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Rocky Mountain has great teachers and a great a great athletic program. There is limited diversity due to the demographic of the area. However, students of all races, cultures, and genders are inclusive.
When you walk into Rocky Mountain High School, you automatically feel welcomed. Overall, it is such a warm experience being there and you always feel safe. I have not once in my 4 years of being there felt unsafe in any way. I have had a great experience at Rocky, but i know not everyone has, everyone is different.
Rocky Mountain has a lot of school pride! I love going to a big school it is very good at including everyone and their different interests.
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I would love to see Rocky be more open to new cultures in students and non traditional ideas. I also believe there should be more opportunities for student involvement with sports with out financial payments
The teachers at Rocky are very helpful and they focus on giving the students the best education possible. One thing I would change is the class sizes, there are a ton of students at the school which makes it difficult to ask the teacher questions sometimes.
Rocky Mountain is a good school. They offer a good education but you don't feel important. The school is very large. Some teachers will remember you but others will only remember you if you went out of your way to talk to them everyday.
The staff was great and cared a lot about the students. Communication wasn't very effective though (for example I remember getting schedules was chaotic and different every year, last minute decisions that impacted students, etc) and it was way too overcrowded. Overall it was very clean and comfortable.
I liked how friendly the staff was and how they encouraged students to get involved. The only issue is it was overcrowded and didn't feel personal.
The school is pretty great overall. There are only a few broken bathroom stall doors and a couple of teachers I dislike. Other than that, I enjoy my school experience.
I have absolutely loved my time at Rocky Mountain High School. The people there are always so kind and helping and the teachers are absolutely phenomenal.
Besides a few gem-in-the-rough teachers, this high school is overcrowded, run by a greedy district, and a sports-centered budget.
I enjoyed the majority of my time in class. Teachers would attempt to keep us engaged and encouraged us to spend extra time reading textbooks and covering material at home. While some may find this to be pointless, the encouragement and materials we received pushed me to continue learning out of class. Staff took the time to set up activities they thought we might enjoy, even if we didn't. I would give RMHS a higher rating, had it funded things more pertinent to me. I realize this is a somewhat selfish argument, but I found to be a little silly how a giant inflatable football head took more priority than paying for buses to debate tournaments.
I love all the teachers and how nice they are. There are so many elective options and campus is super easy to navigate. Very good high school.
The staff have no spine, and west ada's "no tolerance" policy apparently only applies to the victims of sexual assualt :)
I loved going to Rocky! I loved my teachers and I loved my classes. I started doing the CTE transfer classes sophomore year and continued with through junior and senior year. I wish Rocky would encourage students to join more of the CTE classes because there is always a lack of students in the class. One issue that I noticed all the CTE students had was a lack of communication between them and Rocky. Rocky wouldn't tell us what was going on. I missed out on quite a few of the senior activities and assemblies that the other students got to go to. If I would've had someone reach out to me, I would've worked with my CTE teachers to make sure I could participate in these activities. I also wasn't aware of picture day two years in a row. Besides these, I enjoyed going to Rocky so much and will miss being there!
I love the environment at my school. It’s so inclusive and fun for everyone. I feel safe all the time and believe I’m gaining a good education.
I went to Rocky Mountain high school for 2 years and i can honestly tell you it was my favorite school that i ever went too. the reason being is because the environment. The teaches are very hands on and dedicated to helping students succeed. I also loved the sports program at Rocky mountain high school. To me, it seemed like my peers were very motivated to being the best they could be not only for themselves for there teammates and we all took a lot of pride in representing our school.
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My experience at Rocky was overall really great. The teachers a pretty good for the most part. There is a large variety of classes to take so you can try many different things. Lots of great people in the area too. Met some of my life long friends there.
I graduated from Rocky Mountain in 2018. I believe I had a fair high school experience while attending there due largely to the quality of education I received. I loved the art classes and choir classes offered at Rocky, largely because the teachers very obviously cared about their students and the subject matter they were teaching. I feel less satisfied with my experience with Rocky's Science department. Since graduating I have learned to love science, but when I was taking classes at Rocky my interest increasingly declined because of the apparent apathy that a number of the science teachers seemed to have for the subjects they were teaching. I know from experience that I at least as a student am much more likely to take interest in a field or subject if the teacher shows a passion for what they are teaching. I believe that a passionate teacher gives students a greater drive to learn and develop a passion for the subject themselves.
The thing I liked most about my high school experience at Rocky Mountain High School was definitely the teachers I met along the way. I liked all of the teachers I had, and I believe they contributed a lot to my overall experience at the school. I didn't necessarily have a close relationship with all of my teachers, but to me they all felt available whenever I had questions, which greatly helped me out in many different topics of study.
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