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from my experience it was a good high school, and i would recommend for new parents send there kids to this school. but its not perfect it still has its problem with the kids and vape and i would recommend to send your kid here before or during middle school because it would be a whole harder to find or join a clique.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Rogers High School. The staff genuinely cares about the success of their students, and that is important when creating a good learning environment. The only thing I would like to see change and evolve would be student clubs. Over the years we have lost clubs due to the lack of assigned sponsors. The more clubs are available, the more you can get students involved in their school and community. Clubs and other extracurriculars not only allow students to get involved with their school, but it teaches important team and leadership skills that are important in preparing students for future jobs. I believe assessing this can take Rogers from good to great!
My experience at Roger High School has been great up to this point and expect it to be just as good as I continue.
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From my experiences about Rogers High school, they have been great. I met a majority of my friends, I also found the thing I love to do is to run Cross Country and I also met so many people in the process and it also encourage a healthy lifestyle. The teachers at Rogers were great, I learned a lot from the teaches. The things I liked about the school, is it was very down to earth, and the school wasn't very strict. The school had a good amount of opportunities. The things I would like to see change is that the school would not just support football and that it would support other sports with financial aid for example the band. The school could improve how they handle stuff.
Rogers High School is a family and community oriented school with great "down to Earth" teachers and faculty. There are many opportunities for all types of learners at Rogers. They strive on excellence and provide all students with a positive, encouraging learning environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Rogers High School.
I have attended Rogers since Kindergarten. I feel like I have received a good education as well as made life long friends.
I like how the teachers work one on one with all there students. They have many different clubs like FCCLA, Key Club and many more which help build connections with students besides in a normal classroom setting. Plenty of sports like football, softball that anyone can try-out for no matter what race you are!If a student is struggling with his or her work in a class the teacher makes sure that they will do everything they can to make them succeed. The school isn't huge which helps when new students come cause everyone knows each other so when they do show up we show them around help them out as our teachers do with us.
Everything about Rogers High School feels like home. No matter where you go in the school, there will always be someone friendly to let you sit with them or talk too. I love each and everyone of my peers , everyone makes you feel welcome and included! The Teachers here at Rogers are also so amazing! They are like your second set of parents or your only parents. The staff is always there for you if you need anything! There doors are always open and they always have a shoulder ready to cry on and great advice to give. The whole environment at Rogers just puts you in a great mood and ready to learn more! If I had to change anything about Rogers, it would be, I wish we had more clubs then our basic clubs that we do offer. Other than that I love my school and would not wanna change anything about it!
Rogers High School is one of the most loving schools in Lauderdale County. There have been many visitors that have declared that they have never seen anything like it. Teachers deeply care about their students, and the students genuinely respect their superiors. Although we have many positives, there are a few things that could be improved. Many of our sports programs are struggling. Some of our coaches are just parents to players and it is simply convenient for them to coach. I also wish that we had more funding. There are plenty of things that the other county school have that we lack. Also, some of our teachers are a little lazy. Some students need intense teaching and support and there are some teachers who simply do not provide that. All of the negative are definitely a minority to the positives in this school. I am so thankful to have grown up in a school full of caring people who have supported me through struggles. I do not believe I could have grown up at a better school.
My high school is located in a very small community where every knows everyone. Rogers is revolved around our football team and every Friday night you will see our whole community at the games. I am a majorette and it is amazing performing in front of so many people. Another reason I love my school is because of how kind everyone is. In a big city school, you will have a lot of bullying. At Rogers, we are all the same and I think that is amazing.
All of the teachers are well trained for the jobs and positions. They all work hard and make sure everyone gets a good education.
I am currently a high school student and Rogers High school,I think the school is very friendly to students and staff. Our teachers always take care of us and make sure we are prepared for the future. My parents can call the school and they will answer right away. The students there are very friendly and inviting. I would say overall the high school is a very nice community and a very good influence.
I came to Rogers when I was in 10th grade and I’m really glad I did. The teachers are very good and the principle is one of the best there is! It’s become a family to me.
we have awesome caring and devoted teachers and and excellent coaches .and a wonderful community that always supports our school programs and sports.
Rogers is a very friendly school and accepted me very quickly when I moved three years ago. It has a comfortable environment and makes it easier to be relaxed when working on school assignments. There are a few classes I did not like but overall it is a great school.
I have started my first year in this small school with a small population of people. It's not a really divers school with different cultures, but it's a school well fit in its community.
It's my Alma mater and I've attended it since kindergarten. The students are very good at welcoming new students and bringing them into the social group. Campus spirit is really high and sportsmanship is a priority. The band program has been one of the best in county for decades. The teachers are all great and really kind
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Our school has tons of extracurricular activities. Most are sports but recently there have been more academic clubs started.
This school while not entirely focused on academics is a great family. We form friendships with other students and teachers that will last a lifetime and will also be useful later on. We have a connection that we wouldn't have gotten anywhere else.
The teachers say that they are available to help and some are but most don't take it seriously, students that ask for help are treated as if they are stupid or incompetent. The few teachers that do their job and do actually care about their students are great, and I'm glad that there are a few that actually do care.
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