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Rocky Bayou Christian School - Niceville Campus Reviews

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The academics is RBCS is very good. The teachers obviously work hard and take time into these lessons. Everyone is competitive and it makes for a fun environment. The nerdy athletes are usually in the top of the social ranks. Gossip is a little rare here.

The teachers, again, are very hard-working. But I feel like sometimes some teachers want to be more harsh on students just because they can. But I feel like they are just a little stressed out, which happens.

This school is predominantly white, but there are a lot of other minorities here. The safety is also top-notch. The sports coaches are very encouraging and Rocky puts a lot of funds into sports, which I think should go to making more sports programs like badminton, (in other works, stop focusing on volleyball lol)

We don't have a cafeteria, instead we order lunch from this thing called boonli, I feel like they don't have a ton of options but they have chick-fil-a, so excused again.

They fund school clubs well, I love it! :)
Rocky Bayou Christian School gives students multiple opportunities to explore what they love (creatively, athletically, etc.) and reach academic excellence. The teachers love their students and strive everyday to make them feel seen and valued. Rocky emphasizes the importance of educating students with trouble learning and does it with such care.
One of the thinks I like about RBCS is that we get to take a class on Bible history. My experience at RBCS has been great, my teachers have been amazing; even the ones I don't neccecarily like.
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Rocky Bayou is one of the most unique places I have ever heard of and been. I have gotten the priveledge to see campus grow from a few small buildings to many add ons with great features. Nothing tops thee teaching staff and learning opportunities this school provides especially in the English department. Our football team isn't thee best, but the school spirit is astounding. Teachers genuinely care about each and every students making sure they are seen and taught in a way that benefits them personally.
Rocky Bayou Christian is a very good school. the best thing I like about the school has to be the teachers. The teachers really engage the student in the fact that the school is Christian and they expand upon and teach Christian principles. I like how the teachers are not just teachers they are also there to help you and seem genuinely concerned about you. I also like the college preparatory aspect of our school that allows us to have longer classes and understand our subjects better. The only thing I would change is the dress code and relationship rules at the school because they are often too strict. But overall Rocky Byou is a Great school
Rocky Bayou is a spectacular school full of faculty and staff who are passionate about what they do. I have been attending the school since I was a freshman and do not have any negative things to say. Any time I have faced difficulties, they have been willing to help me in any way that I have needed. Rocky has continuously pushed me to grow to become a better person and stronger in my faith. They have been willing to accommodate me in ways that other schools were unable to. Getting my education at Rocky, I believe, has genuinely put me a step ahead of my siblings who have attended public school. I would gladly and proudly recommend Rocky to anyone.
Rocky Bayou Christian School was a great environment to be raised in. All of the teachers care for their students and want to see them succeed. I am so blessed that my parents enrolled me there!
I’m a “lifer” from Rocky. I first started attending rbcs in kindergarten then graduated from Rocky in 2018. I’ve been through every part of the school, a vast amount of different teachers, and I thought the school always did a good job with academics and making the students and parents feel involved. All in all, Rocky is a great school with teachers who truly care, and it always felt like home to me.
I have three children who have been attending Rocky for the past nine years. My oldest will be a senior next year.
I am so grateful to have been able to keep my children here. They are saturated in a christian atmosphere with a Godly and caring staff.
I like that it is a private school, but I would like to see higher learning, along with that private education. New teachers who are not lazy and want to update their test each year so you can have updated materials and get your test handed back, so you can learn from what you got wrong.
The school is great in the fact that you can be religious without being bullied. The food was amazing and some of the teachers were really good. However, the school was very bias. The faculty only cared about rich kids. It was very hypocritical which was very sad to see.
I have loved every second at this school. It has brought me closer to the lord and I have excelled in academics and sports. I honestly wouldn't want to change anything about this school because then it wouldn't be the same for anyone else as it was for me.
I have had a positive experience at Rocky. The teachers and faculty and staff are loving to the students and the students are just awesome to hang out with. Spiritually, I have grown more into a Christian man God calls me to be. I'm more confident in my faith. I love Rocky bayou Christian School
Rocky Bayou is a small campus with a big heart! Our teachers are not just experienced educators, they are motivating! Caring! Genuinely interested in our futures, and our present. Teachers at Rocky take time to talk with their students and help them through challenging endeavors. The friendships I made with both my peers and my teachers as well as administrative staff have made my life better, made me a better person, and have given me a strong foundation for my future.
I would love to have more classes offered at Rocky, or at least less restrictions on the online alternatives to classes not offered. Administration can be difficult to work with regarding certain classes, at least for most people who aren't either Cadre or a senior. I love a good amount of the people here, there's a group or activity for everyone to find a home in. I've loved playing sports at Rocky Bayou probably most of all. I have loved my coaches and teammates and have gained a deep love for sports that I never though i would be at all interested in before this.
I am a parent of 2 girls who have been at this school since kindergarten. One is graduating high school this year, the other is going to be in 10th grade next year. The teachers and staff are wonderful and caring. The student-teacher ratio is small, so the kids get all the attention they need from the teachers. The school is a college-preparatory school, so the kids graduate extremely well prepared for college. They have lots of sports and extracurricular activities available. I can't say enough wonderful things about this school!
This school has singularly helped shape me more as a person than anything else. Even though I've moved, I still carry all of the life lessons, faith in God, and academic foundation that I gained at Rocky. The atmosphere is great, all of the kids are friendly and inclusive because kids leave so often with the military base nearby and the locals take what they can get for new friends. The teachers genuinely care and make college-level information easy for middle school students to understand, and the art program is amazing, emphasizing literature and music as a way to help our academics. They even have a culinary club lead by an awesome woman with a true love for cooking (and history). And a best-in-state academic team!
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Amazing school! teachers that care about their students, and programs to keep kids doing well in school!
I love the friendly atmosphere and the advanced learning opportunities. The only problem is some of the facilities are less than top-quality.
Rocky Bayou has a great Christian atmosphere. You will make some great friends and teachers. The teachers here work hard to help you succeed. One thing I would change about Rocky Bayou is make some of their rules stricter. Sometimes they are too lenient.
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