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Rocky Ford Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I believe its a good school. Due to its small size, everyone knows each other and gets along pretty well so it gives it a good atmosphere. The teachers are great and always there to help you, both in and out of the classroom. The athletic programs are great as well, personally I loved the cross country and track program. Also Having a four day weekend is great since it allows for more family and personal time. When it comes to changes I would like to see, I can't really think of much besides increasing the lunch period from 30 min to at least 45. This is because I go home for lunch and like many other students I don't live very close to the school, so the drive home and back takes up most of my lunchtime. Overall my experience at Rocky Ford Junior-Senior High School has been pretty great, over the last four years, I've grown a lot as a student, athlete, and person. Getting closer to graduation I feel I am ready for the next chapter.
The main and most thing I love about Rocky Ford High School is all of the support and how many teachers that have been here to help other students when they need it the most. Teachers are very supportive and they show us how to treat people and they show us how the real world is going to be. All of the teachers teach their students life lessons and real-life situations. This School has shown us how to make smart financial decisions. I enjoy all of the encouragement from every teacher. The teachers in Rocky Ford have been very involved with every sport that the students are in. The important things that they show us is the general business class that shows you how the business run and shows us what we would need to do if we are interested in making our own business in the future. I really enjoy Going to Rocky Ford Junior and Senior High School.
My experience at my school has been very good. My teachers are very helpful and easy to talk to. The students are friendly and it is not hard to make friends. I like the fact that I could go to any teacher with a question and they would answer it for me. Our sports are great, never really had a problem and our athletic director is amazing. I feel safer now that our school invested in cameras. I've been a student here at RFJSHS for 4 years now and I appreciate everything our teachers do to make sure we are on time and ready to learn. I came in as a 7th grader and now I am a sophomore, we have had great opportunities here. I absolutely love my school and I am very happy to be a Meloneer.
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Rocky Ford Junior/Senior High school is really welcoming. Its a small school so you can't get lost easily. Everyone is honestly really nice, plus the community is very supportive too. The teachers are always there to help you if needed like this year, I couldn't take a science class I wanted and the science teacher there said I could take it online and he would tutor me it has become really helpful. The only thing I would change is getting better books for the classes.
I liked how there was very little bullying, dedicated teachers, and a diverse community. I would like to have more clubs and more academic opportunities.
I came to Rocky Ford as a sophomore and everyone was very welcoming. The staff and teens are awesome. The teachers keep you on track to graduate.
I moved to rocky ford high school during my junior year from swink high school because i was bullied and wasn’t getting the education i needed. rocky ford was very accepting and gave me a challege on my academic work. the students and teachers are really nice and hands on.
What I like about RFJSHS is that the teacher really take their time to help you and help you to do better. What I would like to see change is their timing with getting information to you further in advance to give you time to plan for it.
I like the staff at Rocky Ford Jr/Sr High School, for the most part. Most of them are really nice and easygoing. I'd like to see that the actual education tactics improve, however. It'd be a lot easier to learn more efficiently with properly trained staff. For example, one of the teachers here is still in the process of getting her teaching license, therefore she is not properly prepared to teach high school and college level classes efficiently at the moment, in my opinion.
When I first found out I was going to be attending Rocky Ford High School the summer before my sophomore year, I was more than hesitant. I was terrified. The atmosphere was far different from the school I was raised up in. However, I knew attending this school would make my parents happy, so I went for it. To my surprise, it was wonderful! I have been blessed with teachers that make me look forward to learning, something very uncommon for me. The entire teaching staff has helped to better me so much. The widespread diversity of the students in the school have helped to open up my mind and learn about the beautiful differences among us all. Overall, I am truly blessed that I get the opportunity to graduate from a school like Rocky Ford.
This school is not the worst school ever. It does have some awesome teachers and nice students. It does however have the small town drama and gossip. Stuff gets spread fast and not all the teachers or faculty are very good at their job. Some of the staff act like the students should know everything already. The teachers that are there to teach the students not just give them a letter and move on with their lives, are some of the best teachers a kid will ever have. The school doesn't have too much bullying but it has some and the students are pretty friendly for being high school students.
I've been associated with this school since I was very young. We may be a small school, but we all pretty much get along with each other. The teachers are absolutely great and very helpful when you need it. We also have a great range of extra curricular activities for being as small as we are. The only negative thing I have to say about this school is that when there is drama in the school, everyone knows it. So, it's best to keep your drama to yourself. Otherwise, this school is definitely amazing and I wouldn't dare change schools if I could do it all over again.
We have a lot of different races at our school, but overall everyone seems to get along. There is very little peer pressure. The school is so small people know whether you drink or do drug. If you do not they do not bother you.
Our school does not offer alot of classes. The teachers are not the best. We do not get alot of homework.
I feel like the teachers acquire a lot of knowledge, but they lack the skill of how to teach us. They do not go above and beyond to help students really learn the topics. There is one teacher left at our school who is considered a good teacher and I can remember learning a lot from.
There are not a lot of clubs offered. Such ones as FBLA do have a lot of memebers, but other than that there is not many to join.
We do no have a variety of sports at our school, but we also do not have a lot of participation. We have had some good athletes, but very few good coaches. Our school spirit is average. People involved in sports are usually the same people at games supporting the other sports.
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My school was very small, but still a lot of fun. Although it was fun, the academics were not very good. We did not have the best of teachers and were not offered a variety of classes. Extracurricular activities were always the best part. I wish more people would have been involved.
The schools administration try's to keep a sharp eye out for bullying. So far they have done a remarkable job. The administration is always friendly and willing to help any student that may need the help. The dress code is also of importance. Dress code is strictly followed by all staff members, even if that means a morning patrol up and down the rows of the class rooms to be sure that it is kept. Attendance is taken care of in a orderly manor at Rocky Ford high school. "Tardys" are not acceptable nor are absents.
The academics that are offered within Rocky Ford high school are fair. RFHS had few honors classes, but it does have a various amount elective classes.
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