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Rock County Christian School Reviews

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Good Christian education and the teachers are very involved with the students. Small building and class sizes so there is plenty of one-on-one time with the teachers. However, they have a small athletic program and no clubs. Not a good school for athletes. They have a dress code which can be good or bad depending on your view.
It was decent overall, however the school seems to have been declining recently. Select teachers seem to care less and less about their students, and I feel very confronted by them. A lot of teachers views of faith have damaged my own faith instead of building it up, which is a shame. The English program is a joke. My math class did not properly prepare me for the ACT, which resulted in a drop in my composite grade. A lot of room for improvement
Rock County Christian School is a small private school, which I believe is one of its only redeeming qualities. The small school environment is beneficial, in my opinion, so the students can get the one on one help they deserve. However, I do not feel all of the teachers are equipped to give this help. The staff and administration do not seem to know how to deal with the students or their needs. I believe an integral part of the high school experience is to be heard and to have a environment that cultivates learning and change. I do not see this happening at my school. Lastly, from a Christian perspective, I do not believe Rock County Christian has given me a chance to grow in my faith or develop a faith that is my own. In all, I was not happy with my experience at the school and I think they have many areas they could improve on.
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Rock County Christian School is a small Christian K-12 school, but the small class sizes are the reason the academics are so excellent. Teachers are able to invest in the lives of the students, and if a student is struggling, teachers go out of their way to help with one-on-one instruction. Through its participation in the voucher program, the student body has become very diverse, which offers an opportunity for students to engage with peers who are from different backgrounds than theirs. The students receive an excellent education which prepares them well for college. Overall, I would highly recommend Rock County Christian School!
There are not much for student resources. The library is quite small, but the teachers are good with telling students where they can find good public resources. The school has a few lap tops for the students, but no guidance counselors, or college prep resources.
The school is cleaned, but not enough. And they meet most regulations of safety as far as I know.
The school has a lack of reliable coaching staff, and extracurricular opportunities in general.
This school does not have a guidance councilor which makes it hard for struggling students or seniors looking for help with college decisions.
The school has some unreasonable rules, and has a coordinated dress code which is less than enjoyable. Though, there are a few staff members that make it worth while.
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