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It was more like a jail than school. We did not have free time, no study hall, and lunches were a mess with 1,400 students divided between only 5 short lunches.
Rocky Mount High School is an amazing school! The teachers provide and excellent learning experience.
I hate that school and I wish that they would honestly make a difference because it sucks and if anyone wiShes to go there. I feel
So bad for you. You are treated like slaves and eat. Northern is where I should have went cause it was the worst 4 years of my life
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In my four years of attending this school I have experienced the good and the bad. The good being the teachers who are attentive and effective as well as passionate, and the building which is very well kept and filled with many accessible facilities. The bad being the non-teacher staff who seem not not be bothered to help their students, the student discipline is lacking, and the overall safety of the school is less than desirable. I can say I got a good education here, but also an annoying time dealing with non-teacher staff who didn't care and students who thought they could get away with anything. If these two issues we're solved, it would be a much better school.
Rocky Mount High is a very diverse school. Staff takes care of the students and their well-being. You will have many new experiences at the School ranging from clubs to sports and even academics. Our sports team is very competitive and takes pride in the Gryphon name.
Rocky Mount High is a great school with very rich tradition. My mom, grandma, cousins, aunts, and uncles all went to this school. The quality of the education is honestly subpar. There are great teachers, but sometimes the other students make it very hard for them to teach and we end up spending more time giving discipline to other students, we barely get into the lesson. I enjoy school though, and we have a lot of fun. As a senior that has spent my whole four years of high school at this school, I can honestly say that it is a great school, but new disciplinary measures are very much needed.
Overall the school is a great school. The architect of it is really nice and just the general view of it is really beautiful. You don't see too many schools that has such a great look inside and out.
Rocky Mount High School has given me a very interesting life experience by its interesting demographics and it has prepared me well for college. Rocky Mount high school has an International Bachelorette program which I have been exposed to for the four years I have been at the school. Everyone in this program is very professional and teach their students how the college setting will be, increasing our college readiness. Sports are another thing that is big here, I play soccer but try to come out and support other teams as often as I can. Overall, my expierince with Rocky Mount High School has been excellent.
For the most part Rocky Mount was fun. From the academics to the sports I had a blast. The teachers care and the coaches are amazing! Especially varsity football head coach Jason Battle. I hope he keeps inspiring the youth and leading them into a good direction. Furthermore, the administration is very good. You can’t tell that they care and are trying to create a better, safer Rocky Mount High School.
My journey through Rocky Mount High School was one for the books. I loved my school and the energy that each individual embodies. Pep rallies, football games, basketball games, and other school gatherings were eccentric. I love the school spirit that my fellow Gryphons had. I would love to strengthen our Advanced Placement program as well as our declining International Baccalaureate Program. Academics is very important to me and I want future students to be able to reach their full potentials and be college ready.
I was in the IB program so I was secluded from the rest of the students. I had the same classmates for four years and there was barely any diversity in those classes. I would like to see more diversity and opportunities for people of color for the IB program and to teach students about real life issues like filing taxes, writing a check, or changing a tire.
I wish that the religion surrounding the school ifluenced the school less. I am aware that the parents are the ones who pay to send their kids to this school but having ridiculous restrictions on things such as clothing does not prepare anyone for the real world.
Loved the International Baccalaureate program that allowed me a wonderful education and prepared me well for college.
My time at Rocky Mount High School has been good. At this school you have many opportunities to succeed and become a better student. You also have a tight bond with other schools in the school system. You also have the opportunity to play on many sports teams that have won states. This school has clubs you can join no matter who you are.
I loved the diversity of my school. I also loved the dedicated staff member for helping me grow as a student, a leader in my community, and teaching me the values of good character.
I loved everything about Rocky Mount High School. The teachers and counselors were the most supportive. I have two mental illnesses and they never gave up on me. They saw that I have the potential to be anything I put my mind to! I will never forget what a high school teacher told me, "You have the illnesses but you are NOT the illnesses. You have it but with the right help, it's controllable."
The sports here are pretty good. The school needs to have more school spirit and more fun activities.
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At Rocky Mount High School I have had a great four years. I went through the IB Program for my first 3 years. This program is amazing. It allowed me to get more out of what I wanted to learn and it really pushed me to do better in school. For my last year I am taking college classes at the community college and some classes at my school too. This gives me a variety of classes to take in order to achieve in life. Doing this has helped me get ready for my college life.
I've had some very good times in high school, especially in the band. Even though I had to deal with 3 band directors during my 4 years, it gave me the skills to understand and get through change.
Excellent! Over the last 4 years that I have been attending this school everything has been overwhelming! Rocky Mount High School have and will continue to be the best performing high school in the Nash-County school district. I have developed a lot from this school and I am proud of the way we have improved over the years. Coming to Rocky Mount High School should be a blessing to everyone because it is to me.
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