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I love Rock Hill High! I graduated a few years ago and it brings me joy to see that many of the same teachers come back year after year. RHHS has such a nice atmosphere that entails academics, athletics, clubs, and endless opportunities to expand your interests. I was a huge fan of the career center and all that the advisors provided for me, specifically Scholarship Day - which allowed me to go into college with a little bit of financial help on top of the in-state scholarship! RHHS is amazing and homes some of the most caring and passionate teachers you could ever meet. So many of them are close with eachother which makes it easier to get closer to multiple teachers who all live under the same umbrella.
The school is geared toward mediocrity. There are limited resources for Special Education and many teachers seem to lack the genuine enthusiasm to shape young minds.
It is a good school but it needed a few upgrades to the school. It was an old school and the bathrooms did not look nice but they then changed it and now it is up to par.
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I really enjoyed my time at Rock Hill High School. The schools staff was very professional and nice. All the teachers I have had in my time their have taught me many things and made the experience enjoyable.
The best thing that Rock Hill High School has to offer is the teachers. Not the administrators, or the 20-year-old textbooks, or even the other resources we were given that were indeed mediocre at best. Every single teacher I had was absolutely amazing and most definitely had their students as their first priority, where they would even take money from their own checks if their budget could not suffice just for us to do a project to learn a topic more in-depth and have a better comprehension of it. I was a student who faced a lot of situations at home through my high school years, from several family deaths to family problems alot of school, and my teachers would never belittle my feelings, but instead be understanding and forgiving. If it was not for the heart the teachers have for the students at this school, it would indeed not amount to anything in my personal opinion.
To be honest rock Hill is a great school to attend this was my very first year attending the school and I loved every minute of it. The administration team was amazing and the counselors were great.
The people there are amazing, and so are the teachers. They truly care about you as a person and a student.
I like the environment that Rock Hill High School provides me. I also like the amount of classes that are offered not only at Rock Hill High School but also at ATC. I think some things I would change is the amount of busses that are able to take students to different schools for different classes available at other school, the busses are limited which makes it unsafe at times. I also think that the teachers could be more understandable about the fact that we have other priorities other than school work. For example some students work part time, some play sports and get home late, some have family things which restricts them from having a lot of free time. They are also sexist, for example if a skinny student wears a short skirt or dress most administrators will not say anything to them unlike a person who is a little bigger.
My experience at Rock Hill High School overall was a very good one. During the years I have learned lots of things inside and outside of the classroom. I feel that when I graduate I will have accomplished something great
The teachers that I had were amazing. However, the overall physique of the school is not inviting. At first glance, the school looks like a prison, and the colors inside the school are bland colors (white, beige, grey, black, etc). I would like the school to feel more inviting visually. Also, the attention to actual academics is subpar, meaning I would like to see more attention on academics rather than sports. Sports seem to be the highlight of the school rather than academics, which should not be the case for any school. There should also be more diversity in upper-level courses. There are AP and IB courses, but there is to the STEM field (the field that is the most popular in today's society), such as there not being AP/IB Computer Science, AP/IB Physics, and Higher Level IB Mathematics.
My experience in high school was great. The teachers are friendly, and they put the student's success first.
I have had a very good experience at Rock Hill High School. I feel as though every teacher that has taught me genuinely cared about my academic and personal success. I have also loved being involved in the International Baccalaureate program at Rock Hill High. I am in very challenging courses because of this, however, this is balanced with the encouraging atmosphere I am a part of every day. One thing I think could be improved in my school is the encouragement of increased interaction between different groups of people. Any school has divisions among people of different cultures and classes, however I think that Rock Hill High School could be more successful in facilitating the creation of more diverse relationships and teaching students to learn about and respect the beliefs of others.
Its an average high school. Teachers are nice and know the material. Lunch is not bad. The library is never open on time in the morning, interfering with students ability to use the technology in the library and have a quiet place in the morning to study. There are also very few clubs. They are not exciting or able to embrace the students without an extremely particular interest. A lot of money is spent on athletics and renovating the outside of the buildings instead of the bathrooms and arts programs. The arts programs are great and deserve more attention and funding. As a member of the band for the past 4 years, I have a personal connection and can personally attest to the issues.
Rock Hill High is a good school that is great with involving students. No school is perfect however and school can imporve in many ways. The school isnt the cleanest and the ability to reach out for help with the future should be improved.
I've been at this school for 4 years and there's been some basic improvement. The security has improved especially with the installation of the gates. Guidance is also making students more aware of available opportunities.
I have enjoyed my time at Rock Hill High School. The only thing that I would change, would have to be the enrichment schedule.
I've had a good experience so far. I am about to be a Junior for the next school year, so far I have come a long way. The teachers push you ahead and the school has many resources to help us succeed. I have not experienced anything that I am uncomfortable with and the environment is good. Sometimes, there are too many fights or too much drama going on but that is all part of High School.
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Rock Hill High School is a very diverse school that accepts and welcomes every individual. Also, I have found that the teachers are very good as well.
I really love my High School. I am in Marching Band and have made lots of friendships. My school used to be very open but this year they did put a gate up. This helps me feel safer because of all the school violence.
Rock Hill High School felt like home from day one. The administration is very dedicated to each student and their success. At the beginning of each year, Principle Ahl and his administration hold a meeting with each class. In these meetings, they explain the expectations and guidelines that come with being a student at Rock Hill High School. This to me has always been fun to attend because each year, we as students become a bigger part of Rock Hill High School and Principle Ahl gives us the motivation to start the new school year. Additionally, my guidance counselor and teachers have always been there for me and helped me with anything I have ever needed. All in all, Rock Hill High is a great environment for learning and I will truly miss being a student here.
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