and I have all my credits. This year was crazy and the teachers and staff knows how to aid students correctly as far as supplying you with the information you need to do what you want. what would bring this school up to par for me would be a change in sports management of the girl's basketball team.
Roger's, above all, has an established sense of community From classes and programs such as running start that cater to every type of student and their needs, Along with classes such as Native American Lit. That explore different cultures and Ideas. There are Clubs such as G.S.L. which encourages conversations about sexuality and sexual identification or N.H.S which encourages community involvement in general. Link crew club plays a major role in interacting with and unifying the student body as a whole and act to ensure everyone is included. When Bullying became an issue, it acted to unify Students and teachers to act against it through the "Be nice" campaign, going as far to throw a pep rally where a speaker discussed discrimination of all kinds and how to counter it through action and why it's so important to care about one another. There are a variety of non discrimanatory sports to get involved in year round and every students achievements, academic or otherwise, are celebrated.
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Many of the flows that Rogers High School has, boil down to a lack of morale and motivation that collectively pushes people to do better. The school's football team constantly loses games, and is seen as a laughing stock within the state. A lot of educators are well involved and care for the students as well as the principal who is doing her best efforts to improve the environment and the general perception of the school. Overall, I do believe the school needs an improved morale/an increased motivational edge in order to collectively exceed in academics and sports.
You’ll always find people you can related to at Rogers, no matter what background you come from, or what interests you have.
I love that the teachers are interested in students' success and participation in many activities. They inspire you to do the assignments on time and they have a good sense of compassion to help them in their difficulties.
At Rogers we're all about family and family is huge to me. Our motto we go by is familia summas meaning we are family. In my only three years of high school I feel I have been at home. All race, cultures, gender identity etc. are excepted.
Rogers high school was my second high school that I went to. I went here for one year before taking running start and then headed to college my junior year of high school. This school is pretty good but I didn't really like the students. Most of them didn't care about their education at all. But on the other hand there were a few teacher's that I really liked. They were all very sweet and cared about teaching. I still come back and visit them sometimes.
Rogers is made up of a diverse and open community. The school is kept as clean as possible, with the help of students and teachers alongside the custodial staff. There is a wide variety of classes offered to fit everyone's interests and needs to help them succeed. With this, students have a wide variety of backgrounds and home lives but are still treated equally regardless of that. However, communication is lacking from administration to teachers, and students, because everyone is not receiving the same information. In some cases, it is obvious that staff and teachers show favoritism towards certain students on many different levels. Overall, Rogers is a misunderstood school with many opportunities to grow but is still strong and comes together as a family at the end of the day.
At Rogers high school I like the sense of unity. As a lower-income School we have multiple resources and aid regarding a variety of situations. We have food distributions, laptop check-out, and a clothing closet for those in need. I’d like to see an increase in school spirt.
I liked how Rogers was extremely diverse and how close the teachers were to their students. We were all intwined in each others' lives, no one was left out nor uncomfortable.
The teachers usually understand where the students are coming from and are able to provide more help than other schools probably can in my experience. They definitely take safety serious especially with a lot of the community keeping an eye on them. I appreciated the library for offering diversity between all its books. The lunch bunch were a good sight to see, you could tell they really cared about everyone. The principle was always fun to hear from when talking to others, she's liked by many and appreciated by all.
During my time at Rogers high School I met plenty of great teachers. I never had a teacher i didn't like. they were teaching me at the speed that was not to fast but not to slow either. This school has a bad reputation in Spokane and i do not see why as i have not met someone who hated it.
I enjoy the relationships I’ve grown as well as the great staff we have. Our school was once the bottom of everything so it’s great that during my time here we’ve taken many steps in the right direction. I have enjoyed my time on the cross country team as i have helped bring them from the bottom to one of the best teams in the whole state.
My experience at Rogers High School has been fantastic! But, there will always be those bad days at school and some not very nice students or staff... that is okay though because it does not stop you from enjoying your high school experience. I love going to Rogers High School. I have made many new friends and connected to staff members throughout my years attending school here. I manage and play sports. Win or lose, we are family and work together like a family.
I liked that Rogers High school had so many resources for students trying to transition into college. They also have a great wrestling program and many other resources for students in poverty.
I love the schools theater department and choral department. And overall the entire staff is very friendly. But there has been a problem with fights happening more than they should, but the staff handles that situation very well.
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There are teachers that care and fellow students that care. Bullying is very low and in general, kids are kind to each other.
In this review I am only sticking to facts. I have read a few dozen reviews about my school. The thing that is consistent in each review is the comment about diversity. That is definitely a fact. However, here's the rest of the facts. most of the staff is disrespectful, verbally aggressive, and only accountable when it suits them. As for teachers, some of them are non-supportive and non-engaging. What i mean by that is, there are some teachers who pass paper after paper out rather than enjoying teaching their lessons. Someone gave this school a specific reputation, and they weren't lying.
Overall, Rogers is a very diverse school, different teachers, different class options, and many different types of people. As a community Rogers has the opportunity for any kind of student to fit in to any group and enjoy their time here. Academically, individuality is supported but if you need the additional help there will always be someone to assist you.
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