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Roff High School will always be home to me. Everyone here is welcoming and super friendly. It is definitely a small school but everyone here gets along. Both of our academic and sports programs do very well each year. We do not have much diversity but there is some. I believe that our teachers do their absolute best in getting us ready for college. I am glad that I have been able to grow up in this town and with this school. For the most part, whatever friends you make in this school, you are likely to keep for the rest of your life. In conclusion, my experience at this school has been one of the best and I will definitely miss it after I graduate.
I love how you feel like a family in all of your classes and the teachers are all really nice and we all care for each other. It's a great learning environment.
What I like about Roff High School is that everyone at the school is a family. You are never alone. We are a unit!
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My experience is very good. The teachers and staff are very friendly and love to help out with anything. The academics are very good.
The parents of students at this school are some of the best. They highly support out athletics program, especially baseball.
The teachers are great people but not all of them do a great job of teaching. With those teachers, it is either open the book and do whatever they assign or we do the same thing over and over again.
It is mainly a small school so there is very little diversity. We have no peer pressure. There is quite a bit of student involvement during sporting events. Acceptance is very open. There are very few challenges in regard to ethnic and racial diversity and sexual orientation.
The academics at this school are okay. I feel our administrator's primary focus a lot of the time are sports, not academics. There are a lot of students with great grades and academic futures however there are also some with the opposite.
We have great athletics. Our sports teams are always in great shape and very athletic. We have a decent team performance and great student involvement. School spirit is awesome.
There are very few meals that I will eat at this school. However, I am a very picky eater. The meals that I will eat at school are decent, nothing spectacular.
Although there aren't many extra curricular activities to be involved in, there are always plenty of welcoming faces at sporting events to socialize and take pride in your school with. My favorite thing about it is that it is small and everyone knows everyone. Because it is in a small town, we don't have to worry as much about our safety or drugs and alcohol. I would chose this school again if I could do it all over because I have had a large amount of one on one time with teachers when I needed it, made lots of friends, and have greatly enjoyed the small town feel.
Roff High School does not have many extracurricular opportunities. Our main ones include: basketball, softball, baseball, and student council. Mainly, if you are not affiliated with sports and do not have a high GPA, there isn't anything for you. We do not have any after school activities, but our administration is very supportive of our sports.
Our academics are not known to be amazing, but I think our teachers do a great job. The material may not be as hard as other schools, but students from our school seem to do just as well at the college level as students from other schools.
We all know each other and for the most part are all friends. Groups don't matter much and everybody is really friendly. People are for the most part not judgmental at all. Most people are really excepting.
Our teachers are wonderful. They always have time to help whenever help is needed. They are very understanding, but also strict. They teach in a way that most students can understand easily. I am in concurrent classes in college, and I feel like they have prepared me very well for these classes.
I like my school because there is a lot of one on one opportunities with the teachers. It is easy to get extra help if it is needed. Also the staff are very nice, as well as most of the students who attend. We are a small school, but we still excel in many of our activities. Our sports teams are usually decent. Our secretary is very helpful. She and my other teachers are always working with whoever needs them on all issues. They help give information of both high school and college. I pretty much know everybody I go to school with so I feel very safe.
We often have assignments that require computers and if students do not get these done in class they are often out of luck. Some students do not have at home computers and it is almost impossible for them to find out of class resources to complete these assignments. However, the assignments are usually short enough to be finished in class if the students are actually using their time wisely. The staff is pretty good about having reasonable expectations.
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We do not have a lot of money so what we get to spend money on is often limited. Our softball and baseball fields are some of the best I have played on but our other facilities could use a lot of work. Our gym is just really old. It isn't one of the worst I have been to, but we could definitely use a new one. We also have an armory that we use for a practice gym and it is terrible. It is tiny compared to the size of a normal gym. Our school does the best they can for the money we have, we simply just don't have a lot of money to work with.
As a small school we do not have a lot of extracurricular activities. We have softball and basketball which I participate in and we also have baseball. Others include FCA, FFA, 4H. For students older than the elementary level there is not much participation in any clubs except for sports. It would be nice to have more options for not athletic students.
We do not have a school nurse, our secretary administers tylenol, and other medications when needed. We do not have security guards. Our doors are locked most of the time but not always. There are some buildings on campus that cannot be reached by our intercoms incase of emergencies. Students are released for lunch and can go off campus, we often have drug problems at this time. Any visitors must check in with the principal before going to any classrooms. All students must be checked out before leaving, except at lunch.
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