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Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School is a great school! Everyone knows everyone on a first name basis. The student body is very close. All sports are sign-on, no tryouts, great for athletes. It also has a drama department for everyone, 4 years of choir offered, only 2 are required. Teachers are very helpful, and do their jobs well. Pizza can be ordered on Wednesdays and Chick-fil-a can be ordered on Fridays, which is amazing. No athletic courts/fields yet, but they are within 2 years. 4 year band is awesome, no tryouts.
Rocky Mountain is a small private school. It teaches the word of God to students who have heard it plenty of times or teaches students it for the first time. The teachers are very good at teaching the lesson and explaining to students who don't understand it very well. If you need help with your homework in the morning, the teachers are there for you and will help you anytime. The school also has different sports for the students and they all have a role for anyone who joins. I wouldn't really change anything about the school. It is doing very well and continues to improve.
I love Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School. Since it is a small school, participating in other things other than solely academics is easy, and encouraged. The small class sizes make it easy to learn and get help from teachers. It is an all and all great school.
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Rocky is a High school with a total of 60. Even though it is very small, it is very nice to be able to connect with everyone so quickly from different classmates to teachers. The teachers are very good at what they do and they always have time for questions which is very helpful for me. There isn't really anything I would change about Rocky
Very good education, all teachers are willing to spend 1 on 1 time with the students. Teachers know you by name, and you get to know them.
- good place to learn and have close connections with new friends :) definitely is a good place; as it helps you grow spiritually and academically.
I like the small size, the school is only about 60 people so everyone knows each other really well, we all get along and it makes student life less stressful. If we were able to I would love to make the arts more prominent in the school. Right now sports priority over some things. We have music classes and a band that really are only mandatory your Freshman year and Art classes are only taken Freshman and Junior year. Otherwise, the environment is mostly pleasant and we all get along well.
I like how small it is. The teachers know everyone by name and if you ever need anything, you can just walk right into their office and ask or talk, their doors are always open. I like how you know everyone in the school by name and how you can go to anyone for help if you need it. I like how you don't have to try out for any sports, you are just on the team if you want to. I wish the fine arts and sports were more on the same level, but sports are higher on the totem pole than fine arts.
It has been hard living so far away from everyone. Meeting up on the weekends is not always possible, and the drive to get to the school every morning can be tiresome, but it has all been worth it. We have a total of 70 some students, and they all feel like a second family to me. There is bickering, there is support, there is struggle, and there is love. Not everyone is best friends, but if is attacked in any way, they know they have a crew of 70 peers to back them up.

The school work has been a struggle, especially if someone holds a job as well. Some nights it can be a bit overwhelming, but getting it all done gives me a sense of fulfillment, and I know I can handle the work yet to come. It has prepared me for the challenge of college. It has taught me to manage my time well enough to have good grades, relationships, and experiences.
Bullying is an issue in every school and it always will be. However, our close, family-like relationship with one another leads to a very strong support group for everyone in the school. Theft has happened, harsh words have been thrown back and forth or said behind someone's back, but that is human nature, and it happens in every school. Here, we just have a better net of people to fall into for help.

We do not have a security system, but we have a routine for all emergencies.
Because we are not in our own building, we do not have an actual cafeteria. Instead, we use an empty classroom that is equipped with microwaves. We also have a kitchen that holds two more microwaves, a fridge, and two vending machines. For the most part, everyone brings their own lunches. On Wednesday, we have the option to buy pizza, and on Fridays we can choose between Chick-fil-a sandwiches or chicken nuggets. With permission, seniors may sometimes leave campus to get food from nearby restaurants. Even with a small budget and limited space, we are doing quite well.
Our staff is small and limited, but they are some of the best at what they do. Before teaching became their life, most of them had careers that related to what they teach now, and they were all excellent at what they did. We have one brilliant scientist, a graduate from the School of Mines with a passion for physics and math, two professional musicians, an English Major, a fluent spanish speaker, and a pastor. Now, because we have a limited staff, they all have to double up on classes. One music teacher directs the choir and band along with teaching American Government and running the drama department. It is a full plate, but they are still capable of making school a challenge for us. Freshman year workload is small to help them become use to high school, but as soon as sophomore year hits, the homework piles up and the brain is challenged. The goal is to prepare us for what we will experience in college and then, later on, life.
With our small size, we seem to have a closer connection with the teachers and our principal. We have no designated counselors, but because of our great relationships with the instructors, they are considered our counselors. The teachers are more of our friends than adults who show us how to write a poem, solve a math problem, or dissect a pig. However, because of this, the standards for dress code, attendance, and other policies like it suffer slightly. What is practiced is more laid back and casual as compared to what the book says, but there is no need in anyone to push it because it is so relaxed.
Our school is very small, so we do not have the same choices as compared to larger schools. Our coaches are teachers first, but they all do quite well while training a team. At this point in time, we do not have out own gym or playing fields, but hopefully by next year we will no longer have to rent space. The only sports our school offers are cheerleading, volleyball for girls, football for boys, basketball for both, soccer for girls, and baseball for boys and occasionally a girl or two. However, what we lack in size and options is made up for in the intensity and passion of the players as well as the spirit and support of the fans. The athletes fight with everything they have. They never back down and they push through, no matter how painful it is. Our fans are ones that give them that push; that energy. They are not made up solely of high schoolers, but the entire family of each and every student; whether they are playing or cheering. Our passion and drive has pushed us to the top. Even with our small size, it has made us champions.
The teachers at RMLHS are amazing. They are super approachable, very friendly, and overall nice. They are very smart and really know how to teach, especially the upper class teachers. I really learn from the teachers at RMLHS, as well as have friends and mentors to go to in times of need.
Our school does not have a cafeteria, we all bring our own lunches everyday. On Wednesdays there is pizza available for 1 dollar a slice, and on Fridays there is delicious Chick-Fil-A, chocolate milk, and chips for only 4 dollars. There are also vending machines and microwaves available.
RMLHS is a fantastic school. In addition to the amazing curriculum, the sports, drama, and honors programs are very easy to get into. In a school of only 68 people, many of our students are involved in 3 to 4 sports, NHS, Honors and Highest Honors, Drama, Band, and much more. The student to teacher ratio is amazing and the teachers really want us to succeed. It is a great school to go to.
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For a small school, our extracurriculars are excellent. We do not have any "clubs", but we do have sports, theatre, choir, and workout groups. Most of the girls' sports are coached by one of our own teachers while the boys are coached by teachers from another school. Our theatre group has a new director this year who is also our choir director. She has just recently graduated college with a degree in Music Education. Our workout groups are overlooked by the football and volleyball coaches. All those in charge of the groups are fully capable and excellent at what they do. However, as stated before, it is a small school, resulting in fewer options.
I come from a very small private school. We don't own our own gym or sports fields. The facilities that we rent are average, not super fancy but not the dumps. Surprising to some people, our sports teams are pretty decent. Both the volleyball and football teams are undefeated in conference. Our fans usually come to our big games, and typically cheer pretty loud.
There is alot of different options for sports at this school. Everyone is very encouraging and there were no cuts made for the after-school activites.
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