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Rockford Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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My experience at RRMR has been good, but I do not feel like I am ready for college. I also feel like I have missed a lot of opportunities that other schools have. For example, we do not have any AP classes at Rockford. I also do not feel the safest at school. There are days where I do not feel comfortable being here. On the athletic side of this, we do a pretty good job we are never terrible at any sport but we are not amazing either.
Good facilities, average food. We have very few really good teacher. The administration covers up problems that are occurring in the highschool and not telling our school board the whole story for them to make an accurate decision on the matter.
Overall Rockford high school was a great experience. I wish the school would offer AP classes for students who would like to take them. Rockford has very nice and understanding teachers. I wish the punishments were equal between all students weather or not you were an athlete or not. Overall a great school and will prepare you for college.
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I thought my years at Rockford High were good- I wish the Jocks would be more disciplined, but otherwise, everything was good. The teachers are awesome and really care about the students.
I attended Rockford senior high all through my life and I participated in many extra curricular and volunteer activities. This school offers a wide variety of opportunities for a small town and has much to offer.
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