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The teachers at this school genuinely care about the students. There are a lot of interesting people to meet everyday, and the students can be very nice.
I transitioned to Rockdale County High School after experiencing a category five hurricane that left most places in the Virgin Islands in a wreck. The teachers and staff I have met within the two years I’ve been here we’re welcoming and caring. My learning experience became much better than before.
Rockdale County High School is average. The teachers teach us to the test and say they want us to succeed, yet they are setting us up for failure. It's a good thing I hold myself up to a standard of excellence or I fear I might be considered average as well.
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I have enjoyed high school tremendously. I am leaving very prepared for college. My curriculum was rigourous and rewarding. My school could use a little more diversity in the way of teachers but overall it is has been a great experience.
Teachers are always a great resource here and I have never had a problem or questioned their ability to teach. I never have trouble or feel as if I'm unable to ask for help from all staff members of the school. Overall, the only problems I have ever had were dealing with the occasional toxic student.
Rockdale is a good school, I just wish some of the administrators were less militant and more inviting creating a more positive learning environment. Also the teachers and administration don't seem to care about you unless you are either a trouble maker or you are struggling in you classes. The regular students are often swept under the rug and forgotten. And many of the classes I was in, the teachers just gave busy work so they would have grades to enter into the gradebook, not challenging or relevant assignments. However overall, I enjoyed my time at Rockdale and the friends I have made.
We have a great STEM program, technology program, and band program, but the food served in the cafeteria is not nutritious enough and we have fights on occasion.
I actually attend the Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology, which is a small branch of Rockdale County High School. I am a sophomore this year, and I am enjoying high school so far. I don’t spend very much time at the big campus as most of my classes are in the Magnet building. Overall, I enjoy my school and would like to finish my four years there. All my classes are good, except Spanish (but I’m rubbish at Spanish anyway). All my teachers are very helpful and seem to actually enjoy the subjects that they teach. It was a nice release from the private school I attended for middle school; all the teachers there were unenthusiastic about their subjects and weren’t very open to helping you when you needed it. I like that I feel comfortable going to my current teachers when I have an issue knowing that they will be able to help me.
I would like for rockdale high school to be more efficient in preparing students for college. The food could also be better than uncooked and expired meals. The staff needs to improve their social skills when dealing with troubled students.
Rockdale county was not a bad school but it did feel like it was underfunded. Many times the school would have mold and rats and the books were not always up to date. We did have a good community however and I felt like there was a safety-net if your grades started slipping.
Rockdale County High School is a school that provides everything one would need in order to achieve great success.
The school is very large with many people. The education is pretty good, but I feel that the student behavior distracts learning for many. Some teachers have clearly quit their genuine attempts to teach and have sort of settled for getting through the day.
The staff is friendly and helpful. They offer a wide variety of courses . What I didn’t like was that they only offered AP classes. I feel they should also offer Honors classes which is between regular and AP in difficulty.
Rockdale county high school has changed a lot since the new principle has came. Our football team is undefeatable, we have so much school spirit, and so much more. The hasn't been any fights, the rulers and strict which is good.
I go to two schools and Rockdale County High School is my home school, and Rockdale Career Academy is my second school. I attended classes at RCHS for 3 years (Freshman-Junior) and am now a senior and taking all my classes at RCA. RCHS is a pretty unorganized and they have lost my paperwork numerous times that needed to be filed for certain things like Dual Enrollment admission, etc. The teachers don't seem to take teaching seriously (unless they teach AP). My experiences in regular level classes have been terrible, as the teachers tend to try to befriend the students (primarily the bad kids who don't care about learning at all). The classes are loud and distracting, and it is often times difficult to understand the work because the teachers are not focused on teaching. There is also bullying that goes on within the school and it is often brushed off. The school is also really dirty, as we have had rats and more. The bathrooms are absolutely disgusting.
I go to Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology. This school is on the Rock High School campus. I have a few classes at the actual Rockdale High School campus and I have no complaints.
Rockdale County High School is such a good school I've been here for all four high school years. We have such a good administration, crime rarely happens on campus. Our teachers make sure we get the best education they make sure we learn everything we need to know.
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My experience with RCHS has been pretty good. The teachers are great and knowledgeable in their fields. As this is my final year attending this school, I have had plenty of time to assess the school and it is a great school to go to.
Rockdale County High school is a learning experience for upcoming freshman. For me high school's been very good I learned I need to just stay in my books. And everything else will fall into place. This school is a learning experience especially academically.
I cant say much about rockdale county highschool in general since most of my classes are at magnet but from my experience with the classes at the main school, the education you'll receive is very dependent on the class because some classes have very disruptive kids that limits the teachers ability to teach properly while other classes aren't disruptive so students can learn.
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