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Overall, Rockwall High School was a pretty good school to attend. I appreciated all the traditions and things that go along with being a Rockwall yellowjacket. The only complaint I would have would be that if your family is not from this town, and you're relatively new in the area, going to this school is a lot harder than someone who has been in Rockwall their entire life. Most teachers are biased towards kids that they know and tend to overlook certain behavioral or moral issues because they're a "Rockwall kid." Like I said, moving to Rockwall high school wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it just was a bit harder for me to succeed in comparison to my peers. With that being said, Rockwall definitely provided some great opportunities for me and my family. I wish I could give this school a 3.5/5 because it was good, it just missed the mark for me a bit.
Very fun school that offers a wide range of classes and has very great teachers. The experience is fun for sports and activities in most cases and the school works hard to keep students safe and engaged. The school is clean and big and open to all, with clubs for everyone to find themselves wanting to participate in.
Rockwall high school is very inclusive and encourages student involvement in tons of different activities and has numerous programs for any type of person and their interests.
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I really enjoyed my time at RHS. It was a great school that really allowed you to get plugged in and had so many opportunities to be involved. The overall atmosphere was welcoming and enjoyable. The school was very good at listening to its students and any issues the student body had presented them. The education is top-notch and the teachers really try and work 1-on-1 with each individual student. Everyone in the area, and at the school, are respectful, clean, and welcoming.
Wasn't the best but wasn't the worst either. Some of the teachers follow the rules and give the students what they deserve, but some of them made it almost too easy to cheat on their tests and quizzes. One word to describe the school is "unfair". As a Latina myself, I felt that the school wasn't as inclusive as they could be with the minorities at this school. Afterall, Rockwall is filled with privileged white people and they didn't use their privilege to help others. Example: The school dress code forbade females to wear crop tops...well...unless you're white and have the ideal perfect body. Overall, not my favorite school, but I did make memories and had a good amount of friends!
Rockwall was a great school. I enjoyed the environment created of fairness and equality and acceptance. I would like to see more creative teaching styles.
I like going to Rockwall, I think it is a good school. They should focus more on small group learning and administering to the student.
Rockwall was a great high school to go to. The school spirit was awesome and there were so many classes they offered aside from core classes. I enjoyed my time at RHS.
The school was focused on making sure each student can excel and thrive in the environment. They did their best to try and accommodate to every individual students needs. The only thing I can see them working on is making sure each of the teachers actually enjoy what they are teaching so that the students can really learn what is being taught.
Rockwall takes the time to focus on their kids. Not just the education, but the high school experience.
My experience at RHS was very positive. The school held seminars to guide us on our high school journey, and we had a very extensive list of classes available to us so that we could explore our interests. The AP environment was very supportive and pushed us to succeed. I would say that the school could do more to expose students to extracurricular clubs and activities, as those played a vital role in my personal and academic development, and helped me get into a good university as much as my grades did. As a student with a physical disability, I struggled a lot to navigate the school, and there are many parts of it that are not ADA compliant.
Rockwall was an amazing school to be apart of. The teachers were always willing to help students achieve their goals, and be role models in life.
Rockwall High School was an amazing school. There I was taught many things other than just the standard academics. I became a painter and learned Spanish very well.
The staff are very friendly. I took ap and pre ap all 4 years and each teacher I had cared about connecting concepts outside to the real world.
Great school with endless activities and resources, very helpful staff. Areas of improvement are diversity and college readiness. No one has mastered college readiness yet, but multiple techniques should be tested until you find one that clicks with students and best prepares them.
Rockwall has a great environment for any kid that wants to find something that will make them happy. There is a place for everyone.
Rockwall took too long to respond to parents about pandemic related issues and did not handle this well even though answers where handed on a golden platter. I hope this isnt their day job.
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The teachers here are very hit or miss. Some of them are subpar and I have had bad experiences, but on the other hand, I have had amazing teachers that have helped me my entire high school career. There are a ton of classes you can take and more and more are being added. It feels extremely diverse and I cannot feel limited in any path I would ever want to pursue.
Rockwall is a beautiful city and the view from the windows in class can prove that. There is no shortage for teacher assistance and guidance counselor support. There is a multi-level library with brand new apple computers for any student, as well as a computer lab open all day. There are a lot of after school activities and if you can't find one you like they will encourage you to start your own and invite others with the same interests!
Rockwall has fantastic teachers they are so dedicated and you can tell that they care. The school offers a lot of AP classes as well as dual credit and OnRamps from UT Austin. The only thing that is missing is solid administration. Some of the administrative staff are disrespectful to the students and it makes no sense. The school also doesn't seem to care much about bullying and they tend to let things slide. Their priorities when it comes to the students well being tends to seem off. They don't punish bullies but they will pull kids out of class if another student says they have a vape. I've seen it happen and it's really sad that Rockwall allows bullying to continue without interference. I've watched it happen and it's pretty frustrating. Luckily, I have had a positive experience at the school and have learned a lot.
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