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Rockwood Area Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I loved growing up in Rockwood with such a small, tight-knit community. my school is very small, about 45-50 kids a graduating class. I think i would choose to go to Rockwood over a larger school because here, everyone knows you, everyone knows your name, and when you need help, you won't have a problem finding it! I also feel due to our low number of students, and great location we have the chance for many opportunities and feild trips other schools don't get. honestly their isnt very much I would change about my school. I'm grateful I was able to attend such an amazing school
Rockwood Area Jr/Sr High School prepares students for college. They prepare us for the workload of college and they help us decide what to do after high school.
Honestly, education here is wonderful. However, the teachers are either amazing or horrible. The students are very nice most of the time. There are a lot of opportunities for after high school offered. Most of the teachers truly care about your well being. They have fairly nice facilities.
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Love the small class sizes, awesome teachers and community involvement and support. My first inspiration for a college education came from the recognition and awards given by my teacher Mrs. Henry for academic excellence.
Rockwood is a great school for your child. The classes are small, so each student receives individualized attention and can grow immensily. The children are mostly accepting of others and this school takes their students' safety as a top priority.
The sports team do fairly well. Everyone enjoys that the sports facilities like the fields are open access to any time of the day!
The teachers are very understanding and easy to cope with! They make all activities go as planned and everyone has a great time!
The teachers at this school are overall great people and great professors!
The nurse has no idea what she is doing. I understand she is just doing her job but giving a student (who has a migraine) tums is honestly unacceptable. The only way a student is able to go home from the nurse is if he/she has a fever or threw up. Other than the nurse the health and safety policies at the school are okay.
The teachers want students to succeed, students needs to try.
For being a small school we have good academics.
Most students participate, some don't.
For being such a small school, Rockwood provided a great education. The teachers were caring and were helpful for the most part. Rocked excelled in certain programs despite it's size. The one thing I would have liked however, was the option to earn college credits through AP courses, none are provided.
The school is small yet has great academics.
Even though Rockwood is kind of small, I wouldn't choose any other school to attend. The staff are the ones who deserve the five stars. Anytime I have any problem at all they are all willing to help me and I've learned so much in the years I have been at Rockwood. I know every student that's in my grade and I could probably tell you each of their life stories! So yes, it's small but I think that's what makes it good! I'm not thrilled with the lack of participation in some activities, such as the school musical, the now non existent football team, and more, but when you don't have many kids, what can you really do? I have always enjoyed attending Rockwood and I believe that it has strongly prepared me for a great future!
Our sports are great, but sometimes I wonder if the sports are considered to be more important than academics by the students.
It is pretty good, but sometimes the referrals are given for the wrong reasons, and the kids that need punished do not get punished.
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I do not care for a lot of the students, but I like the teachers.
There are many opportunities, but sometimes schoolwork suffers because of it.
I think that the service is wonderful. The workers are very nice and helpful. They keep an updated menu for every month. The food isn't great but it's pretty good.
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