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Rock Hill Senior High School Reviews

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My school is not perhaps the best but we do have amazing facilities and amazing staff that works to keep it clean and presentable. In the years that I have been there, it has only improved.
I went to Rock Hill High School for 2 1/2 of my 4 years of High School. It had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of problems, laughs, tears, and everything in between but I don't regret a moment of it.
There I met some of the most important and kind people of my life. I've met teachers who have inspired me, faculty who have pushed me to be better than what I was, and experiences that I will never forget.
The school has the best teachers teaching the hardest material in the curriculum and they are always willing to help if a student is having problems in a class.
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There is not really any differences between how students of different race or background are treated. Everyone is treated fairly the same.
The only reason I would go back is because of the staff. I really didn't care for my classmates because a lot of them were very rude and bullied a lot of people. I guess you could say that it would be our typical public school.
I personally loved most of my teachers when I attended Rock Hill. Most of them were very easy to get along with and cared about mine and other classmates educations, a lot of the teaching styles that I have experienced were effective in learning the material that was needed, communication skills between students and teachers is good as long as the student is willing to communicate back with the teachers, the teachers are very knowledgeable in their fields, overall most of the teachers are good on grading papers as soon as they are given and given them back in one to two days after they have been completed.
On very few occasions our school has been threatened and I have always felt completely safe.
One of my favorite organizations is the show choir because when we are rehearsing for a play or musical we become like a family. It is where I've made a bunch of new friends. We always keep each other on our game and encourage one another.
This school has a lot of good characteristics. I've made so many friends and I'm glad that I switched schools when I was younger. If I hadn't switched schools, I wouldn't have had the chance to get involved with Upward Bound Math-Science and met almost all of my friends!
I especially like their teaching styles. They break things down so they are easier to understand.
The school overall is a safe place.
The Marching band and show choir are amazing they stay after until 5-6 and never disappoint the school and always succeed.
The school clubs always have something going on to try and make school fun.
Some teachers are amazing and engage well with students and most of the teachers don't really care.
Overall, this school is a pretty great school. When I moved to this school, I felt like I was learning so much more. I am grateful for the experience. I love most of the teachers because they really care about how I am doing in class and out of class. They are very helpful and caring. We have a lot of school spirit and we always give it our all!
The sports are great but we need more!!
Out of all the teachers I've had so far (I'm almost a senior) I can only complain about 2 teachers. Two. Out of the like 26? They are great.
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Need more clubs and more support to non-sports.
we have a wide variety of options for everyone to participatein.
Rock Hill high school offer many after school activities that are open to any persons wanting to participate.
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