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There are many opportunities to find something that you like to do, ranging from sports and clubs to music. However, in clubs there is little initiative taken by the student created clubs. The teachers want you to succeed in life but in the harder classes such as AP chemistry, there is expected knowledge and procedures that have not been taught yet.
I liked the people I met while I attended here. I especially like how the extracurriculars that you were in made it feel like a family. I would just like to change all the stereotypical friend groups that you would see everywhere around campus.
I am an upcoming senior at Heritage, I have been there for my whole high school career. I think that the staff and the students are some of the best people you will meet! Everyone is so understanding and loving and I couldn’t imagine a better school!
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Rogers Heritage High School is an excellent school. Although not all, many teachers wanted to see us students succeed. They did everything in their power for that to happen. There are an abundance of clubs and activities that the students are able to join. We had SOAR/advisory in order to keep us on track. Overall the environment of Heritage is amazing. It feels like home. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Heritage High.
For the most part, Heritage was a good school. I enjoyed my time there, but it took years to see much change. Sadly, change came my junior and senior year with a new principal. He has done great things for the school already, and I'm glad to see the changes happening now for the future of both of my younger sisters' experiences.
I enjoyed the easy connections between student and teacher. Teachers and faculty at Heritage are loving and devoted to our expansion of knowledge and readiness for Heritage.
If there were anything I'd change at Heritage it would be the lack of funding for arts programs. Like many other schools, Heritage has focused most of it's time energy and money into the athletics program. Arts programs at Heritage are actually decent, but heavily underappreciated and underfunded.
Attending Rogers Heritage High School for four years of my life was a very enlightening experience. Along my high school journey I learned so much about who I am and who I want to become. One thing I would want to change about Heritage if I had the chance would be the teaching environment. The teachers don't cater to all learning types and just focus on what way is easiest to teach. which can be very frustrating when you learn in specific ways and you tend to struggle in any other learning type.
Most of the teachers were very helpful and willing to work with you but all of the administration was rude all of the time for absolutely no reason and didnt give kids a fair chance at explaining themselves.
Amazing School! The teachers are amazing and genuinely care about their student futures and want the best for the learning experience.
Heritage High school is a great diverse school culturally and makes the experience even better, and we have the best school spirit out of the whole district even tho we are not the greatest at sports.Administration is exceptional and makes sure to meet the needs of students,and sports and teachers are improving tremendously. College readiness is very good, Heritage offers a lot of AP courses and the AP teachers are exceptional,and the teachers are wonderful at getting students ready for college.So Overall I would rate my school a 4 star and is exceptionally improving over the years thanks to our new principal Jim Davis.
I love how the teachers are really involved with us. I like how much the teachers care about us. The environment is really nice and makes you feel safe.
There are many opportunities available to students. The money needs to be spent on fixing issues rather than making new facilities.
The best part of Heritage is the people (both the students and some teachers). It's easy to find people with similar interests as you. Extracurriculars are a great way to make friends, and you become very close.

However, academics is where the problem lies. A lot of AP classes are not as rigorous as they should be and it's very easy to have straight A's without actually applying yourself or knowing what's going on. This isn't true for every class but for the most part, AP is a joke. We're also babied here a lot and are not usually prepared for college.

Some teachers are very passionate about what they do, but there's always those few that you can tell would rather do anything else than be at school. Some are just really bad at teaching and the majority of the kids don't like them.

A lot of students complain about not being able to take the classes they want, too. I think we should put more of our budget towards that; I'm still salty about not being able to take AP Euro :(
I loved how culturally diverse the school was, and how many times the administrators took the time to ensure every student had the same opportunities as everyone else, the ability to grow as a person, and become aware of the world and its reality.
Heritage High School is an overall good high school with overall decent experience. It certainly isn't going to be breaking any records but it does provide a good place to learn and make friends. I like the school, but in some places like our 0-10 football team and the number of people that do stuff in the bathrooms could definitely be brought down and made into a more reasonable amount.
I liked that it was a big school in a big district with a very small feel. The faculty and staff are incredible and are here to help each student as much as they can.
Rogers Heritage High School has many setbacks. The classes are not college preparatory whatsoever and the culture and administration at the school are very poor, to say the least. The only benefit of it is that since it is a very large school with many resources (albeit poorly allocated), there are many programs to take advantage of.
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I enjoyed some of the teachers I had and some of the bonds I made with other students through clubs and sports. However, I feel like there is much more to change, just like for any school. There is always room for improvement.
I love the influence of sports in school. They began pushing for new facilities to be made, and they're even making one for our softball team. I wish it would focus more on academics, and more information on scholarships as well as boosting test scores.
It is an overall good school. We have gotten a new principal that has really started changing things because the school before was just falling apart and the administration was not very good. You can tell that the school is getting better and getting more academically higher standards.
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